5 Reasons Why Snapseed Is The Best Photo Editing App You Will Find

Mobile photography has become increasingly popular in recent years. There is no denying that more and more people today prefer to click photographs on the mobile phone as compared to using a camera. The ease of using a mobile phone to click photographs has made it a trend all across the globe. Whether you are young or old, pulling out your mobile phone to grab pictures every now and then is definitely something everyone enjoys doing.

While there are some amazing mobile phones that you can purchase in order to click photographs whenever you wish to, most of the time you do need to edit the photographs and enhance them in some way so that they look better. There are a number of mobile friendly applications that you can download in order to edit pictures and enhance them in some way, but Snapseed has become one of the most popular photo editor apps available in the market for a number of reasons. If you are wondering which photo editor app you should download then here are 5 reasons why Snapseed is something that will definitely impress you.

Update Rate

One of the major reasons why it is highly recommended that you download Snapseed is the update rate. There is no denying that technology is constantly advancing and it is important to you to keep up with the latest trends. While there are a number of different photo editor apps available, most of these apps have not been updated for a really long time making them not as advanced has Snapseed. One of the best things about Snapseed is that it keeps on adapting to the latest technological changes that are happening, ensuring that you will manage to keep your pictures up to date and you will be able to use the latest technology in the most convenient manner. Although Snapseed uses the latest technology; it brings this technology to you in the most user friendly manner making it easy even for someone who has absolutely no experience in editing photographs to do it with the click of a button. This app has been perfectly designed for people who love taking photographs but don’t really know exactly what to do in order to make them look beautiful. With the help of this application even a novice can have photographs that look like they are professionally clicked.

Help Center

Snapseed is one of the very few photos editing app that comes with a help center. One of the best things about Snapseed is that you will never be left alone and in case you come across an obstacle that you are unable to overcome there is always help available to you. All the information that is provided on Snapseed can help you to edit your pictures in the best possible manner. Most people who have used Snapseed have confirmed that it is an easy to use application and if you aren’t too sure about how you are going to start using the app then you can find this link and check out just what you need to do in order to get started on Snapseed. While Snapseed can be downloaded on your mobile phone, you can also get Snapseed on your computer. This application is compatible with almost all operating systems making it easy to share pictures with anyone you choose to.

Learning Curve

Snapseed is one of the few photo editing applications that helps you to learn more about photo editing with each use. While the app is extremely convenient to use and very user friendly, the features that are enabled in the app help you in some way to teach yourself more about photo editing each time you edit a picture. There are a number of tools that are available for you to try out and while most of them are automated, there are also some manual tools that can help you get hands on experience on photo editing without having to spend any money to get yourself a course. This is like a self tutorial that helps you figure out the minute details required to edit a photograph and make it look more beautiful. If you want to pursue photography as an occupation or a profession then using this application can help you to learn more about photography then you would ever imagine. The level of understanding the various tools available on this app depend on person to person, and while it comes with very basic functions it also has some advanced functions that will take you a while to understand. The more you practice on the app the better you get any more your knowledge increases.

Export Tool

Snapseed comes with an export tool which makes it easy for you to export files that you have edited to various platforms. Whether you want to share the files directly on social media or whether you would like to share it on a particular chat application, you will be able to do this directly once you have edited the picture. This saves you a lot of time and it also makes it very convenient for you to go back and forth with somebody that you are consulting for the editing of a picture. Whether you want to save the image in a JPG format or whether you prefer PNG you can do this using the export tool in a very convenient way.

Highly Effective

One of the best things about Snapseed is that it is a highly effective application that you can use in order to edit your photographs or without any problems whatsoever. Unlike most of the app that you find, you will manage to spot the difference from the previous picture to the one that you have edited because of the kind of quality that the app delivers. Apart from adding filters of frames there is a lot more that you can do with the app making it one of the best apps to use.

Author: Sohel Ather

How to Host a great Hackathon?

There are different types of concepts these days that are deriving a lot of importance. One such concept is of hackathon.  Whether you speak of small companies or huge businesses hackathons are embraced by every business to ensure growth and better skills.

