This startup is a cloud-based mobile application testing device- pCloudy

With the ever increasing number of technology companies that are coming up world wide, there is an ever increasing need for Developers/Testers worldwide who need an on-demand and economical platform for testing their Mobile Apps on variety of real mobile devices. And pCloudy is here to solve that problem.

pCloudy is the only Mobile Device Farm on cloud that provides a state of the art Mobile App/Website test platform as a lone player in not only India, but also the entire Asia Pacific region as of now. Hence, it sure has the first mover advantage in the market.

The origin of PCloudy is based on one simple question: How do we simplify the current Non-effective Process of On-Device testing of Mobile Apps? And seeking the answer to this very question pCloudy was founded by an enthusiastic trio of Avinash Tiwari, Pankaj Goel and Lalit Jain. The company is based out of Bangalore and is currently a strong team of 40 people.

Avinash Tiwari is the Director of pCloudy, and he is the brain behind pCloudy and oversees the organisation’s entire operations. Pankaj Goel is responsible for the establishment of two entrepreneurial ventures, CressTech & SmartSoftware, he is rightly called the ‘Open-eyed Dreamer’ by friends and colleagues. Pankaj took on entrepreneurship at the very young age of 25. The risk was huge but the efforts proved to be worthwhile. His first venture, CresTech Software systems is a leading company in Independent Software Testing space. It has achieved CMMI level 3 certification. Today, pCloudy is already proving to be the most sought-after solution by eCommerce and mobile app companies besides larger enterprises. And last but not the least Lalit Jain who is famously known as The people’s Man. Lalit firmly believes in the Philosophy..”A Business is not about numbers but about people” – He has applied all his understanding of behavioral science in building a global network of partners and customers for OpKey and pCloudy.



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