How to verify a Web Development Company

This article is here to help you with picking the right web design and development company. We’ll cover the following matters:

  • How to find web design and development company?
  • How to find out if web design and development company is any good?
  • How to smoothly walk through the project by choosing the right web design and development company
  • What to expect after finishing a project with web design and development company?

Of course, I don’t reserve the right to know everything and it’s not the purpose of this article. Treat it like a roadmap.

For Whom:

  • People working on a daily basis with the remote teams, as this kind of people are in the constant point of looking for new web design and development company for new projects
  • People seeking for a web design and development company to develop their project
  • You – as I assume you landed here for a reason

Hope that no matter who you are you came here for a great piece of advice which I am about to give you right now. Let’s start.


In the times when finding a contact to someone has never been easier it would be a shame to waste that kind of opportunity while browsing for your next web design and development company. Collecting reviews from the past and current Clients can be the most important stage while seeking for a web design a development company. Why? It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Let’s imagine that you found potential web design and development company, you narrowed down the list to, let’s say, five of them. Now you should sit down and think of a couple of questions concerning the most crucial parts of your future project like: formalities, schedule, quality of work & communication, maintenance.

Looking for contact information in the first place go to the official website and social media profiles. Especially check Linkedin profile.

I recommend contacting C-level persons. Keep in mind that they are pretty busy people so try to keep your message short. In brief words explain why you’re approaching them. You also want them to open and answer you, you don’t want your message to be lost among others. That’s why you need to prepare your message a little bit.


If you wish not to contact people I have another thing coming how to quickly verify web design and development company. Have you ever heard about places like:

  • GoodFirms
  • Capterra

Such services are very effective and popular. They are useful for both sides. As says Paweł Jackowski from Polish Software House: “Clutch is a very important source of leads for us. This platform enables companies to quickly check the competence of their contractors and give chance to know latest projects they have carried out”.

If no then you really should go and give them a try while planning your next web based project. Let me tell you in a few words why you should do that.

First of all, web design and development company shows price ranges over there so in the easy way you’re able to filter it according to the budget you have.

You can check all the important information about the web design and development company on Clutch, e.g. average hourly rate.

Second, of all, is a website that requires a lot of effort from web design and development company willing to be listed on Clutch.

How does it look? Each web design and development company that wants to be featured on Clutch must submit at least three representative works of their own. After that Clutch contacts Clients, people behind each of the project, to interview them on how all the web development process was handled by the company. They ask about:

  • project background
  • the quality of provided solution
  • satisfaction with the level of communication
  • things that in an opinion of the Client could have gone better
  • the general recommendation of a certain web development company

As an outcome of such an exact examination, future Clients know what to expect and can be sure that they are picking the right web design and development company for their project. What is more, they are aware of the budget scope.

It is also important to mention other great review services like Good Firms for example. They offer similar things to Clutch so you also should check them out.


Nowadays when you apply for a job in a company you’re asked to perform a test task. It plays an important role in a whole recruiting process because it shows your level of commitment for a certain job and things you can actually do in real life scenarios, apart from what your resume says.

It’s no different when you hire a web design and development company for a project.

In order to do this right, you should follow these tips.

Nicely ask web design and development company if they are willing to work on a test task. It’s still a delicate matter, so you have to stay gentle. There’s nothing more annoying for a Contractor than a Client that comes from the position of power telling them what to do. Try to be friendly right from the beginning.

If a company agrees (which is a good sign, score!) then prepare a small piece of a task for them. It is important to keep it short. The shorter it gets, while being conclusive, the faster you’ll see the results.

Remember that right from the start you should offer money for performing a test task. Even a small amount. It makes you look professional because it shows that you take seriously a whole thing. It also shows respect for someone’s time, work and it creates good, partner relationships for the future.

The whole idea with a test task makes senses only if you set proper key performance indicators which you are going to measure. Of course, every project is different and it is impossible to give a list of all the indicators, but there are general things that are universal for every project.

In my opinion, things that are indispensable for a web development project can be narrowed down to three general things:

  • The quality of that small piece of work you asked to be done. It simply shows the company’s ability to work under pressure.
  • Communication – that simple test task is the best way to find out if people you’re going to cooperate with share the same work attitude as you. It’s crucial.
  • Deadline – it’s funny how people often don’t meet the deadline they set for themselves. By asking a web development company to perform a test task you’re able to verify if they work on schedule.


Presented ideas so far focused on how to pick and verify a web design and development company for your project.

But as important as it is to smoothly walk through a project is to know what kind of things to expect after finishing one.

What are those things?

First of all the maintenance of implemented project. As you can imagine this part is also really important. Why? Because you’re operating on a live body. No one wants fuck ups in a production environment. But hey – let’s face it – fuck ups do happen and key to get rid of them is to have people who’ll take care of it. Here’s a point where having reliable people on board that developed the whole thing is paying off.

Worry free situation is when you are fully aware of what kind of help and support you can expect. It is indispensable to settle all that matters before final implementation of your product. Stuff that you should agree on is their responsibilities. Their range. Of course with that comes agreeing on money amount that they’ll charge for being on duty.

Next thing to look after is a warranty that web design a development company provide after implementing your project. That thing should be included in the contract between you guys. You should check:

  • How long does a warranty last?
  • Does it cover all elements that are part of the contract?
  • Does it specify all kinds of assistance during the warranty period?

These are just three main parts that you should check, but it is a really important part so be sure that you are fully secure. Of course topic of this article are not warranties (hell, that is a topic for another article) so you better go online and check things that you should conclude about a warranty.

Last but not least – copyrights. Obvious thing but more than once I have heard stories about people or companies that forgot to discuss and include that matter in the contract which turned out to be a big problem for them after all. Of course, if you’re working with a serious web design and development company I am sure that they are not kind of people trying to screw you over in that area, but I’m just saying – it cost you nothing to ask them, include copyrights in the contract and then sleep well.


In this article, we wanted to share some knowledge that comes from almost ten years of experience working as a web design and web development company. All of the things discussed in this piece are there to help you to avoid low-quality companies and to encourage you to go and find only the best ones.

To sum up:

  • The best way to find great web design a development company is to go find one and then confront their portfolio with the Clients they are working with. There’s this saying: the one who asks never wanders around. Be that guy, don’t be afraid to ask.
  • Get to know with the review services like the ones described in this article. is one of them.
  • Remember about the connected world. Everyone’s online now, especially people behind IT companies. Go and check them out.
  • Propose a test task. It is always a good idea. When conducting one follow the steps above and make use of the good advice mentioned before to do it right.


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