Hackathon is a combination of the words hack and marathon.  It is an event of any duration wherein individuals come together to form solutions around a set brief no matter it is sustainable energy, web software, on-demand applications, safer travel, and food waste or pretty much anything you might think of. You know a good hackathon should be an opportunity for:

  • Enhancing your skills and learning new ones.
  • Permitting the entrepreneurs and startups to learn from experienced businesses and people.
  • Engaging local businesses within the Startup community.
  • Forming real change and raising awareness of both local and global issues.
  • Forming future solutions and developing global innovation
  • Gathering together and working with like-minded individuals.
  • Celebrating already running companies, businesses and individuals who are forming a positive impact.
  • Catering corporates and entrepreneurs with the chance to work together.
  • Making new friends and business links
  • Presenting corporates with the opportunity to learn from fast-paced and creative startups and tycoons.

What goes on during this program?

During the time of hackathons, the participants gathered from places and organizations work together in tiny teams, anywhere between three to six ormore depending on the event over a given time.  They are given the aim to form a prototype solution around a set theme or topic. During this duration they are also assisted by mentors of the program, generally from the sponsors or even partners, who cater expert advice to the teams and their schemes. Certainly if you are going to conduct a hackathon then you have to think about proper hackathon planning.

Apart from working on their projects, participants can also take part into a series of helpful workshops, entertaining events, different refreshing breaks or ice cream sessions too that might be organized by the organizers. Well, at the end of the event, all the teams get the opportunity to pitch in front of a panel of seasoned judges and rewards and awards are handed out to the best teams, skilled contributors and most innovative solutions. The hackathon program is normally finished off with a closing ceremony wherein the start-ups and corporates and everything in between can fetch a drink and relax together.

What is the reason that people attend hackathons?

There are many reasons that employees, businessmen and other professionals go to participate in a hackathon. A few of the reasons are as under:

  • To learn something new
  • To develop their skills
  • To meet friends and make new business contacts
  • To get Prizes
  • To form something cool
  • To get hired
  • To fascinate investors
  • To work on interesting briefs or topics
  • To simply change the world
  • To get exposure of the industry

A few quick tips to organize a hackathon

There can be different ways in which hackathons can be organized but still there are some general points that might interest you.

Have focus

Before you get started with organizing tasks, you have to select and define a pertinent and real issue to address. What is the issue you are trying to address? What do you want individuals to form? Make sure the brief you give is clear and the aim of the event is achievable.

You have to sell it beautifully

In case you wish great people to come then you would have to convince them that it is worth their time. Wonderful design, an easy to understand website, a clear application form and a comprehensive proof marketing plan are all a necessary part of the organizing teams promotional to do list.

Select a right venue

It is important that you pick a huge and open venue that permits people to collaborate in an easy manner. Make sure they possess the right bandwidth and on-site facilities to house an event of this scale. Moreover, look for a venue partner who are sincerely interested and passionate about the hackathon, once there is passion and interest; the program can go hit.

Be tactful with the date

You have to find out if there are any holidays on that day. Do you think people will be available to come in? Is there another event or for that matter hackathon going on that specific weekend?! These things have to be considered prior so that you don’t end up slashing with something that is even more grand or fascinating.


In a realistic manner, only a small percentage of hackathon projects head to real businesses.  So, in case your aim is to get the next big Startup or idea worth investing in, it is the right time for a reality check. You have to make sure your aims of the event concentrate on the bigger picture and not only the sponsor’s goals.   Once you are sure about the expectations you have, you can be more prudent in your tasks and execution.

What are the judgment criteria?

You have to know what to look for and pick a panel of judges that are professional in the profession.  To judge is the make or break point of the program and you would definitely wish the participants and contributors to know that the winners really deserved it. What is the point if the winners do not at all deserve? Such a thing might leave a negative impression on the participants.

Bring an element of fun

It is not everything about winning, most of the people simply attend to have a great time, meet other people and learn fresh things. You can add up in entertaining and instructive events such as morning yoga, panel discussion with partners, city walks or so on. This will enhance the worth of event.


Thus, when are you going to plan your next hackathon? Whenever you do, keep these points in mind!

Author: Sohel Ather

4 Tips to Write Effective Test Cases

Test cases play an imperative role in the research of any software product.  Majority of the companies use a test case management tool these days to solve all the problems related to software testing.

Being a software tester for more than a decade now, I am going to present 4 tips to write effective test cases.

1.Stay in Your Lane

Previously, I used to think regarding the functionality of a test case. However, I realized that it is better to create a full understanding of the Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document. I have seen people becoming increasingly spontaneous instead of following a logical approach. Sometimes, this intuition often leads to assumptions.

In the process of framing down test cases, an assumption of functionalities and features can often diverge you from the original requirements that were needed by the customer. This does not just impact the product just also the relationship of the customer with the organization.

