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Parasoft Launches New Division Dedicated to Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies

New division focuses on better enabling highly secure and high-quality government modernization efforts

Monrovia, CA. – Parasoft, the global leader in automated software testing, today announced a new corporate division dedicated to helping the software testing needs of Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies. With over 20 years of experience and success working with development and testing teams in the government and public services sector, Parasoft’s newest division will be supporting government programs and initiatives that rely on successful deployments of highly secure, cost-effective modern systems. Parasoft helps these development and testing teams achieve their goals of high quality at speed.

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Parasoft’s new division is spearheaded by VP of Mil/Aero and Government Solutions, Larry Johnsen, whose approach is to align with Gartner’s January 15, 2018 Market Insight: What U.S. Federal Government Buyers Want in 2018 report by Katell Thielemann that states, “A policy shift recognizing that IT modernization and adoption of emerging technologies is not just good for productivity and cost control, it has also become a national security imperative.” The new division will provide development and testing groups with software tooling and strategy-based solutions to better align government agencies with today’s software development challenges and modernization initiatives around Agile, DevOps, and Security.

“As applications increasingly become the de-facto conduit for interacting with government services, and the underlying personally-identifiable information (PII) necessary to support them, it is more important than ever for organizations to adopt development and testing methodologies that encompass a security and quality first approach,” said Larry Johnsen, VP of Mil/Aero and Government Solutions at Parasoft. “Parasoft’s industry-leading solutions for government enable modernization efforts by providing agencies/programs with crucial visibility and traceability to the ongoing state of quality and security of the software systems being developed by, and for, them.”

To ensure “built-in” security and quality for the protection of government interests as well as the personal data of citizens, Parasoft offers security and compliance testing in its automated static analysis and developer-centric solutions. For Java and .NET applications, real-time security compliance reports specifically address compliance to common standards such as OWASP, CWE, HIPAA, and PCA in a centralized reporting and analytics dashboard. Parasoft’s industry-leading functional testing solutions for API testing, integration, and simulation, are key to a comprehensive software delivery ecosystem aligned to government organizations looking for a modernized approach to more efficiently delivering high quality, secure applications.

About Parasoft

Parasoft provides innovative tools that automate time-consuming testing tasks and provide management with intelligent analytics necessary to focus on what matters. Parasoft’s technologies reduce the time, effort, and cost of delivering secure, reliable, and compliant software, by integrating static and runtime analysis; unit, functional, and API testing; and service virtualization. Parasoft supports software organizations as they develop and deploy applications in the embedded, enterprise, and IoT markets. With developer testing tools, manager reporting/analytics, and executive dashboarding, Parasoft enables organizations to succeed in today’s most strategic development initiatives — agile, continuous testing, DevOps, and security.

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Empirix Announces SaaS-Based Testing to Accelerate the Software Development Lifecycle

BILLERICA, Mass. – Today, Empirix announces the release of its new software-as-a-service (SaaS) testing platform, the Hammer Cloud Platform. This new, comprehensive offering integrates the following functions: functional, regression, systems integration, performance, and customer experience testing into an easy to use SaaS platform designed to mitigate risk and accelerate the software development lifecycle within contact center environments and enterprise networks.

Hammer Cloud Platform (HCP) is intended for infrastructure planning, application development (AppDev), DevOps, operations, and quality assurance (QA) teams who need to frequently execute tests to ensure their contact center applications are ready for business. Regular testing has become increasingly important with the adoption of DevOps methodologies. It eliminates the defects caused by accelerated release cycles and allows DevOps teams to reduce mean time to repair, reduce rework costs, and provide a differentiated experience for customers.

With HCP, cross-functional teams can create, schedule and execute QA test cases, deploy large-scale tests, and execute ongoing active test scenarios in a production environment to ensure optimal customer experience. Teams can easily migrate test cases between applications and facilitate workflow efficiencies, and open APIs allow integration with configuration management, bug tracking, inventory tools, and other solutions.

The Hammer Cloud Platform includes:

“Empirix is breaking new ground with the release of Hammer Cloud Platform,” said Chief Strategy Officer Franco Messori. “Open APIs, cross-functional workflows and the ability to test across the entire software development lifecycle mitigates the inherent risk that is always present for test and DevOps teams. Hammer Cloud Platform accelerates release cycles and simply makes their jobs easier.”

