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Edge Testing takes aim at unnecessary overspend with new Performance Engineering service

Automated test capacity management service has saved customers millions

Belshill, Birmingham, Manchester, UK. 25 March 2020. Edge Testing Solutions Ltd (Edge) has launched a new Performance Engineering service today which combines two primary benefits to customers: finessing system design and capacity.

Fundamental aspects of system design can have a profound impact on the non-functional qualities of a system. For example, selecting an inefficient language or development platform can build-in overheads that will mean a business is paying too much for cloud services every day that a system is in use. By making the right choices from the very beginning of system specification and design an organisation can reduce operational costs throughout the lifetime of a system. Edge’s service advises on how to select the best technologies and configure them to design built-in efficiency and effectiveness.

Additionally, the new Performance Engineering service uses a unique and powerful combination of Machine Learning and pattern recognition to manage and model solution capacity. The algorithm behind the service is the result of years’ of research and practice, and provides the ability to accurately forecast capacity requirements in a wide range of environments and settings. This can yield significant resource savings in larger deployments, including test functions, and improve efficiency across the board.

Many enterprises have historically countered the obvious problem of under-provisioning hardware and cloud resources with the simple but inefficient tactic of over-provisioning. With Edge’s new Performance Engineering service this is no longer a risk that clients need to manage.

By creating actionable insights from existing provisioning and capacity data, the new service can predictably and automatically manage test capacity to much tighter tolerances, removing the guesswork from test capacity provisioning. The technique can be applied to all aspects of test capacity, from predicting cloud service requirements and scheduling them at the most cost-effective time, through to accurately specifying on-premise hardware requirements.

Performance Engineering offers a deeper view of the testing environment, delivering an early understanding of performance, making it a powerful complement to more traditional performance testing. Performance Engineering can enable earlier and more cost-effective interventions than traditional testing processes, although it should not be viewed as a replacement. Full solution, end-to-end load testing still brings value in terms of understanding the likely user experience. In combination with performance engineering the traditional performance test becomes more of a one-off acceptance test rather than an expensive late phase iterative activity. The resultant benefit of this combined approach being the reduction of the overall cost of quality.

Dan Martland, Head of Technical Testing at Edge said: “We developed this solution for internal use originally, but the results were so startlingly strong that we began limited customer beta trials. In one case we reduced our client’s AWS annual hosting cost rate by £1 million, in another we saved a client £7.7 million by not over-specifying application servers. We believe that performance engineering will become a standard part of testing functions in the future.”

Edge’s Performance Engineering service can reduce business risk and create operational efficiencies in a vast range of applications and requirements, including:

  • Solution design for efficiency, including software, storage and network elements
  • Effective scaling of test environments, especially in a high volume context.

The Edge team has offered advice on:

  • Hyper-V and wider VM architectures
  • AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle and IBM hosting
  • Lamba and Big Data Architecture
  • Microservice Right-sizing, External Boundary Optimisation.

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 Notes to editors

Press Release Contact:


M: +44 (0) 7580 076177

Edge Testing

T: +44 (0)1698 464280


Company information

Edge Testing Solutions Ltd, is a leading expert in providing world-class software testing solutions. The award-winning company is typically engaged when organisations are implementing a new system or making significant changes to an existing system. We ensure systems are fast, secure, available and work as expected in an increasingly complex and distributed digital age.

We test back office systems, e-commerce sites and apps. We test accessing these from multiple devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, touchscreens and smartphones from our purpose-built device lab.

Founded in 2007, Edge has grown to over 260 people and boasts some of the UK’s premier testing thought leaders and experts. Our own Edge Academy has brought over 150 newcomers into the industry in the past two years.

In 2018 Edge became part of Eurofins Digital Testing, the world’s leading testing and Quality Assurance (QA) specialists, who operate globally with test lab and service facilities in the UK, USA, Belgium, Holland, Sweden and Hong Kong.

As part of Eurofins Digital Testing, Edge can extend the range of products and services offered to include:

–    Extensive testing Services: custom, conformance and compliance

–    Testing tools: custom and off-the-shelf

–      Staffing and resourcing: lab and field based

–      Industry-recognised training courses and training facilities (in addition to the Edge  Academy)

–      Comprehensive cyber security services and support

Eurofins Digital Testing works with key high-technology businesses in the consumer electronics, software development, automotive, IoT, connected health and media markets.

Cyclr receives top awards in G2’s Grid Report for iPaaS

Embedded iPaaS company earns top ranking for high customer satisfaction and customer support

25 March 2020 – Young British SaaS company Cyclr today announced that they have been awarded the overall “Best Support” and “Easiest To Do Business With” awards by G2 in their Spring 2020 G2 Grid report for iPaaS. This is the first time Cyclr has been featured in the G2 reports, taking its place alongside a number of industry-leading integration vendors.