2.Be Aware of the Product Upgrades

It is important to stay with the SRS. However, you should not do this if it is based on the traditional version of the software. No one wants to test a denounced feature. We are living in the world agile methodologies in which product development drives in the faster lane. The SRS document is not attended, sometimes to cope up with lesser time windows or after organizing an immediate bug fix. It is the best practice to upgrade the SRS with respect to minor and major change.

3.Write Comprehensive Descriptions

Test case description is important for conveying the main cause of the bug and it must always entail the steps to replicate. In the very beginning of the testing career, testers cannot notice the thin line between writing ornately and writing specific details. Testers often write stories in the field of test case description. According to testers, it is impressive to fill the description as much as possible. Nevertheless, they are wrong. It wastes the time of both testers and the developers. It important to bear in mind the significance of crisp, simple, and informative description. People prefer to read short and on point stories.

4.Think from Customer’s Perspective

It is often a common situation that an angry customer would contact customer support for the explanation that the software is unable to deliver an intended feature up to his expectation. Being a software tester, you should be able to relate yourself to the customer just to describe the issue from a customer’s perspective to your development team. Senior managers quote all the time that the “customer is always right.”

When you are writing the test scenarios, keep customer requirements in the back of your mind. This is because the final product is designed for the customers. Keep a note of accessibility testing and usability testing.

Author Bio:

Ray Parker is an entrepreneur and internet marketer with over 9 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, Creative Writer and Digital Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Myths That Are Holding You Back Financially

Affiliate marketing is definitely something that has gained a lot of popularity, and while it may seem to be an attractive market there are still a lot of potential earners who shy away from establishing their careers as affiliate marketers because of the various myths that surround them.

If you want to become an affiliate marketer then there is no reason for you to hold back, what is important is that you get your facts right and it clear out all your doubts before you take the career plunge. If there are some myths that are troubling you then it’s important to bust them before you make a choice. Here are some affiliate marketing myths that we have busted it for you.

It’s Too Competitive!

Yes it is, but that’s no reason for you to hold back. There’s competition everywhere and as long as you set your head to do the right thing there is nothing that can stop you. When you take on affiliate marketing you need to understand that the competition in this market makes it clear that there is a high demand for marketers and when you choose a product that you know at the back of your hand not only will you be able to promote it more effectively but you will also have an audience that will want to learn about product from your prospective. High level of competition simply means that has a larger market for you to cover.

It’s Only About Niche Product Targeting

You need to think of yourself as a customer so that you understand from the perspective of a customer of what they look for prior to purchasing something online. It’s not just about the niche product, but about anything that you would purchase online. People do not go about shopping without doing research and this is where a strong affiliate marketer plays an important role. When you know a product irrespective of whether it is a high end product or something that is needed on a daily basis, there’s always a large market for that. Do not waste your time choosing products that have high margins, instead look for products that you are more familiar with and you will be able to share that knowledge with the people.

Become Rich Quickly

This is one of the myths that have caught the attention of a number of potential affiliates. However, that is not the case at all. Just like with any other marketing campaign, affiliate marketing is also dependent on a number of right decisions as well as steps that need to be taken. One of the major things that you need to do with regards to affiliate marketing is picking the top affiliate tracking software.

Apart from that you also need to bring in the right relationships in order to make your affiliate marketing efforts work out. While there is money to be earned as far as affiliate marketing is concerned, the riches are not immediate. You need to be patient with affiliate marketing and you will see the results probably 6 to 7 months down the line. Most affiliates give up within the first month because they do not see the money coming in. This is because they expect to become rich quickly without putting in the right kind of effort. Just setting up a blog and choosing an affiliate program does not really help you get anywhere. You need to seek better partnerships and a strategy for updating your content on a daily basis. You need to promote your content and interact with the other channels in order to get your brand name out there.

Success Only Comes To The Experienced

This is the biggest myth that is out there. Many affiliates believe that if they have not managed any affiliate programs in the past they will not be successful as a new affiliate. There is no point in asking a successful affiliate what he or she has done in order to get there. There is sufficient information online in order to get your affiliate up and running. The key to any affiliate marketing success is building relationships and improving on the content that is on your blog. You also need to associate yourself with the right products in order to get customers returning to you time and again. You cannot expect to sell a cell phone every week and expect repeat customers on a monthly basis. Pick a product that is needed by people regularly and then create a demand for it.

