Bug Tracking Tools to Overcome Future Risks on Social Media Platforms

A bug tracking software is an application that tracks bugs in the software development process. Whether it is a query from the customer, or a technical error in the app, bug management system handles it all. This software allows users to report bugs/errors and assign tasks to various testing experts. Currently, social media apps are facing many software glitches, resulting in huge losses. The main idea of investing in software testing is to prevent any software bugs when delivered to the end-users. However, there is no bug-free application. Yes, it does not truly exist. But researchers, product developers, and managers are exploring how to improve their bug tracking strategy and make the most of their digital transformation efforts. 

Bug management software comes with various bug management tools that assist in tracking and resolving bugs more efficiently. They can be integrated with the other software testing tools for the best results. From start-ups to large enterprises including healthcare, IT, banking and retail industry, bug tracking tools are widely used to avoid software glitches and issues. Software testing teams identify bugs in software and transfer reports to development teams for fixing these issues. Defect management tools store this data and provide solutions to remove them from the application. These tools are based on algorithms that revolve around identification, categorization, prioritization, verification, closure and management reporting. 

‘Instagram’ displaying stories – A living proof that bugs exist!

Recently, Instagram, a famous social networking platform caused problems to the users which displayed their stories to strangers. This was reported because of a bug in the social media app. However, Instagram identified the problem within a few hours, and only a few users were affected by the bug. According to TechCrunch, an American online publisher, Instagram is used by around 500 million users daily. So, even such small bugs cause a lot of impact on its users. The bug caused a small number of users’ Story Tray to display certain accounts that they did not follow. It was also noticed that the Facebook-owned social media app did not display all stories if the account was private.

This, it becomes all the more necessary for development teams to work on software bugs and prevent them from occurring once the product is launched with new features. Bug tracking software detects, records and resolves bugs in an app and ensure that there are no compromises on product quality. 


Bugs can never be completely avoided, but there are ways to minimize or rectify them. There are dozens of bug management tools that help streamline and organize the defect management process. These tools have excellent and robust features, that are easy-to-use and do not require any special training or skills. Bug management software is integrated with these tools to store all data into the system, for future reference. Managers and executive seniors can view history and make decisions to make bug management more efficient. Thus, it is important to devise strategies that can overcome any future risks on social media platforms.

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