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10 Most Common Usability Issues Mobile App Users Face

The increased number of mobile users poses huge challenges for software testing companies to improve their services. In this digitally evolving era, mobiles and mobile apps are used for almost everything. The only way an app can compete against several others is by improving its usability. A good user interface (UI) or user experience (UX) can work wonders for your business by unlocking new ways to interact with your users. UI plays an important role in an app’s success, and it should also provide a great UX too. A mobile application testing company focuses on improving the usability of applications to provide quality and high-performance mobile apps.

One of the most important aspects of a relationship between a user and a product is its usability. It focuses on the efficiency of achieving the main goals of the application. Mobile app testers spend time and focus on improving little things in their apps that can make a huge difference in its success. Optimize your mobile app usability by keeping in mind the most important factors including efficiency, easy-to-use, and user satisfaction.

Following are 10 common usability issues mobile app users face:

  1. Even if mobiles have the same operating systems, developers need to design apps to fit each mobile model due to variations in screen sizes and resolutions. Otherwise, users may not be able to view and use an app on different platforms.
  2. Since more and more apps are being introduced, the constant fight between information vs. speed can affect the functioning of an app. Users face issues in performance when an app is not tested properly. 
  3. Users face major issues when using an app that has an intuitive design that avoids deep navigation. Majority users are comfortable using an app that they can quickly navigate through. 
  4. A self-explanatory app has a huge success rate as users abandon apps that have complex usability issues. App testing companies ensure having the most comfortable user interface.
  5. Irrelevant pop-ups can annoy users, so it is important that only relevant things are included in the design with the right font and size. 
  6. Most of the time, users operate their mobile phones one-handed so scrolling is inevitable. This is why apps should remain within a screen limit to provide a good UX.
  7. Apps should be designed and developed with both portrait and landscape modes. Otherwise, users can face issues when they switch between screen rotation mode on/off. 
  8. Users hesitate from filling their information on mobile apps. Auto-fill/suggestion could be a pre-requisite to improve the user experience. 
  9. If users face any issue in using an app, they may not find answers to their queries. Mobile app testers can add qualitative analytical tools to address this issue. 
  10. User feedback can help in improving an app’s quality. So it is important to place a feedback form or rating after using the app.


It is important to hire a reliable mobile app testing company for releasing successful mobile apps. These apps should be intuitive and it should not take more time for a user to become familiar with the interface. 

Author Bio:

Ray Parker is a Senior Marketing Consultant with a knack for writing the latest news in tech, quality assurance, software development and testing. With a decade of experience working in the tech industry, Ray now dabbles out of his New York office.

Screen Capture Software: How Far Have We Come?

Technology has been one of the greatest forces that led humanity into what it is today. It has molded our society in various ways. The convenience of having them at this advanced state is unparalleled by any other invention man has ever made. The technology that we have today can be considered as the culmination of everything that our ancestors worked on in the past. As it makes our life easier, it can also be assumed that it has made our lives better.

There are also some things that we just take for granted. Without technology, we would never experience some of these advantages. One example is the ability to make a screenshot with your device. Some of the more common options are the Print Screen and Snipping Tool.

This function has been in existence for so many years now, ever since computers became available to the masses. Known as the “Print Screen” button on most keyboards, this was very useful in capturing what was happening on the screen in a still image. This was not really noticed until the convenience of using it was actually learned by many people. You can save documents without copying them to Word or any other word processing program.

Pictures can also be saved and you can also capture images from videos. However, the way to capture these images can be quite confusing for beginners. You need to press Print Screen and then go to Paint to view the picture. Editing can be done here and you can save the image to your device. Learn more about this function here.

Another way of doing this is to use the “Printscreen” button again, then paste it on a word processor. It works in the same way, but the editing options are quite limited. This depends on the word processing software that you have. For example, the latest Microsoft Word has more choices for editing pictures. However, it is not as extensive as an actual photo editor.

There is another way to do this. If you are on Windows, then you might notice that there is a Snipping Tool app available on your programs. This will depend on the version that it available on your PC or laptop. You can use this to capture the screenshot that you want. This is way easier than the previous option because you do not need to open another application. All you need to do is open Snipping Tool and it will automatically let you choose the image that you want to cut. However, one of its major drawbacks is its limited features. It is also not available to every Windows computer, so you still need to install it as well.

Mac does not have these options though, although they do have their own versions. The earlier versions of Macintosh have a set of commands that you will need to input on your device. Cmd (Command) plus Shift and a number creates a screenshot of your screen. For example, pressing number 3 will let you have the shot of the whole screen. Other computer platforms like Linux have their own command list for you to follow, too.