The key to a successful affiliate marketing campaign is how well you execute all that you’ve learnt. You need to know what are the basic responsibilities of an affiliate and you need to know how to execute your marketing campaigns. Just knowing everything and not delivering will get you nowhere.

Offering Incentives Do Not Work

This is another myth that a lot of affiliate marketers need to forget about. One of the best ways to get more customers is offering incentives through your email marketing program. A number of affiliates have become successful because they have trusted the email marketing program and gained more customers. When you connect with your customers through an email, there is every possibility that they will trust you because most emails have to go to a filter process and if any mail reaches a customer’s mailbox that means it is not considered spam.

Trust is a major factor when it comes to affiliate marketing and you will be able to build that only through effective email marketing campaigns. Once you get through a customer, your affiliate marketing efforts will pay off in the long run. You need to make sure that you have fresh content on a daily basis and you pick products that you think your potential customer will find useful. Without the right effort you may as well stop your affiliate marketing efforts because it will not get you anywhere.

Author: Sohel Ather

Where To Use Data De-Duplication Technology

Data de-duplication is a process that is used to help reduce the amount of storage space that is used on your system. Not only does the process help to streamline the functionalities in an organization but it also helps you to get a unique and clean list of data that can be more beneficial than a pile of data that contains multiple entries of the same contact.

There are many situations when people in the organization end up saving the same data multiple times and this become one large file of data that is not of any use to the business. Each time you end up adding more data to the original copy the size of the file just keeps on increasing but the value doesn’t really increase. Data de-duplication not only helps to reduce the size of the file but it also works well in making it more beneficial to the business.

There are various places where data de-duplication processes can be used. Any organization that needs to function in today’s date requires data to promote their business. While data plays an important role in the business so does data de-duplication and this simply means that irrespective of what industry or business you belong to, you will need these services at least once.

While data de-duplication may seem like a complicated process, with the help of the right tools you will manage to get it done within a matter of minutes. If the file is considerably large then it would take a longer time to clean the data. This is why it is better for you to run data de-duplication on a regular basis rather than waiting for a large file of data to pile up.

There are various places where data de-duplication can be used and this also includes your cloud data. If you thought that saving data on the cloud would not matter to you too much because you can keep on purchasing more space, you need to understand that while you are purchasing space on the cloud this space is just a waste of money for data that already exists in your system. It can help you to cut down on a lot of expenses that you were initially spending on and this is something that your business can benefit from in the long run. Lesser expenses automatically translate to bigger profit margins.

Data de-duplication is usually the second stage of data cleansing. The first stage of data de-duplication is data cleansing which involves cleaning the data or looking for any inconsistencies or incorrect entries.

This is something that scares a lot of business owners because they don’t want to take the risk of cleaning data because they believe that they will lose a lot of entries in the bargain. The truth however is that irrelevant or inconsistent data that is present in your system is of no value to you in any way. The only thing that happens with the data is it ends up taking up space. Before data de-duplication it is always better to learn about data cleansing that will help you clean out all the incorrect entries and get rid of them immediately. Once this is done, you can then run data cleansing all over again so that all the inconsistent entries that are still present can be sorted out and corrected. Data cleansing doesn’t just involve randomly deleting entries that don’t look correct but rather it helps you to correct incorrect entries and helps you to make use of that contact instead of it going to waste and just occupying space.

De-Duplication Vs. Compression

Many business owners often confuse de-duplication with compression because de-duplication is often referred to data compression. However, de-duplication and compression are very different from each other and while compression can help to save on a little space, it is not as effective as de-duplication.

De-duplication not only helps to save on space but it also makes the data more effective. Compression will only help to reduce the size of the file and most of the time it ends up changing the format to something that is of no use to the business whatsoever. Compression can only make a file a little smaller, but when you use de-duplication you can end up reducing the file size by at least 25 times. This makes it very convenient for you to save on a lot of space as well as money that you were initially investing in the space.

Implementing Data De-Duplication

It is difficult for a number of businesses to figure out how to implement data de-duplication and they usually start off with the first level. However, if you want data de-duplication to work well in your favor then it’s important that you take your time to check out the various stages that you need to follow before data de-duplication. This includes making sure that the data is clean and in the same format. If the data is not in the same format then data de-duplication will not be as beneficial as it would be when the data is precise and accurate. This is because it would be difficult for the process to identify duplicate entries conveniently.