Central to this new offering is the release of Hammer On-Demand Performance, a SaaS-based load-testing application that validates system interoperability and performance when technology or process changes occur within a contact center or unified communications telephony environment. By identifying defects both pre- and post-change, test teams are able to proactively manage customer impact while accelerating technology release cycles.

Hammer Cloud Platform is now generally available in North America.


Jennifer Walsh
Manager, Global Marketing

Sauce Labs Launches New Front-End Performance Testing Solution to Accelerate App Delivery and Improve User Experiences

  • New Sauce Performance offering evolves company portfolio beyond functional testing
  • Combines front-end performance testing with functional testing to increase developer productivity
  • Enables developers to identify and address front-end application performance issues early in the delivery pipeline to speed app development and deliver more reliable user experiences

SAN FRANCISCO – April 2, 2019 – Sauce Labs Inc., provider of the world’s most comprehensive and trusted continuous testing cloud, today announced the launch of Sauce Performance, a new front-end performance testing solution that expands the company’s solutions beyond functional testing and enables organizations to more quickly and reliably deliver applications to customers. Combining both front-end performance and functional testing into a single solution, Sauce Performance provides developers with actionable insight into performance issues early in the CI/CD pipeline. This empowers developer teams to work faster and more productively, while ensuring an optimal user experience for their customers.

In the digital era, quality is defined by more than just features and functionality. Speed to market and user experience are now equally important to customers, creating pressure for developers to rapidly deliver flawless web and mobile applications. Against this backdrop, the traditional approach of conducting application performance testing late in the software development process, and focusing on backend load/stress testing, is no longer effective. Developers need to identify and resolve both functional and front-end performance issues as early in the development process as possible. With Sauce Performance as part of the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud, they can now do just that.

“Developers at digitally driven organizations have made shifting left and implementing continuous testing throughout the software delivery pipeline a top priority, and front-end performance testing is critical to those efforts,” said Lubos Parobek, VP of Products, Sauce Labs. “By enabling developers to pinpoint and fix front-end performance issues as part of their continuous integration and continuous delivery processes, Sauce Performance reduces the tangible and intangible costs incurred when issues are found late in the development lifecycle. Combined with the upcoming release of our new headless testing solution, Sauce Labs continues to lead the way for organizations looking to shift testing left.”

Two Functions, One Solution
Today’s front-end performance testing solutions typically require a complex integration with a load/stress testing tool, or a separate application performance monitoring tool altogether, creating an added layer of productivity-saping complexity for developers. Sauce Performance simplifies the process by allowing developers to use existing Selenium test scripts to capture both functional and performance test data. This gives developers detailed front-end performance metrics, algorithmically recommended baselines, and root cause analysis, without needing to create new scripts or deploy new infrastructure.

Additional features and customer benefits of Sauce Performance include:

  • Root Cause Analysis. Enables teams to resolve performance issues quickly and detect front-end performance issues early in the software development lifecycle. By using performance trace logs, development teams can easily pinpoint issues in the underlying code.
  • Front-End Reporting and Analytics. Provides developers with deep insight into user experience by capturing metrics such as Time to First Meaningful Paint, Time to First Interactive, Page Weight, Speed Index and more.
  • Algorithmic Baselines. Captures application performance metrics and automatically discovers true regressions, improving developer productivity.
  • Debugging log. Uses trace data and film strip as the ultimate debugging log to pinpoint the root cause of performance issues.

Sauce Performance is available now. For more information, visit the Sauce Performance landing page.

Helpful Links
Sauce Performance Landing Page
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SauceCon Website
Sauce Labs Website
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About Sauce Labs
Sauce Labs ensures the world’s leading apps and websites work flawlessly on every browser, OS and device. Its award winning Continuous Testing Cloud provides development and quality teams with instant access to the test coverage, scalability, and analytics they need to deliver a flawless digital experience. Sauce Labs is a privately held company funded by Toba Capital, Salesforce Ventures, Centerview Capital Technology, IVP and Adams Street Partners.

