SmartBear Brings Cross-Browser Test Automation To The Masses

SmartBear Announces New CrossBrowserTesting Record & Replay Feature to Empower Teams of All Skill Levels to Save Time and Money by Leveraging a Cloud-Based Device Lab for Test Automation
SOMERVILLE, Mass. — April 11, 2018 —  SmartBear, the leader in software quality tools for teams, today announced a new Record & Replay feature forCrossBrowserTesting, the only all-in-one testing platform that allows teams to run automated, visual, and manual tests on thousands of real desktop and mobile browsers in the cloud. The Record & Replay feature empowers teams of all skill levels to quickly and easily transition from manual to automated testing, saving time and money by leveraging a cloud-based device lab to test more browsers in less time.

Given the massive fragmentation of end-user devices being used today, software teams need to make sure their web applications work flawlessly across any browser, operating system, or device resolution – but testing all these scenarios can introduce significant cost and time delays into the software delivery process. Additionally, as a result of the shift left trend, everyone is being asked to take part in the QA process today – but unlike most developers and QA Engineers who are comfortable with scripting and using frameworks such as Selenium, some testers, designers, and product managers lack the technical skills to create automated tests. With the new CrossBrowserTesting Record & Replay feature, all team members can automate their UI tests like an expert by recording and automating their manual tests, regardless of their level of technical skill, and instantly tap into the CrossBrowserTesting cloud-based device lab to make sure their software works flawlessly on any end-user device.

Many organizations that participated in the beta for this new feature have already recognized the value. “The Record & Replay feature in CrossBrowserTesting is so intuitive—my team can get started with automation in seconds,” said Tom Newman, Test Manager, MacMillan Cancer Support. But the value of this new functionality doesn’t stop there. Newman continued, “In addition to its ease of use, I particularly appreciate the video of the test that is created, and that you can re-run the test across many browsers without the test breaking. The Record & Replay feature is very helpful for transitioning from manual testing to test automation.” Mateusz Piasta, QA Lead from Solidbrain, added that the new feature is “very easy to use and impressive that it succeeded with 90 percent of the script.”

The Record & Replay feature in CrossBrowserTesting is the first step of continuous innovation on future capabilities for users who aren’t comfortable with complex scripting to transition into test automation. As Ryan Lloyd, VP of Products, Test and Development at SmartBear says, “After implementing the Record & Replay feature in CrossBrowserTesting, we have received tremendous feedback from our customers—having helped many begin their transition into automation. Looking forward, we are going to continue to invest in feature capabilities that will help our customers scale their automation efforts effectively.”

As the leader in software quality tools for teams, SmartBear provides the most options for any user with any level of technical skill to leverage the benefits of test automation. SmartBear offers CrossBrowserTesting to run web tests against a cloud-based device lab using intuitive Record & Replay or by uploading Selenium scripts, TestComplete to test desktop, web, and mobile applications, and SoapUI Pro to test REST, SOAP, and other popular APIs and IoT protocols. SmartBear also provides TestLeft and TestServer to empower all dev-testers to create automated tests from within their IDE.

The new Record & Replay feature is included in all CrossBrowserTesting automation plans. You can learn more about CrossBrowserTesting and the benefits of the new Record & Replay feature by joining their webinar on April 12:

About CrossBrowserTesting

CrossBrowserTesting is a cloud-based web testing platform that accelerates manual and automated testing across thousands of different desktop and mobile browsers. Specializing in testing infrastructure, CrossBrowserTesting reduces the maintenance and cost associated with owning and updating mobile devices and VMs with the latest browser configurations by giving testers or developers easy access directly in the cloud.

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