Hitachi Creates Culture of Lifetime Learning with Cornerstone OnDemand

Leading global manufacturer elevates learning and development programs to tap into employee potential and support organisational success

Dec. 15, 2015Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ: CSOD) announced today that leading global manufacturer Hitachi, Ltd., has implemented Cornerstone’s cloud-based talent management software solution to deliver a best-in-class learning and development experience to more than 350,000 Hitachi employees across nearly 1,000 group companies.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Hitachi is at the forefront of innovation in many industries, including power and infrastructure systems, information and telecommunication systems, construction machinery, high functional materials and components, automotive systems, and healthcare, among others. With a belief that lifelong learning is critical to employee and organisational success, Hitachi is leveraging Cornerstone’s learning and enterprise collaboration applications, includingCornerstone Learning and Cornerstone Connect, to foster a culture of continuous learning, development and collaboration among its global employee base. Going beyond transactional learning experiences, Hitachi is equipping its workforce with crucial skills and knowledge at the point of need to help employees perform at their best and advance their careers within the organisation.

Modern Learning and Development at Hitachi
Hitachi is not only providing access to general training for its global employee population, but it is also designing leadership development programs for building a strong core of future global leaders – all delivered through Cornerstone’s software. In what will be a multi-phased rollout, the initial deployment made the solution accessible to more than 200,000 employees globally. Subsequent phases, already underway, will continue to extend learning, assessment, development planning, certification and collaboration capabilities to support the needs of Hitachi’s entire workforce.

For Hitachi’s talent team, the Cornerstone platform enables new levels of global consistency for its learning programs, helping to streamline delivery and manage risk and compliance while creating tailored, prescriptive learning experiences for each employee.

Japanese companies of all sizes and across a wide variety of industries, such as the Nissan Motor Company, LIXIL Corporation and Kate Spade Japan Co., use Cornerstone’s best-of-breed cloud solutions to source and recruit top talent, develop and engage employees throughout their careers, improve business execution, cultivate future leaders, and enable external networks of customers, vendors and distributors. The Cornerstone suite includes applications for recruiting, onboarding, learning and development, workforce collaboration, performance management, compensation management, succession planning, and reporting and analytics.

Comments on the News
“Cornerstone is the leading global learning and collaboration platform in the world, with a long history of transforming company cultures through superior learning experiences and continuous innovation in learning delivery,” said Levent Arabaci, general manager, global human capital, Hitachi Ltd. “We are thrilled to have a technology partner that understands our business deeply and that has the capability to deliver a global solution to support our complex business needs and varied business lines both in and outside of Japan.”

“Hitachi’s program to develop global leaders is a core component of our talent strategy, which is focused on achieving global excellence and leading the Hitachi Group of Companies into the future,” said Hajime Kawamura, senior manager, global HR initiatives promotion department, human capital group, Hitachi Ltd. “We are proud to provide our employees with access to these programs through Cornerstone, and to provide the most modern and engaging learning experience available today.”

“We are seeing an incredible appetite among employees and leaders across the globe for technology that enables people to realize their potential,” said Adam Miller, founder and CEO, Cornerstone OnDemand. “Hitachi is at the frontlines of this movement, and by bringing learning to the centre of the employee experience, the organisation will be equipped to adapt to changing market and business needs. We look forward to supporting Hitachi’s success through continuous innovation and world-class service.”

“Hitachi is at the forefront of Japanese companies that are transforming learning and talent practices using cloud-based technology,” said Frank Ricciardi, vice president and general manager, Asia-Pacific and Japan, Cornerstone OnDemand. “Leveraging such technologies will allow companies to architect both local and global business practices and capitalise on growth opportunities more effectively.”

About Cornerstone OnDemand
Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ:CSOD) is a global leader in cloud-based learning and talent management software. The company’s solutions help organisations realize the potential of a modern workforce. From recruitment, onboarding, training and collaboration, to performance management, compensation, succession planning and analytics, Cornerstone is designed to enable a lifetime of learning and development that is fundamental to the growth of employees and organisations.

Based in Santa Monica, California, the company’s solutions are used by more than 2,400 clients worldwide, spanning 22.2 million users across 191 countries and 42 languages. To learn more about Cornerstone, visit us on Twitter, Facebook and our blog.