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SmartBear Leads Innovation For Behavior-Driven Development With End-To-End Test Automation

SmartBear Announces TestComplete 14.0 with Native BDD Support, Making Test Automation Easier and Faster for All Users, Regardless of Technical Expertise
SOMERVILLE, Mass. — January 24, 2019 — SmartBear, the innovator behind the industry’s highest impact tools to build, test, and monitor great software, announced TestComplete 14.0, which features native support for Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), bridging the gap between technical and non-technical users. This release also includes a seamless integration with HipTest, the only native BDD collaborative platform to define test cases and generate living documentation. With HipTest and TestComplete, SmartBear is leading innovation for BDD test automation, improving collaboration across stakeholders, and enabling organizations to move toward faster and higher-quality software delivery.Organizations have turned toward BDD to quickly align and accelerate team collaboration across the delivery pipeline – allowing for business, development, and QA teams to speak a universal language while they build and test new features. Previously, test scenarios written in Gherkin had to be generated in code or test scripts to be used in TestComplete, leaving implementation and maintenance to a limited group of technical teammates. Now, test cases designed and written using the Gherkin syntax can be easily created, maintained, and converted to automated UI functional tests with the industry leading object recognition and Record & Replay technology found in TestComplete, without the need for additional plug-ins or third-party tools.

“BDD provides a major leap forward for software teams looking to transform their organizational processes and culture toward a more collaborative, united mindset for software development,” said Anand Sundaram, Vice President of Products at SmartBear. “SmartBear continues to lead the BDD marketplace with tools, that include HipTest, CrossBrowserTesting, TestLeft, and now TestComplete, to accelerate software delivery.”

TestComplete 14.0 also includes a native integration with Jenkins Pipeline in addition to Freestyle to accelerate your CI/CD pipeline, support for web testing components such as Shadow DOM and custom elements, and support for all the latest browser versions and mobile platforms. Native BDD support and other enhancements in TestComplete will optimize test automation efforts for all teams thereby paving a more direct and seamless path to Agile and DevOps.

To learn more about the latest release of TestComplete and to view the Accelerate Continuous Testing with TestComplete webinar, visit:

About SmartBear Software

SmartBear is behind the software that empowers developers, testers, and operations engineers at over 20,000 of the world’s most innovative organizations including Adobe, JetBlue, MasterCard, and Microsoft. More than 6 million people use our tools to build, test, and monitor great software, faster. Our high-impact tools are easy to try, easy to buy, and easy to use. These tools are backed by a team of people passionate about helping you create software that transforms our world. Those tools are SmartBear tools. That team is SmartBear.

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SmartBear Reinforces Open Source Commitment With Free Access To CrossBrowserTesting

Free Access to CrossBrowserTesting, the Only All-in-One UI Functional Testing Platform, Will Empower Open Source Communities to Ensure Websites Function Flawlessly on Any Browser, Device, or Operating System

SOMERVILLE, Mass. — September 13, 2018 —SmartBear, the leader in software quality tools for teams, is reinforcing its open source commitment with a new program that provides free access to CrossBrowserTesting for any software development team working on an open source project. CrossBrowserTesting is the only all-in-one UI functional web testing platform that allows teams to automate running of Selenium scripts, manually debug web applications, and visually compare your site on over 1,500 real desktop and mobile browsers in the cloud.

“This is a great example of SmartBear once again demonstrating its commitment to the open source community by making all the features, benefits, and support of CrossBrowserTesting available for free to anyone working on an open source project,” said Ron RatovskySwagger Developer Evangelist. “The Swagger development team has used CrossBrowserTesting for a few years now, and it has become a critical part of how we ensure that the SwaggerHub SaaS product and website function perfectly for any user who visits those sites.”

As a core component of the CrossBrowserTesting service, testers and developers now have full access to the largest device lab available, which maximizes test coverage so you can test on the devices your end users are interacting with, ensuring a seamless user experience. Access to native debugging tools also allows testers to find and fix defects more often and earlier in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), long before deployment, saving both time and money, all while releasing high quality software with more confidence. Teams who utilize CrossBrowserTesting for their open source projects are treated as a full-fledged SmartBear customer, and offered fast and expert support in addition to free academy training classes.

