Android Studio 3.1 released

Google has released the final stable version for Android Studio 3.1, and is available for download. The focus areas for this release are around product quality and app development productivity. In addition to many underlying quality changes, Google has added several new features into Android Studio 3.1 that developers should integrate into their development flow.

New to Android Studio 3.1 is a C++ performance profiler to help troubleshoot performance bottlenecks in your app code. For developers with a Room or SQLite database in their app, Google has added better code editor support to aid in your SQL table and query creation statements. Google has also added better lint support for the Kotlin code, and accelerated testing with an updated Android Emulator with Quick Boot.

Android Studio 3.1 includes these new major features:


  • Kotlin Lint Checks
  • Database Code Editing
  • IntelliJ Platform Update


  • D8 Dex Compiler
  • New Build Output Window

Test & Debug

  • Quick Boot for Android Emulator
  • API 27 with Google Play Emulator System Images
  • Window frameless mode for Android Emulator


  • C++ Profiler
  • Network Profiler – Thread Support
  • Network Profiler – Request Support

Check out the release notes for more details.

Getting Started


If you are using a previous version of Android Studio, you can upgrade to Android Studio 3.1 today or you can download the update from the official Android Studio download page.

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