About Hitachi, Ltd.
Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, delivers innovations that answer society’s challenges with our talented team and proven experience in global markets. The company’s consolidated revenues for fiscal 2014 (ended March 31, 2015) totalled 9,761 billion yen ($81.3 billion). Hitachi is focusing more than ever on the Social Innovation Business, which includes power & infrastructure systems, information & telecommunication systems, construction machinery, high functional materials & components, automotive systems, healthcare and others. For more information on Hitachi, please visit the company’s website at


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Sopra Steria launches its European centre of excellence for cognitive computing

The group will tap into IBM Watson technology to help its clients create and deploy new Watson powered apps

Paris, 14th December 2015 – Sopra Steria, a European leader in digital transformation, announces the launch of its European centre of excellence for cognitive information technologies. The group is entering the IBM Watson Ecosystem and will leverage the IBM Watson Developer Cloud to pilot, test and deploy new business ideas, with the aim of proposing innovative solutions embedded with Watson cognitive computing technology to its customers in support of their digital transformation initiatives.

As companies race to digitise in a complex environment consisting of new customer needs and competitive challenges, there is significant potential for cognitive systems like Watson to work with humans to augment human intelligence and scale expertise across industries. In fact, IDC predicts that by 2018, half of all consumers will interact with services based on cognitive computing on a regular basis.

Sopra Steria plans to create an IBM Watson cognitive skills centre, which will open for the first time in Lille, France in 2016. Backed by the group’s business-specific expertise, its close relationships with its clients and its experience in guiding them through changes, Sopra Steria will be able to identify the most relevant applications for its clients and offer innovative, disruptive solutions as part of their digital transformation.

IBM created an open developer platform to share its cognitive computing technology and spark an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, developers, start-ups and established businesses that is represented by more than 400 ecosystem partners, over 100 of which have already introduced commercial cognitive-enabled apps, products and services to the market. Sopra Steria looks forward to being a part of this vibrant community and contributing to the development of new cognitive based apps and businesses.

The development of the center of excellence for cognitive computing technology expands upon the group’s existing partnership with IBM. Sopra Steria is certified in the design, delivery and management of mission-critical solutions built on IBM software and hardware.

About Sopra Steria
Sopra Steria, European leader in digital transformation, provides one of the most comprehensive portfolios of end to end service offerings in the market: Consulting, Systems Integration, Software Development, Infrastructure Management and Business Process Services. Sopra Steria is trusted by leading private and public organisations to deliver successful transformation programmes that address their most complex and critical business challenges. Combining high quality and performance services, added-value and innovation, Sopra Steria enables its clients to make the best use of information technology. With 37,000 employees in over 20 countries, Sopra Steria had pro forma revenue of €3.4 billion in 2014. Sopra Steria Group (SOP) is listed on Euronext Paris (Compartment A) – ISIN: FR0000050809

For more information, please visit our website

Sopra Steria: Catriona McCallum,
Agency: Maureen Conlon, +44 (0)20 7300 6206,

Business Intelligence consultancy included in 100 most promising Oracle Solution Providers

Prōject EU has been awarded one of the top 100 most promising Oracle Solution Providers 2015 by CIO Review publication. This reflects the leading edge work Prōject has been developing for major clients on model office environments.

“We are particularly proud of this award,” Donna Butchart, MD of Prōject EU said. “It is recognition of the hard work to develop tailored model office environments for clients.

“The environments are tailored to individual organisations, which mean rapid installation and developing of prototype solutions that can be demonstrated back to the business and key stakeholders; giving them value for money.”

The advantages to organisations of having a model office environment are multiple. It demonstrates new software and features uninhibited by customisations; it also allows real sample business data to be loaded making it feel far more relevant and any configuration will be aligned to the data.

One of the over-riding benefits to businesses though is that it significantly reduces development timescales; thus minimising cost and impact. After all the developed packaged software components can be implemented back into the production systems, in effect it allows an organisation to try before they buy.

“As a result of this award, we are expecting more and more large organisations to start looking at a model office environment,” Donna Butchart concluded. “Particularly if they are using Oracle, it makes sense financially to quicken any project development.”

— ends –-

Editors Notes:
For more information please contact Anna Hutton-North, Marketing Director Project (EU) Ltd
Tel: 0845 6800193

About: Project (EU) Ltd
Prōject is an independent consultancy providing specialist business process and finance systems advice.

It has built a reputation for delivering complete, integrated solutions that address business needs and meet corporate strategies. Working in both the public and private sectors, we support finance departments and wider business communities.

We combine our accounting, business, reporting, functional and technical expertise to help clients recognise the true value of E-Business Suite modules, Business Intelligence (BI) and BI applications.

The CIO Review of 100 most promising Oracle Solution Providers 2015 can be found at:

TmaxSoft licensing model adheres to the Campaign for Clear Licensing Code of Conduct

TmaxSoft’s Tibero RDBMS licensing model has become the first software program globally to be verified by the Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL) for being clear and easy to understand.

The Tibero database management system supports large scale enterprise systems and was designed from its inception to facilitate efficient and flexible integration of data and business logic, as well as providing various database management utilities.