It is important for every business owner to remember the data de-duplication plays an important role in the growth of the business as well as in helping the revenue to increase as well as reduce costs. There are so many things that you need to pay attention to during the data de-duplication process that it’s important you have a ready list in hand that enables you to figure out what step needs to be taken and at what time. While most businesses believe that data de-duplication is something that they do not need for their business the truth is every Industry that needs data needs data de-duplication and since almost all Industries require date on a regular basis this is a process that every business should follow.

Author: Sohel Ather

Why Deep Learning Over Traditional Machine Learning?

Artificial intelligence is on the rise right now and everywhere people are discussing the benefits of machine learning as well as deep learning. There are two popular concepts in artificial intelligence which are machine learning and deep learning, and if you aren’t aware of this then it’s important that you figure out which one is better so that you choose the right technology for your business and it manages to develop and grow more effectively.

While machine learning has been popular for a really long time, these days more and more businesses are leaning towards deep learning mainly because of the high level of accuracy that it has to offer even with the little data that it is provided with. In terms of supremacy, there is no denying that deep learning has a better name and can provide your consumers with more reliable and accurate results in comparison to machine learning.

While most software industries depend on machine learning because of its intelligent concept, using deep learning is better mainly because the set of algorithms that are used in machine learning need to be precise and if not then the results are not as effective as you would like it to be. Deep learning on the other hand manages to make better and more intelligent decisions even without a strong data algorithm that is fed into the system. Although machine learning is smart and it can self teach itself, this takes a long time for the system to adjust and deep learning can be done to improvise from the very first day.

If you always thought that machine learning is more popular than deep learning then you should know that machine learning has just been around for a longer time which is why the concept is more prominent. The first occurrence of machine learning popped up on Facebook with its face recognition software. This took the world by surprise and all businesses started to invest in machine learning to make web services more appealing to the customer.

Other popular brands like Netflix, Google and Amazon began to incorporate machine learning to provide customers with services that were more friendly and interesting. From voice recognition to face tagging, machine learning has been an integral part of the consumer’s life which is why it is most spoken about. That being said, there is no room for error when it comes to deep learning and while this is a relatively new concept it is more likely to overtake machine learning in various ways because of the high levels of Intelligence that it portrays as well as the user friendly platform that it comes with. If you are still not too sure about choosing between machine learning and deep learning then you can get a detailed explanation on the subject by visiting this website.

Since machine learning has been around for a longer time, data scientists and machine learning experts are more comfortable using this technology in comparison to deep learning. But it does not take away from the fact that deep learning is more interesting and is capable of more in comparison to machine learning. If you are looking to mimic the brain of human and replace their intervention in daily routine activities then there’s nothing better than deep learning because it’s more promising and effective. While machine learning still has a lot of room for error, deep learning covers bridges the gap by providing more intelligent, swift and effective solutions that make consumers feel better.

If you thought that deep learning was a separate part of machine learning then you are wrong. It is practically a subset of machine learning that has improvised on the features and solutions that machine learning provided and has manage to become more flexible with limited amount of information. This simply means that you can have a simple concept and limited amount of data to provide and you can still get better and more effective results because of deep learning. It does take a longer time for a data scientist to incorporate deep learning into your entire business module, but once it’s done the system can self teach itself and become smarter with each year which simply means that the system will not need to be replaced.

Machine learning on the other hand needs to constantly be fed data to stay updated with what the business models are and what are the various changes that are added into the business. This means constantly having to hire a data scientist or machine learning experts which is an added expense. This is something that you don’t need to do when you get deep learning.

There are various dark areas in machine learning that require to be categorized and provided the right kind of information and when a consumer covers a dark area it becomes difficult for the system to provide a solution that can prove to be beneficial to the consumer. Many times, it can get annoying and consumers often leave bad feedback which is negative for a business. There are various reasons that could lead to this and this does not necessarily mean that machine learning is a bad thing. What it simply means is that machine learning needs to be extremely accurate and all the information provided for machine learning to work well has to be precise and informative as well as detailed.

This is something that you don’t have to worry about when you choose deep learning. Deep learning is a more advanced version of machine learning and once you incorporate it into the system it can automatically pick up information that it is surrounded by it thereby making it easy for the system to streamline and improvise each day. It can manage to detail out answers from the deepest of sources in the organization making the system stronger and more likely to provide the right answers in comparison to machine learning algorithms. This technology has high expectations and is one of the main reasons why people are looking to develop self driving cars as well as automated homes.

Author: Sohel Ather

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