In particular, the awards recognises the Cyclr team’s outstanding support for their customers, helping them benefit from easier integration building, native in-app deployments and scalability. Using Cyclr saves SaaS teams vital developer resources and drives efficiency.

Fraser Davidson, CEO of Cyclr, said, “I am incredibly proud that my team has been recognised as overall category winners for both customer support and ease to do business with. We are a young business, but we have strong values and being a close partner to our clients is the strongest of those. It is the first time that we have made it into the G2 Grid and being recognised as a High Performer first time out is incredible validation. I look forward to us building on this position even further.”

Cyclr is an embedded integration toolkit that empowers other SaaS companies to rapidly expand their in-app integration capabilities. It has been named a High Performer by G2 based on its high customer satisfaction score, receiving high marks for ease of use, quality of support and ease of setup from small and mid-market companies.

G2 category Grid Reports assess reviews by verified users, providing unbiased ratings on user satisfaction, features and price based on the most reviews available anywhere. Customers reviewing Cyclr have collectively given the platform an overall 4.8 ranking on a 5.0 scale, and 10 out of 10 for quality of support.


About Cyclr
Cyclr has been developing its product since 2013, when it was one of the very first to market with an embedded iPaaS solution that now benefits from years of development effort and testing. Cyclr’s solution is comprehensive, scalable and rich in function. It starts from the premise of ‘simplicity first’.

The Cyclr solution enables other software companies (as well as digital agencies and technically-literate enterprises) to quickly create, manage and deploy integrations for use by their own end-users and clients, known as ‘embedding’. Cyclr is built from the ground up for embedding and is designed to be simple and intuitive to use and deploy, meaning that integrations can be designed and delivered by commercial teams as well as development teams.

Today Cyclr is a growing company and has enabled the creation of hundreds of apps, saving its customers thousands of hours of wasted human capital. The Cyclr connectivity library continues to grow and the company develops new integration possibilities for customers every day.

Cyclr is based between Eastbourne, Brighton and London, and has customers in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

Flash Networks Wins Info Security Product Guide 2020 Global Excellence Award

Security and Parental Control Software Wins Silver in Social Media, Web Filtering and Content Security Category

Flash Networks, the leading provider of mobile Internet optimization and monetization solutions, announced today it received an Info Security Product Guide 2020 Global Excellence Award. Flash Networks’ Security and Parental Software for telecommunications service providers took silver in the Social Media, Web Filtering and Content Security Category.

Content filtering services are experiencing a huge increase in demand because they prevent cyberattacks and protect children from cyberbullying, block access to harmful content, and prevent excessive screen time that can interfere with school work. While service providers typically charge a low flat fee, the cost for providing these services is increasing rapidly. A massive increase in data consumption means more and more data needs to be inspected before being potentially identified as content that is suspicious and needs to be blocked.

Flash Networks provides security and parental control services that utilize 90 per cent fewer computing and network resources, enabling operators to keep scanning costs in line with revenues, as traffic volumes rise. By combining software defined networking, DNS based filtering, and deep packet inspection, Flash Networks has redefined the expense to revenue ration for security and parental control services to help service providers keep costs in line with revenue.

About Info Security PG’s Global Excellence Awards

Info Security Products Guide sponsors the Global Excellence Awards and plays a vital role in keeping end-users informed of the choices they can make when it comes to protecting their digital resources and assets. Visit for the complete list of winners.

About Flash Networks

Flash Networks is a leading provider of virtual optimization, security and monetization solutions that enable operators to improve RAN spectral efficiency, boost network speed, optimize video and web traffic, generate over-the-top revenues and secure the mobile Internet for subscribers and devices.

With offices in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia, Flash Networks services hundreds of millions of subscribers daily at leading global carriers.

For more information, visit

DoXite 2.5.1 from DETEC supports the exchange of electronic invoices in accordance with ZUGFeRD and XRechnung standards

Time is short: from November this year German public authorities will only accept electronic invoices

GROß-GERAU, GERMANY, March 11, 2020 – DETEC, a supplier of solutions for document-based corporate communications, has released a new version of its DoXite software which enables companies to comply with all EU electronic invoicing standards and meet the November 2020 deadline for public sector e-Invoicing in Germany. The new release, DoXite 2.5.1, fully supports the latest ZUGFeRD and XRechnung standards, which are based on European Directives 2014/55/EU and EN 16931.

“The use of e-Invoicing in public procurement has become a digital transformation priority for the EU,” said Carsten Owerfeldt, Head of Development at DETEC. “Using common e-Invoicing standards helps to foster trade while improving security, streamlining business processes and reducing environmental impact.