TmaxSoft has become the world’s first software vendor to attain verification from CCL, the industry body which was established specifically to bring transparency to the licensing market.

Carl Davies, Managing Director for TmaxSoft UK, commented: “This is an important confirmation for our business. We now claim rightly that our licenses are straightforward and easy to understand, which can only be to the benefit of the market where users are so often confused and misled by unprofessional selling tactics, and uncompetitive or even unrealistic licensing terms, “As part of this process we have also committed to the CCL’s Audit Code of Conduct V1.0 and will also follow the spirit of the Code with respect to auditing our customers,” added Carl.

Martin Thompson, Campaign for Clear Licensing, added: “Far too often we are seeing software publishers exploiting the ambiguity in their license models for commercial advantage, leaving end user customer dazed and confused. It has been our stated goal to work with the software industry to reduce the indirect costs of using commercial software by making licenses simple and easy to use. TmaxSoft – and specifically its Oracle-compatible database Tibero – is the first software publisher to sign up to our Audit Code of Conduct and gain license verification – a world first we are delighted to announce.”

Martin continued: “The price list itself is a single page and very easy to understand. The prices and products are clearly set out and there are no hidden extras that customers need to look out for.”

Database options are at no additional cost, there is full recognition of any virtualized environment and with support and maintenance organisations can gain access to upgrades and can download up to two previous versions of the software.

The End User License Agreement is only nine pages long.

Carl Davies concluded: “Gaining verification for our Licensing Model from the CCL is critical in our Go To Market strategy not only here in the UK but globally. We support all forms of virtualisation and so essentially customers’ only pay for what they use. This clearly positions Tibero as an easier to manage alternative to Oracle, a more cost effective alternative to Oracle, with an easier to understand licensing model than Oracle and will adhere to the code of conduct as derived by the CCL for audits… Just how refreshing is that for the end user!”



About the Campaign for Clear Licensing
The Campaign for Clear Licensing is an independent, not-for-profit organisation campaigning for clear licensing, manageable license programs and the rights of business software buyers. The Campaign for Clear Licensing will on behalf of its members work with software publishers and the reseller community to reduce the indirect costs of using commercial software by improving the clarity and usability of software license terms and conditions.

About TmaxSoft
TmaxSoft was founded in 1997 and, with its domestically developed enterprise software solutions, now competes with the global software powerhouses that used to dominate the Korean software market.

Since 2003, TmaxSoft has been the market leader in the Korean WAS (web application server) market surpassing global software companies such as IBM and Oracle. With the successful introduction of multiple solutions such as JEUS (a web application server), TIBERO RDBMS (a database management solution), ProFrame (an application framework), and OpenFrame (a mainframe re-hosting solution), TmaxSoft has grown to be the only Korean supplier of total enterprise solutions. Based on the high level of technical expertise acquired through 17 years of continuous R&D activity and combined with our distinctive customer-oriented technical support, TmaxSoft purposefully strives to become a global software force, using its innovation-driven technology.

Press contacts:
T: 020 7388 9988

First-Ever Application Registry Launched to Advance the Internet of Things

December 10, 2015: With machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and the Internet of Things (IoT) quickly evolving, a critical foundation must exist to enable applications developed on different networks and platforms to easily and seamlessly exchange information. Today, the industry moved one step closer to that reality with the launch of the first-of-its-kind oneM2M Application-ID (App-ID) Registry which will help accelerate the adoption of open M2M systems. Developed by iconectiv under the auspices of the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), the registry is based on the work of oneM2M.

“Application developers, service providers, governments, and a host of others have a vested interest in ensuring that the proper framework is built to support the future potential of connected devices,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “The industry recognized the need for common standards to break down barriers to communications. That is why these global standards bodies in partnership with the industry came together to create oneM2M.

“ATIS and iconectiv took the next step by developing a one-of-a-kind registry system to make oneM2M specifications more easily accessible,” Miller added. “ATIS is excited to be partnering with iconectiv to establish and maintain this registry and the underlying database that supports and manages the issuance of unique App-IDs.”

The globally available oneM2M App-ID Registry provides a unique ID to each application to facilitate communication between applications and devices. Developers can quickly and easily register their application online, which not only secures their place in the M2M marketplace but also gives their applications additional exposure as the IoT ecosystem continues to expand.

“The App-ID Registry is the first step in assisting developers and service providers in choosing application partners and collaborators that are compliant with oneM2M deliverables,” said Richard Marano, Executive Vice President, Information Solutions, iconectiv. “This promise of standardization allows for conversation and collaboration across all verticals and applications, from the automotive sector to healthcare analytics to energy and utility regulation. With the knowledge that machine-to-machine communication is the future, the registry and formalization of standards are the first critical steps in ensuring the path to a more connected world.”