As these options have limited capabilities and require more programs and buttons to press, screen capture programs have been developed to make this easier. Some of them also have extensive editing capabilities like adding text to image being edited and doing multiple images at once. There are even recordings that can be done using these programs. If you are looking for a specific program, then there are a lot of them in the market these days. You can check out the top 5 Screen Capture Software options on the web. Some of them are also free to use.

In the world of cellphones, the screenshot function became vital in its operations. As most people prefer taking a picture rather than taking notes, this option is more commonly used as a way to save files. Most cell phones these days have cameras that can capture high definition photos. This means that you can take a picture of a document and you can still the words once you zoom in. You can also take a screenshot of a video streaming in your device and you can post it immediately anywhere else. These are really common in social media, and are frequently shared all over the world.

As you can see, this seemingly simple function is now very important in any type of device. It is so vital that most cell phone manufacturers would add this function in their marketing campaign. People use its ability to make saving files easier because of the image format. You don’t need to go to other folders as you can just go to your phone or computer’s gallery. Whether you are using pre-installed programs or new software, screen capture will never be the same again.


Suman Kabeer |

4 IoT Software Security Tests

Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interconnected computing devices. Connected security systems, lighting systems and alarm clocks fall under IoT examples, as they are enabled to send and receive data.

Software testing is a fundamental step in any development environment. It is extremely relevant to the IoT market given the complexity of integrations involved in it. However, its importance is not well understood by businesses. A report from the Ponemon Institute claims that only 20% of IoT applications are tested. This means the security of these applications is poor and they are exposed to attacks. It is no surprise that 75% of IoT pilots fail, as revealed by a Cisco survey.Security tests identify data leakages, validate data packets, check corrupt packets, ensure encryption processes and keep a watch over the entire IoT ecosystem.

We list 4 security tests offered by IoT software testing companies to educate our readers on their importance:

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing requires an in-depth understanding of the IoT architecture. Typically, the architecture consists of smart devices, IoT field gateways, cloud gateways, streaming data processor, data storage, machine learning, control applications and client server system. Penetration testing is performed on exposed ports, memory chips and components. Black, white and grey box testing techniques are employed. Lesser resources are required for a test in which an algorithm is present in the embedded system. The tester first verifies if data is encrypted, and next determines if the algorithm is safe in that encryption or requires another level of encryption. Mostly, there is no encryption for battery and memory. Testers can use memory dump to obtain firmware.

Threat Modeling

Threat modeling proactively identifies issues and tackles them during the design process. The system is examined and its structure is assessed. Data flow diagrams breaks the system into a series of processes to clearly outline trust boundaries. Actions are taken against threats such as removing features, warning users and changing design. Threat modeling ensures data remains confidential and is not tampered with.

Web, Cloud and Mobile Interface Testing

Testers look for default credentials on IoT devices during setup. They check for password strength, cross-site scripting and SQL injection vulnerabilities. IoT technologies often use cloud API for product management. Cloud services are assessed by checking all functions and communication between them and other components of IoT. Often remote control services like mobile applications manage IoT technologies. Again, all functions and communications between mobile applications and other components of IoT are tested.

Network Security Testing

The network is the foundation of IoT. Standard network communication paths such as wifi and ethernet create risk. As many connections are simulated as are desired – the number can be in dozens or millions. All exposed ports, misconfigured services within the IoT are identified. IoT application is constantly monitored to obtain quality of experience (QoE) metrics. Breaking points are isolated and network degradations are found. End to end testing may also be performed.

IoT market is expanding rapidly. As market awareness for security grows, the demand for IoT software testing companies will be on the rise.

Author Bio:

Ray Parker is an entrepreneur and internet marketer with over 9 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, Creative Writer and Digital Marketing.

Bug Tracking Tools to Overcome Future Risks on Social Media Platforms

A bug tracking software is an application that tracks bugs in the software development process. Whether it is a query from the customer, or a technical error in the app, bug management system handles it all. This software allows users to report bugs/errors and assign tasks to various testing experts. Currently, social media apps are facing many software glitches, resulting in huge losses. The main idea of investing in software testing is to prevent any software bugs when delivered to the end-users. However, there is no bug-free application. Yes, it does not truly exist. But researchers, product developers, and managers are exploring how to improve their bug tracking strategy and make the most of their digital transformation efforts. 