“Since last year the German central government has only accepted machine-readable electronic invoices and by November 27 all other public authorities must follow suit,” said Carsten Owerfeldt. “Any organization which sells to the public sector must be ready to produce XML e-Invoices in line with the XRechnung standard. In B2B e-Invoicing many companies want to provide a PDF similar to a printed invoice as well, which is covered by ZUGFeRD. DETEC customers can achieve both of these aims by using DoXite 2.5.1.”

Hybrid electronic invoices in accordance with ZUGFeRD 2.0
A previous release of DoXite (version 2.3) introduced support for hybrid invoices in line with the ZUGFeRD 1.0 directive. This involves creating a PDF for human invoice recipients, together with an XML file for automated processing, which is embedded in the PDF. The XML contains all invoice information such as the final amount, due date and IBAN and describes the meaning of each value. This makes invoice contents readable by online banking applications and other systems. In accordance with the specifications of ZUGFeRD, DoXite also provides tamper-evident archiving of electronic invoices.

DoXite 2.5.1 supports the requirements of the new ZUGFeRD 2.0 standard, and also enables organizations to convert documents from ZUGFeRD 1.0 to ZUGFeRD 2.0. As with ZUGFeRD 1.0, companies can use three alternative invoice types in ZUGFeRD 2.0, known as profiles. DoXite users can select a different profile depending on whether they wish to define only basic attributes for machine processing or present the entire invoice content in a machine-readable form. The selected profile determines the format of the PDF as well as the embedded XML file. The ‘comfort’ profile supports fully automated invoice processing and is compliant with directive EN 16931.

DoXite 2.5.1 also offers a validation tool which companies can use to check whether their ZUGFeRD or XRechnung documents comply with nationally defined business rules. These rules may specify, for example, that a value may not be negative or they may define calculation rules for total values. The validation tool uses the Schematron validation language.

Many standards, one invoice: XRechnung in DoXite 2.5.1
In addition to ZUGFeRD, there are a number of other standards for electronic invoicing, including XRechnung and Factur-X, which are also based on the 2014/55/EU and EN 16931 directives. DoXite 2.5.1 supports these standards.

In Germany, ZUGFeRD and XRechnung are the most commonly used standards. While ZUGFeRD 2.0 allows a hybrid invoice, XRechnung allows only XML data. In addition, XRechnung can reference additional documents such as delivery notes instead of embedding them directly.

Document import in any format
The new release also saves users valuable working time by making it even easier to import document templates from third-party systems into DoXite. Existing corporate templates such as document headers, footers, background images or whole documents can be quickly imported, adapted and then extended in DoXite.

DoXite users can import documents in a wide range of formats, such as PDF, PCL and SAPGOF.

Further information about DoXite can be found at:


The DETEC Company, a Division of UNICOM Global, was founded in 1986 in Germany, and specializes in solutions for document-based corporate communications. The major products in the core output management business field are the widely used LibertySoft system (also known as LaserSoft in German-speaking territories) and its successor DoXite. They can automatically turn raw source data from diverse applications into professionally formatted, well-structured documents in any layout the customer requires. The generated documents can then be distributed to recipients within or outside the company in paper-based or electronic format via printer, fax, e-mail, as a digital archive copy, or on the Web/intranet. Owing to this breadth, we are one of the most experienced document composition and output channeling specialists on the market.

About UNICOM® Global
UNICOM Global consists of more than fifty (50) corporate entities encompassing a wide range of businesses across all geographic regions. With its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California, to offices in Illinois, Kentucky, Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, New Jersey, Texas and Virginia, throughout EMEA in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland and the UAE, and across Asia/Pacific with locations in Japan, China, India, Australia, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines.

UNICOM Global offers deep in-house resources and flexible IT solutions to our partners worldwide. UNICOM Global focuses on acquiring and integrating mature and growing mid-cap NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange AIM and German publically-traded companies in technology, financing, IT, real estate, and business services. Please visit our websites for additional information about the services, products and solutions that UNICOM Global offers: UNICOM Global – Assets, capital and investment management UNICOM Systems – IBM Mainframe software products UNCOM Government (formerly NASDAQ: GTSI) – Government IT solutions UNICOM Engineering (formerly NASDAQ: NEI) – Appliance platform UNICOM Science and Technology Parks UNICOM Technology Park – Innovation Labs in Virginia UNICOM Science and Technology Park – Innovation Labs in New Jersey UNICOM Capital – Business and Financial Services solidDB – In-memory relational database management system USRobotics – Data communications products Memeo – Enterprise-grade Secure File Sharing for the Cloud Firetide – Wireless technology solutions for security and transportation DETEC – Document composition products SoftLanding Systems – IBM i software products Macro 4 (formerly LONDON: MAO) – Document Management products illustro – z/OS and z/VSE software products iET Solutions – ITIL® ITSM software products Eden – Mergers & Acquisitions, Business & Financial Services, and Real Estate – Hardware, Software, Outsourcing and Professional Services

All trademarks referenced herein are trademarks of their respective companies.

