Mobile Labs Leads in Innovation for Mobile App Testing

Mobile testing solution provider recognized for advancing mobile device clouds for financial, telecom, travel and entertainment companies

ATLANTA – April 2, 2019 – Mobile Labs, a leading provider of mobile device clouds to Global 2000 mobile developers and testers, has recently been praised for its innovation in the enterprise mobility space.

The company has already been named a 2019 Top 40 Innovative Technology Company in Georgia and received a number of prestigious awards over the past ten months including Top 10 Most Promising Agile Consulting/Services Companies, Top 20 Leading Testing Providers and Best in Show in Software Development for Testing Tools.

These honors highlight the company’s automated testing, manual testing and debugging capabilities through its patented mobile device cloud, GigaFox. GigaFox is a complete re-engineering of the device cloud that gives mobile QA engineers exciting real-time performance, on real devices, with unprecedented smoothness and responsiveness whether coding, writing Appium test scripts or doing manual testing. Using a GigaFox mobile device is like having one in hand, making it the first and only mobile device cloud suitable for all categories of mobile apps, including active content Web, gaming, and streaming video.

When other vendors were solving device sharing and access issues by adding additional hardware, such as multiple servers, Mobile Labs solved these problems with simple, efficient software solutions, in turn, reducing the potential footprint.

In addition to its solutions, Mobile Labs’ innovation extends throughout every branch of the company. Operating like a tech startup, the Buckhead headquarters is an open, comfortable space for creative ideas and collaboration.

An example of one of these creative ideas is the adoption of Jira by the marketing team. Normally used by development teams to track bugs, Jira is now being used by the marketing team to track the status of projects, drafts, deadlines and for future planning. Using technology in innovative ways is not a new concept for Mobile Labs; the team often adapts technology for its own, unique purposes.

Another example of internal innovation is how Mobile Labs works with its customers. For instance, the support team views submitted tickets as a chance to speak to the customer, instead of just solving technical issues. This old-school approach to customer service is a relatively new way of thinking, especially in the software testing and development industry.

“Mobile Labs values innovation as a top priority,” said Mobile Labs’ President & CEO Dan McFall. “Whether it’s our developers coming up with new ways to solve testing problems or our marketing team reimagining our product strategy, innovation drives our company culture. We are honored to be recognized for the hard work the team has done over the past year, and we are looking forward to more exciting innovations coming in 2019.”


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Mobile Application Market Analysis Will Expand at a CAGR of 9.6% from 2016-2026

APEJ should retain its leadership crown in the global mobile application market throughout the forecast period

APEJ is a highly populous, fast growing region that includes dynamic economies such as China, India, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia. A good proportion of these countries are mobile first or mobile only providing limitless opportunities to companies actively involved in the global mobile application market. While China is currently the largest market at roughly $7 Billion according to 2016 data, India is anticipated to catapult ahead during the later half of the forecast period and register an astounding CAGR of 24.7%. All other markets in the region are only predicted to show single digit CAGR growth, making India the El Dorado that mobile application market companies would do well to target. By the year 2026, revenue from the India mobile application market is estimated to be nearly $3 Billion more than China, the second largest market.

Google Play trumps the Apple App Store in APEJ

The Apple App Store is dominant in affluent regions of the world such as North America and Western Europe. However, it is nowhere near the Google Play Store in the APEJ region. Revenue from the Apple App Store in the APEJ mobile application market was close to $5 Billion in 2016, while Google Play recorded a revenue of around $8 Billion in the same year. By the year 2026, this chasm should become even more markedly pronounced with a revenue difference of nearly $10 Billion in favour of Google Play. The CAGR of the Google Play segment for the forecast period is predicted to be 12.4%.

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Games has the maximum revenue while Travel shows the maximum growth in the APEJ mobile application market

By end use, Games will account for a lion’s share of revenue in the APEJ mobile application market, reaching a valuation of close to $18 Billion in the year 2026 from roughly $6 Billion in 2016, i.e. a CAGR of 11.4%. However, travel will record a substantially higher CAGR of 15% during the forecast period in the APEJ mobile application market.