Bug management software comes with various bug management tools that assist in tracking and resolving bugs more efficiently. They can be integrated with the other software testing tools for the best results. From start-ups to large enterprises including healthcare, IT, banking and retail industry, bug tracking tools are widely used to avoid software glitches and issues. Software testing teams identify bugs in software and transfer reports to development teams for fixing these issues. Defect management tools store this data and provide solutions to remove them from the application. These tools are based on algorithms that revolve around identification, categorization, prioritization, verification, closure and management reporting. 

‘Instagram’ displaying stories – A living proof that bugs exist!

Recently, Instagram, a famous social networking platform caused problems to the users which displayed their stories to strangers. This was reported because of a bug in the social media app. However, Instagram identified the problem within a few hours, and only a few users were affected by the bug. According to TechCrunch, an American online publisher, Instagram is used by around 500 million users daily. So, even such small bugs cause a lot of impact on its users. The bug caused a small number of users’ Story Tray to display certain accounts that they did not follow. It was also noticed that the Facebook-owned social media app did not display all stories if the account was private.

This, it becomes all the more necessary for development teams to work on software bugs and prevent them from occurring once the product is launched with new features. Bug tracking software detects, records and resolves bugs in an app and ensure that there are no compromises on product quality. 


Bugs can never be completely avoided, but there are ways to minimize or rectify them. There are dozens of bug management tools that help streamline and organize the defect management process. These tools have excellent and robust features, that are easy-to-use and do not require any special training or skills. Bug management software is integrated with these tools to store all data into the system, for future reference. Managers and executive seniors can view history and make decisions to make bug management more efficient. Thus, it is important to devise strategies that can overcome any future risks on social media platforms.

Author Bio:

Ray Parker is an entrepreneur and internet marketer with over 9 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, Creative Writer and Digital Marketing.

5 Amazing Tools required to make Animated Videos for Businesses

It is absolutely extraordinary how dominate video content has been since quite some time now. Yet it has a wide and a phenomenal growing market that yet has a large arena that could be much explored till date. There are various video marketing strategies that could be implemented with new tactics and advanced technology aids that are presented to the competitive market currently. There are also numerous software and marketing services that are introduced in the market over the years which have proven to be of great assistance in creating animated videos for businesses.

Short video contents are mostly used to display and to better explain the business/product as a fascinating manner which also acts as a guide or advertisement. Business explainer videos have gained the most limelight due to the effective results that it has been producing. Adding up to the most crucial reason why video explainer companies globally have started to excel and achieve such high demands. Explainer videos are best illustrated through animated videos which are easier to create with less hassle and is also known to provide an additional advantage to the businesses.

In this post we have listed few of the handiest tools that are needed to create animated videos for businesses. Especially those that assist in adding key frames in order to present the animation in the most smooth and natural manner as possible. The ranking is placed in the order of popularity and which is most preferred in the current year of 2019. These tools are listed below in the same order:


Wideo is an online tool that allows to edit, create, and share the animated video which is composed for business purpose. The best features to it are that it helps to build extraordinary animated videos which are done very effectively and effortlessly. By simple providing 5mins to choose the template and further customizing it using by drop and drag which are the basic essentials to compose a professional looking animated business video. By utilizing Wideo you are able to achieve approximately 80 ready to edit templates which are created from the scratch, to fit best in accordance with the business’s preference. It is also great as the animated video content created for the business is easily downloaded in the format of mp4 and can be shared on various Social Media.


Moovly is very popular as a tool to create animated videos for businesses as it is considered to be one of the most affordable while then to establishing amazing videos which are intuitive and relatively very simple to create without much complexity. It would not occupy a lot of your time, consuming tops 15mins to complete the entire video. While it also provides over 60,000 samples that are available free, it also gives a wide range of sample sounds and music for recommendation to use in the video whereas you are able to use your own media as well. Moovly is very user-friendly since it does not require to be installed instead it is easily accessible on the desktop.


Powtoon is well recognized to create extremely engaging explainer animated videos for enterprises, which have been proven to mesmerize audiences. The animated video can be created for any department and it is reckoned to provide with outstanding results to feature as a standout. Powtoon will assist to provide high-quality videos in hardly 20mins, it is able to function rapidly due to its inbuilt abilities to drop and drag templates. The videos created from Powtoon are very valuable when trying to create personal videos for many various and innovative purposes. Mostly it has been used to create captivating office presentations since through using the video tool an added advantage is that you are able to engage with a higher eye gazing manner to explain and market the idea.

Animate CC:

Animate CC is a vital tool used to create business animations that can be published and very definitely be made with rapidness. The animations from Animate CC has been used to enhance features in apps, games, webs and in many other. The video can also be very conveniently exported to numerous platforms such as Flash/Adobe, HTML5 Canvas, WebGL and other platforms of the same kind. Animate CC is very accessible in terms to user since it is able to be utilized via mobile, desktop and television to reach out on a tremendously wide range to grasp the largest possible potential audience that can be approached.