Media contact:
Uday Radia
CloudNine PR
+44(0)7940 584161

Boldon James Retains Gold Certified Partner Status in Microsoft Partner Program

Boldon James Continues to Demonstrate Capability by Earning Microsoft Competency in Application Development

London – 11th March 2020 – Boldon James Ltd, a leading UK based technology company that provides integration with powerful data security and governance ecosystems to enable customers to effectively classify data, enforce controls and manage data distribution, today announced it has retained Gold Certified Partner status in the Microsoft Partner Program for the fifteenth consecutive year.

Only the top one percent of Microsoft’s worldwide partner ecosystem achieve this prestigious accreditation. Boldon James has demonstrated skills and expertise using Microsoft technologies together with a proven ability to meet customers’ needs, which over the years, has been an essential ingredient in maintaining the company’s status as the market leader of Microsoft-based Data Classification and Secure Messaging products.

“We are delighted to have again retained Gold Certified Partner status in the Microsoft Partner Program. This allows us to clearly promote our expertise and relationship with Microsoft to our customers and partners,” said Richard Bailey, CTO of Boldon James. “The Gold Partner Program endorses the development of competencies that Boldon James has built in the development and testing of enhanced software for Microsoft applications. It recognises the hard work of our engineers who have once again achieved the highest standard of technical skills and qualifications.”

With data privacy a key component within enterprise security, Boldon James is a global industry specialist with 35 years’ experience in delivering solutions that have helped customers in many sectors, such as defence, automotive and healthcare, establish powerful security and governance ecosystems to enable effective management and protection of their data.


About Boldon James
Boldon James is an industry specialist in data classification and secure messaging, delivering globally recognised innovation, service excellence and technology solutions that work.

Part of the QinetiQ group, a major UK plc and FTSE 250 company, we integrate with powerful data security and governance ecosystems to enable customers to effectively manage data, streamline operations and proactively respond to regulatory change. We are a safe pair of hands, with a 35 year heritage of delivering for the world’s leading commercial organisations, systems integrators, defence forces and governments.

Media Contact
Imtiaz Mufti

Priority Software Announces New Mobile ERP Applications

Includes expanded portfolio of out-of-the-box mobile apps, and advanced Mobile App Generator capabilities

Rockaway, New Jersey, March 11th, 2020 – Priority Software Ltd., a leading global provider of business management solutions, today announced its enhanced suite of mobile ERP applications, offering customers a richer ERP solution in the field, and full access to core business processes from remote locations. Priority mobile ERP includes a variety of new out-of-the-box mobile apps, and advanced capabilities in Priority’s Mobile App Generator.

Priority’s Mobile App Generator is an innovative tool that enables non-developers, system admins and users to create mobile apps in just minutes, without any need for programming skills. With built-in security and user management, applications created with Priority’s Mobile App Generator are suitable for both Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets and can run everywhere – no need for porting to devices or operating systems.

In response to the fast-growing demand for business mobility, Priority enhanced its mobile ERP solution, introducing new capabilities to its Mobile App Generator, including digital document signature (e.g. price quotes), document sharing via email or text, camera activation, barcode scanning, secure payment via credit card processing and more – all in real-time, and directly from the mobile device.

Further, Priority now delivers new out-of-the-box mobile apps available for customers to download and use. These include CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Purchase Approvals, Sales Order Approvals, Inventory Management, Production Reporting, Parts Catalogue, and Hour/Project Reporting.

Priority customer, Nadav Razon, CEO of Solara, a leading US manufacturer of eco-friendly, adjustable patio covers, commented, “Priority’s mobile apps have given us a better, more efficient way to integrate with our customers and our teams in the field. The ability to access Priority in real-time and perform core functions from a mobile device from any location, has saved us time and resources. More importantly, we’ve boosted our level of customer service, from the call center, to sales reps and field technicians – now, everyone is connected, and it’s all via Priority mobile apps.”

“One of the barriers in adopting mobile work in many organizations, is the fear of complex and costly processes to create accurate workflows that sync with their core systems,” said Keren Sherer-Taiber, VP Product Management at Priority Software. “This led Priority to become the first ERP vendor to develop a mobile app generator, so that customers can build their own apps with their business logic automatically embedded into the app itself. We are proud to deliver mobile ERP solutions that enable our customers to increase their efficiency and productivity.”

About Priority Software
Priority Software provides flexible, end-to-end business management solutions for organizations of all sizes in a wide range of industries. Recognized by top industry analysts and professionals for its product innovation, Priority improves business efficiency and the customer experience, providing real-time access to business data and insights in the cloud, on premise, and on-the-go. With offices in the US, UK, Belgium and Israel and a global network of business partners, Priority enables 75,000 companies in 40 countries to manage and grow their business. For more information, visit

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