Japan will remain the smallest market but one in which mobile gaming is strong

Japan is a nation well-known for its economic strength, highly developed mobile infrastructure and being home to a population that is almost always on the bleeding edge of technology. Even with a relatively small population especially when compared to North America or APEJ, a CAGR of 6.8% for the decade can be expected, leading to a revenue of a little over $3 Billion. By end use, the Games segment is likely to drop to a little more than a third of the total market revenue share by the year 2026 from almost half the revenue share in 2016, representing a CAGR of 6.2%. Companies looking to enter the Japan mobile application market should target Google Play as opposed to the Apple App Store as it is likely to maintain its dominance in this highly influential regional market.

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mobile application market

“Games end use segment expected to be the dominant revenue generator in the global mobile application market

Smartphones have all but replaced personal computers, gaming consoles, MP3 players, calculators, cameras and many more devices. They have become a ‘one-stop’ solution for many people. The primary use case (and revenue generator) in the global mobile application market is mobile gaming and it is anticipated to remain so throughout the forecast period 2016 – 2026. The Games segment by end use in the global mobile application market generated a revenue of more than US$ 18 Billion worldwide in 2016. This segment is predicted to record a CAGR of 9% and be worth more than US$ 42 Billion in 2026. The Games segment is likely to account for close to 45% market share in the global mobile application market by the end of the forecast period and therefore, its importance can hardly be overstated for any player wishing to enter this segment.”

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Crowdsprint launches online crowd-based testing services for under $1,000

Test apps and websites quicker, faster and cheaper at

MELBOURNE, 8 March 2017 – Crowdsprint Pty Ltd, a crowdsourced testing company, today announced that innovators around the world who want to deliver the best apps and websites, can now purchase testing packages online, starting from under USD$1,000. The new crowd testing platform brings the power of the crowd to software testing, making it accessible and affordable for any size business, located anywhere in the world.

Crowdsprint CEO, Jamie Duffield said: “People building apps and websites globally want to quickly and cheaply test them. We’ve made it easy to perform functionality, usability and security testing to find bugs and defects via the crowd. Whether you’re building your own apps, need a QA check on your client’s apps/websites, have run out of time and resources internally to test before launch, or you simply want to test to identify problems so they can be improved, anyone can now buy a suitable testing package online, and let crowdsprint do the rest.”

“Faulty apps and websites can be the difference between success and failure for businesses, but often, people believe that “testing” can be successfully carried out by staff, friends and family. While this is great place to start, our experience shows that an entry level “starter” package, which entails up to seven testers, seven devices with up to three days of testing, could expect to yield up to 40 valid defects. Launching an application with 40 defects could spell disaster for any business.

“By testing on real devices and operating systems with real users, businesses can vastly improve defect-detection rates, reduce testing costs by 50-70 percent, go-to-market quicker and flawlessly launch new digital products,” said Duffield.

About Crowdsprint

Crowdsprint enables organisations of any size, located anywhere in the world to crowd test all digital products at scale, faster, cheaper and easier. With crowdsprint, organisations leverage an extensive network of expert and non-technical testers distributed across the world to perform Functional Testing, Usability Testing and Security Testing.

For more information about crowdsprint visit, or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

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Mobile Application Testing Solutions Market To Increase at Steady Growth Rate

Revenues from mobile application testing solutions market are expected to grow substantially through the forecast period. The mobile application testing solutions market is predominantly controlled by manual testing tools. Growing popularity of these tools in various end-use industries is fostering their demand and subsequently driving the growth of globalmobile application testing solutions market. In addition, the increasing adaptation by the corporates to protect and manage their mobile applications portfolio has turned out to be an important factor in its market expansion.

The growing adoption of mobile application and software over its computer operated counterpart owing to a large variety of relevant devices, systems and networks has successfully penetrated a narrower section of the market. The increasing number of mobile application developers and rising competition in the market has led to massive improvements in the quality of testing devices launched in the market.

The global mobile application testing solutionsmarket was never a by-product of the traditional software testing market, but rather came up as an independent entity. The mobile application testing solutionsmarket is witnessing the entry of new players, such as Soasta and Experitest. As new entrants bring in new models and advanced testing solutions, the market is expected to witness further growth during the forecast period, 2016-2026.