Author: Sohel Ather

Get to Understand a Basic Guide to KIK Messenger

KIK is an instant messaging application with millions of active users known as Kicksters out of which 50% are Americans. In simple words to mention, it is a technologically advanced version of MSN with a distinctively characterized chat room and enhanced user experience. You can create a free account using a valid email address and password and connect to other users with a distinctive username. To connect with others you can either scan their kik account or search the user if you know their username. It is an application to communicate, a simple, easy, and convenient method of SMS texting, photo-video sharing, and much more.

Knowing the Key Features of KIK

Kik is loaded with many features that work as incredible tools for high performance source of communication. Some of the important features of KIK include:

  • Friends Invitation: With this feature, you can invite friends through messages, email or through any social media channel. When the receiver accepts the invitation and registers with KIK, you both are notified for account activation.
  • Live Typing: You can have a visualization of live typing when during the chat the person you chatting with is typing anything.
  • Notifications: You get notifications for all the delivered messages that you send. You even have an option of customizing the notification sound the way you desire.
  • Multimedia Messages: With this feature, you have the freedom to send graphics, images, videos, GIF files, emojis, and various other forms of multimedia messages apart from the simple text message that you send and receive.
  • Initiation of Video Chat: You can conduct a real-time video chat with any user connected with you on Kik.
  • Integrated Chat List: Similar to other messaging applications, kik also has a well defined chat list that you can use as per your convenience. You can select any specific user from the list to initiate a chat or continue chat following the previous chats with a specific user.
  • Bot Shop: This feature works tremendously well while allowing you to stay socially more active and in connection with the environment. You can get access to tips and advices and can read news using the feature.
  • Code Scanning: You can make use of this feature to scan the code of users you know and connect with them through the messaging app.
  • Kik Groups: These are chat groups you can create and join within the kik community. A group is created when few people have a desire to stay connected to one another on a same platform.

Sharing Graphics and Videos on Kik

Kik enables its user to share all sort of graphics, images, GIF files, and videos. To share these multimedia messages, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Tap the multimedia file displayed above the message box
  • Add the file to be shared and a message to go with it
  • Then tap the ‘Send’ button or the ‘Speed Bubble’ button
  • This sends the file you selected to the receiver.
  • You can even send stickers, sketches, and video links using a small square button available at the right corner of the chat box.

Talking to the Kik Bot

Kik Bot is an exciting and significant feature of the messaging app that works to answer all your queries and questions. The feature also allows you to hold a conversation by following the steps below:

  • Tap the blue buttom available on the main screen
  • Select Discover bots and browse to the bot you desire to communicate with
  • Tap the bot and initiate your conversation with the selected bot

Finding People on KIK

Chatting and connecting with various people amongst the kik community is the key benefit of this messaging app. You can make maximum use of this benefit by finding the right people to chat with and stay connected. Here are the ways you can conveniently find people on kik:

  • Initiate with sharing your profile and those who feel compatible connect with you.
  • You can join a public group where you can search for hashtags and connect with all those who share the same interests and are passionate about sharing and connecting.
  • You can even create your own group and name it according to your choice and preference. You can further add users to the group and continue connecting with many people simultaneously in one chat.

Using the KIK App for Dating

When you compare with the actual dating app then it is clear that kik is not actually a dating app. However, it does connect you with new people matching your aspirations, interests, and passion. You can search for like-minded people using the integrated tools available in the kik browser, Matcher, Match & Chat, and Flirt.

  • Matcher helps you browse all the like-minded people. Your profile is further shared with the desired user and if he or she approves your desire then you are connected on kik.
  • Match & Chat registers your profile on the web and then allows others to have a look. Even you get an opportunity to access the website and search for the right match for yourself.
  • Flirt is a tool that provides you a complete list of people falling within your age group and living in nearby areas.

Revealing the Advantages of KIK on PC

With the revolutionary advancements, the advantages of kik have become more prominent. Some of the key advantages of using kik on pc are:

  • A fulfilling chatting experience
  • Easy to navigate internal web browser
  • High level of safety and security while using the app
  • High-end privacy measures to stay away from strangers
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Exciting customization features
  • Ability to retrieve previous chats whenever required

There are many more advantages and a unique experience of having kik on your computers. If you desire to learn how to install kik for pc then go here and have access to a complete guide to downloading and installing kik on your computers, laptops, and Mac.

Author: Sohel Ather

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