To learn more about how to register an application or to access the App-ID Registry, visit To learn more about the industry specifications that will serve as the guidelines for App-IDs, visit

About oneM2M
oneM2M is the global standards initiative that covers requirements, architecture, API specifications, security solutions and interoperability for Machine-to-Machine and IoT technologies. oneM2M was formed in 2012 and consists of eight of the world’s preeminent standards development organizations: ARIB (Japan), ATIS (North America) CCSA (China), ETSI (Europe), TIA (North America), TSDSI (India), TTA (Korea), and TTC (Japan), together with six industry fora or consortia (Broadband Forum, Continua Alliance, GlobalPlatform, HGI, Next Generation M2M Consortium, OMA) and over 200 member organizations. oneM2M specifications provide a framework to support applications and services such as the smart grid, connected car, home automation, public safety, and health. oneM2M actively encourages industry associations and forums with specific application requirements to participate in oneM2M, in order to ensure that the solutions developed support their specific needs. For more information, including how to join and participate in oneM2M, see:

About ATIS
As a leading technology and solutions development organization, the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) brings together the top global ICT companies to advance the industry’s most pressing business priorities. ATIS’ nearly 200 member companies are currently working to address 5G, the All-IP transition, network functions virtualization, big data analytics, cloud services, device solutions, emergency services, M2M, cyber security, network evolution, quality of service, billing support, operations, and much more. These priorities follow a fast-track development lifecycle – from design and innovation through standards, specifications, requirements, business use cases, software toolkits, open source solutions, and interoperability testing. Visit

About iconectiv
iconectiv’s interconnection, data infrastructure, and messaging solutions help more than one billion people communicate daily, and are used by more than a thousand service providers, regulators, enterprises, and content providers. The company has more than 30 years of telecommunications innovation and policy experience which has been used to develop a range of solutions. iconectiv’s three core product areas are Numbering Solutions, Common Language® Information Services, and Mobile Messaging. Make the connection. For more information, visit

InfiNet Wireless showcases its latest solutions at BakuTEL – 2015 in Azerbaijan

InfiNet Wireless exhibited for the first time at the 21st annual BakuTEL international exhibition and conference in Azerbaijan, from the 2nd to 5th December 2015 at the Expo Center, Baku.

Service providers, internet providers, system integrators, manufacturers and distributors of telecom- and IT- equipment were represented at the event, which attracted specialists from Russia, Germany, France, Great Britain, UAE, Turkey, USA, Japan, China as well as a host of other countries. The importance of the event was underpinned by the attendance of the president of the republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev.

InfiNet Wireless’ stand was a popular choice with exhibitors and visitors alike and resulted in a number of initial discussions taking place with representatives of local operators and providers including SAZZ, Azercell, Baxcell, Nar, TV-channels Caspian Telecom, K@TV1 and AG Telecom and system integrators TEKNUR, Az Services, Egotech and Socar oil company.

InfiNet Wireless’ regional partner, Smart Networks also showcased InfiNet Wireless solutions on its booth and delivered a workshop on Uncompromising Communications. Roman Smirnov, InfiNet Wireless’ Business Development Director, delivered a presentation during the workshop on the subject of equipment applications for video surveillance engineering systems.

Roman Smirnov: “The Azerbaijan market is of great interest to us and we look forward to implementing new and interesting projects. BakuTEL provides an excellent opportunity for exchanging experience and opinions.”

“It is also important to us, not only as a way of demonstrating our products, but also to generate feedback and learn about the challenges and problems faced by potential customers. This is then something that we can try to resolve for them with the help of our developments.”

“The Azerbaijan IT market has shown a consistently high level of development over the last decade and we hope that the exhibition will reveal the true potential of the industry’s process-oriented growth.”

– Ends –

About InfiNet Wireless
InfiNet Wireless is in a unique position, being one of the largest privately owned Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) development and manufacturing companies in the world. Since its foundation, InfiNet has maintained organic growth through innovation and the ability to deliver complete customer satisfaction throughout. Listening to its customers for more than 22 years, coupled with its innovative approach in research and development, have resulted in a range of advanced fixed wireless connectivity solutions that are a perfect fit for many requirements, making Infinet Wireless the natural choice for global communication corporations and governments, all of whom require uncompromised connectivity. With over 500,000 deployments from the plains of Siberia to the deserts of the Sahara, InfiNet Wireless is active in market segments that deliver Broadband Wireless Access to service providers of all types, government entities, transportation sector (including mobile and nomadic functionality) and Oil & Gas.

Connect with us on social media: @InfiNetW

For further information and press enquiries please contact Michelle Mahoney or +44 (0)1636 812 152.

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