Mobile application development and testing are rapidly evolving as top primacies for IT. As the number, type, and overall software of mobile devices and tablets is ever-evolving, testing device manufacturers have to adapt to the changes quickly so that they continue to offer the right testing platforms for app developers.

Mobile Application Testing Solutions Market:Drivers & Restraints

The growing need of maintaining a competitive edge in the market is encouraging corporates and enterprises to increasingly invest in mobile application testing solutions. In addition, the evolving market of mobile application testing solutions is benefitting from growing customisation in testing tools. Growing popularity of automated testing is also boosting the growth of the market. The market is also expected to be driven by strategic partnerships between leading industry members.

Mobile Application Testing Solutions Market: Segmentation

The mobile application testing solution market has been segmented on the basis of product type and service type.

By product type, the global mobile application testing solutions market is segmented into:

Manual Testing Tools

Automated Testing Tools

By service type market, the mobile application testing solutions market is segmented into:

Development and implementation


Support and Maintenance

Mobile Application Testing Solutions Market: Region-wise Outlook

The global mobile application testing market is projected to register a favourable growth through the forecast period, 2016-2026. North America is expected to retain its position as the leading market for mobile application testing during the forecast period. Presence of a large user-base comprising of app developers and coders in the US and Canada is also expected to contribute to the growth of the market during the forecast period.

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Asia Pacific, the region where smartphone users are expected to be over 2 billion by 2020, will also offer growth opportunities to mobile app testing device manufacturers. Countries like South Korea, Taiwan, and China have a sizeable user-base and many recent popular apps have been developed by developers from APAC. It is expected that Asia Pacific will emerge as a strong region for mobile application testing device market during the forecast period 2016-2026.

Mobile Application Testing Solutions Market: Key Players

Some of the key market participants in global mobile application testing market are Keynotes DevicesAnywhere, Perfecto Mobile, Experitest, Mobile Labs LLC, Soasta,Perfecto Mobile Ltd., Sauce Labs, and Jamo Solutions.

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Independent Analyst Firm Names Dynatrace a Leader for its Keynote Mobile Testing Solution

Digital Performance software company, Dynatrace today announced it has been named a leader for its Keynote Mobile Testing solution by Forrester Research, Inc. in the report “The Forrester WaveTM: Mobile Front-End Test Automation Tools, Q2 2016.”

With mobile increasingly growing in importance in the digital era, organizations need to ensure their mobile applications are high performing and consistent to achieve a competitive advantage. According to Forrester, “customer-obsessed companies deliver apps fast and continuous updates even faster. The only bulletproof way to deliver faster is to introduce automation in the software development life cycle, which includes testing.”

The Forrester report cites the Keynote mobile solution stating: “it is not saddled with legacy desktop metaphors, instead providing a clear, mobile-focused environment.”

“Customer interactions are increasingly taking place on mobile devices, driving enterprises to place a large focus on mobile, and a need for comprehensive solutions that can both streamline the mobile development process while still ensuring performance,” said Rachel Obstler, Vice President, Keynote Mobile Testing. “We are focused on building the best possible solution for organizations across the mobile app lifecycle and it’s great to see that effort validated, in our opinion, by Forrester.”

Keynote Mobile Testing will be showcased at StarEast on May 1-6, 2016 in Orlando at booth 25. At the complimentary StarEastVirtual conference on May 4 at 3:00pm, Rachel Obstler will present how to execute an effective and efficient mobile testing strategy in an agile environment.

The Forrester Wave™ evaluates vendors’ current offering, strategy and market presence. The Forrester Wave™:Mobile Front-End Automation Tools, Q2 2016 evaluates vendors on 40- criteria.

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About Keynote Mobile Testing, a business within Dynatrace

Dynatrace is the innovator behind the industry’s premier Digital Performance Platform, making real-time information about digital performance visible and actionable for everyone across business and IT. We help customers of all sizes see their applications and digital channels through the lens of their end users. More than 7,500 organizations use these insights to master complexity, gain operational agility and grow revenue by delivering amazing customer experiences.