Earlier this year, SmartBear received the highest ranking for open source-based testing acceleration in the 2018 Critical Capabilities for Software Test Automation published by Gartner[1], the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company. SmartBear has demonstrated a strong commitment to open source projects such as Selenium, OpenAPI Specification (OAS), Swagger tools, and SoapUI, resulting in SmartBear receiving the highest score. SmartBear recognizes that software development teams are increasingly using open source tools and frameworks, and is committed to supporting these organizations to obtain as much success as possible.

To get started, visit:

[1] Gartner Critical Capabilities for Software Test Automation, by Joachim Herschmann, Thomas E. Murphy, Jim Scheibmeir, February 5, 2018.

About SmartBear Software

Supporting more than six million software professionals and over 22,000 companies in 194 countries, SmartBear is the leader in software quality tools for teams. The company’s products help deliver the highest quality and best performing software possible while helping teams ship code at nearly impossible velocities. With products for API testing, UI testing, code review and performance monitoring across mobile, web and desktop applications, SmartBear equips every development, testing and operations team member with the tools to ensure quality at every stage of the software cycle.

For more information, visit:, or for the SmartBear community, go to: LinkedInTwitter or Facebook.

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Zephyr 6.2 Accelerates Software Testing and Advances Collaboration for Agile Teams

Zephyr’s horizontally-scalable cluster architecture supports over 50,000 users with 10,000 concurrent logins, empowering some of the largest enterprises in the world.

(SAN JOSE, Calif. Sep 6, 2018)—The newest iteration of Zephyr software, version 6.2, offers Enterprise-level Agile and DevOps teams superior scalability, performance and security, while empowering users to tap into the much-needed flexibility and organization capabilities required to accelerate the software testing cycles.

Efficiency, accuracy and speed are essential aspects of a software release, which puts pressure on QA and development teams to test without forfeiting quality. Zephyr software allows teams to do exactly that—provide a way to test efficiently without compromising high quality results.

“As organizations continue to grow and scale, their test management software needs to evolve accordingly, providing teams with greater efficiency in critical activities of test planning, organization and execution. We are so pleased to be able to roll out these enhancements with Zephyr 6.2,” says Zephyr CEO Scott Johnson.

As a leader in agile test management software, Zephyr is constantly enhancing the user experience and expanding the functionalities for their customers. Highlights from Zephyr 6.2 include:

Scalability, Performance and Security

  • Zephyr is stacked for scale with decoupled architecture enabling horizontal scalability, that supports over 50,000 users with 10,000 concurrent logins
  • Maintains high responsiveness while capturing millions of test cases and test executions, and offers optimum support for test automation workflows
  • Zephyr meets the security requirements of the most demanding industries, by constantly testing against the most stringent third-party benchmarks and clients’ application security criteria

Global and Project Test Case Repository

  • Leverage the benefits of centralized test case management by allowing projects and releases to share the test cases from the Global Test Case Repository
  • Reusable repository of test cases allows for rapid test plan creation and offers agile teams the ultimate flexibility to organize the test cases

Dashboards and Continuous Reporting

Teams can now consolidate reporting on quality initiatives across multiple projects and optimize their test strategy with three new gadgets:

  • Test Case Count to conveniently view the test case counts for different projects, releases and phases
  • Execution Analysis Snapshot to view the breakdown of total test execution cycles by status
  • Plan vs. Actual to monitor the test execution progress for a given time frame

User can easily rearrange gadgets in a dashboard according to their preferences, with the drag-and-drop functionality.

Accelerate your journey to Continuous Testing Agility. Get a free trial of Zephyr!


About Zephyr

Zephyr provides the world’s most widely used software test management solutions, powering more than 18,000 customers and 5 million users across 100 countries. Zephyr is leading the global transformation toward DevOps and Continuous Testing Agility through widely adopted advanced quality management, automation and analytics tools. Leading product and IT teams in finance, healthcare, media, mobile, IT services and enterprise leverage the Zephyr family of products to keep pace with accelerating software delivery lifecycles. Dedicated to helping organizations spend less time testing and more time building, Zephyr launched the first testing solution natively inside Jira nearly a decade ago. Today, companies and teams of all sizes rely on Zephyr’s end-to-end solutions, unmatched scalability and support to move from ideas to impact with increasing velocity and ease. Zephyr is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with regional offices in Philadelphia, Europe and India.


Tom Alexander

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