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Perfecto Expands Focus from Mobile to Digital with the Next Generation of its Continuous Quality Lab

April 5th, 2016 (London, UK) – Perfecto Mobile, the market leader in empowering enterprises to deliver high-quality digital experiences, today announced the next version of its cloud-based Continuous Quality Lab™ (CQL) that expands test coverage from mobile web and apps to include web browsers on desktops. The enhancement provides enterprises with the most complete quality lab, allowing Dev teams to execute and analyse manual, automated and performance tests for digital channels side-by-side, on desktop browsers and real mobile devices under real end-user conditions. With this expansion, users can apply a single quality strategy to deliver seamless responsive web and omni-channel experiences.

Today’s end-users rely on digital transactions and in turn, expect flawless experiences across web and mobile. With the five most popular devices and operating systems accounting for more than 500 possible browser and device combinations alone, brands are challenged with providing a seamless omni-channel experience that works for users at any time and across any digital channel, regardless of variables such as network conditions or device interruptions. The wide range of today’s mobile devices, desktop browsers and end-user environments at any given time are critical considerations when creating a quality omni-channel strategy. Brands must partner with vendors that allow them to test and optimise their customer experience across all these conditions and environments.

“In our increasingly connected culture, users are choosing to engage via digital channels. Every touch point, from browsing a site on a tablet to making a purchase via a mobile app, serves as an opportunity to build upon customer brand loyalty or, alternatively, to tarnish a company’s reputation with the delivery of a flawed experience,” said Eran Yaniv, CEO, Perfecto. “With the latest version of the CQL that offers full testing for omni-channel and responsive web experiences, brands can continuously monitor, test and improve web and mobile properties to guarantee a consistent, seamless and high-quality digital experience.”

“The digital transformation has fundamentally changed the way consumers engage with brands. Tomorrow’s successful businesses will be determined by their ability to meet demands on the digital channels their customers want, with the functionality they want, and availability whenever and wherever it’s needed,” said Melinda Ballou, program director for IDC’s Application Lifecycle Management & Executive Strategies Service. “A quality digital experience will be dictated by enabling software visibility, management and analysis across platforms to help launch and optimise the modern consumer’s journey.”

Perfecto’s Continuous Quality Lab empowers development teams by supporting manual and automated testing across varied user conditions from a single cloud-based quality lab. Key features and benefits include:

  • One test strategy for faster delivery to market: To accelerate the development process, a single test script can run on responsive websites, desktop browsers and real mobile device browsers. The CQL’s platform-agnostic scripting of web apps across desktop browser/OS combinations and real devices/OS combinations shortens test cycles by running mobile and web assessments concurrently.
  • Side-by-side testing for earlier issue detection and resolution: The CQL provides side-by-side analytics of digital test results to enable teams to quickly focus and triage platform specific challenges supported by visual logs with screenshots, video and device diagnostics.
  • Testing for real end-user conditions: The integrated Wind Tunnel™ solution optimises testing for end-user conditions by defining and personifying end-user profiles, and by enabling testing across common scenarios such as degraded network conditions, conflicting applications and device interruptions.
  • One lab for 24/7 testing: The CQL’s cloud-based testing infrastructure provides 24/7 access to secure browser/OS combinations and real devices, including access to the most recent browser updates, new devices and both the latest and legacy OSes.

To learn more about Perfecto’s Continuous Quality Lab for omni-channel and responsive web testing and monitoring, tune in to watch here: or read more details in theContinuous Quality Blog.


About Perfecto
Perfecto enables exceptional digital experiences. We help you transform your business and strengthen every digital interaction with a quality-first approach to creating web and native apps, through a cloud-based test environment called the Continuous Quality Lab™. The CQ Lab is comprised of real devices and real end-user conditions, giving you the truest test environment available.

More than 1,500 customers, including 50% of the Fortune 500 across the banking, insurance, retail, telecommunications and media industries rely on Perfecto to deliver optimal mobile app functionality and end user experiences, ensuring their brand’s reputation, establishing loyal customers, and continually attracting new users. For more information about Perfecto, visit, join our community, or follow us on Twitter at@PerfectoMobile.


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