New Capabilities From OutSystems Allow Any Organisation to Easily Deliver Digital Customer Experiences Rivaling Those of Uber and Amazon

OutSystems solves one of the biggest problems facing developers today – quickly delivering brilliant, omnichannel experiences that users love

LONDON, 3rd October – OutSystems, provider of the number one low-code application development platform, today announced new digital customer experience (CX) capabilities that enable any organisation to quickly and easily deliver high-quality, omnichannel experiences that compete with the CX leaders and drive high user adoption.

“OutSystems is on a mission to eradicate ugly apps,” said Paulo Rosado, CEO of OutSystems. “CX champions, like Uber and Amazon, have radically raised the bar when it comes to amazing user experiences – completely resetting customer expectations. Companies today, no matter their industry, have to match or exceed if they want to survive. With these new CX capabilities, OutSystems has leveled the playing field, making it extremely easy for any company to build great apps that rival the CX leaders, using the skills of their existing teams.”

The new OutSystems features help organisations accelerate their end-to-end customer experience transformation and deliver highly personalised omnichannel digital customer experiences up to 10 times faster than traditional development and without the constraints of “off-the-shelf” software packages.

According to Gartner, customer-centricity is at the heart of 55 percent of business model changes*. The results speak for themselves with the top 10 customer experience leaders in America outperforming the S&P by 45 percentage points and delivering close to triple the returns of CX laggards, according to Watermark Consulting**.

According to the Gartner CX Maturity Model, 2019, around 65 percent of B2C and 75 percent of B2B companies are behind on their CX transformation***. A key challenge these brands face is that customers expect high-quality, consistent interactions over multiple digital channels such as mobile, web, chat, and voice. In addition, it is increasingly difficult to hire highly skilled, channel-specific development talent. Mastering an ever-expanding set of technologies and creating and managing multiple codebases, companies are often unable to deliver on their omnichannel strategies or are left with subpar experiences.

OutSystems helps organisations to address these challenges and deliver high-quality, highly personalised omnichannel customer experiences with the following new CX capabilities:

Experience Builder for native-feel mobile applications: The new Experience Builder abstracts away the complexities of assembling the multiple pieces of the interfaces that make for an engaging, pixel-perfect mobile experience, allowing developers to focus on what matters most: delivering great user experiences. An easy-to-use web interface, coupled with development accelerators, such as fully customisable application flows and screen templates with built-in native behaviors, ensures teams can deliver experiences faster with the quality standards customers expect.

Reactive web technology built-in, for high-performing, rich, client-side development: Deliver engaging experiences that are consistent across mobile and web, with rich, interactive interfaces and a modern technology stack. Interfaces are easily assembled using state-of-the-art UI building blocks that are reusable across channels, reflect CX best-practices, and result in increased delivery speed and experience quality. A single language and codebase means existing developers can be more productive and the business can meet their needs at a faster pace and lower cost.

Progressive Web Application (PWA) support for increased customer adoption and retention rates: Engage customers and employees through a new channel – easily discoverable applications that don’t need to be deployed and downloaded through the app stores, reducing obstacles to adoption. These apps are automatically packaged by the OutSystems platform and deliver high-performing, native-like experiences that take advantage of device integration, and work offline – all using the same codebase as their browser or native counterparts, and without compromising on experience quality.

Conversational experiences everywhere: Meet customers in the chat and voice platforms they interact most. Whether using Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger for chat, or Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa and Cortana for voice, by providing development teams with building blocks and a framework to create the most common chatbot and voice interaction patterns, OutSystems removes the complexity and uncertainty of building these kinds of interfaces. Businesses can easily adopt, experiment and scale first-line of support automation, internal support bots, and other conversational use cases, faster and without needing specialised AI developers.

OutSystems customers are taking advantage of these types of capabilities to take on the competition and win the CX battle. In the UK, thinkmoney used OutSystems to completely transform its digital customer services, delivering a banking experience that takes on the “high street banks”.

“We have improved our customer experience, not only through better design, but by really challenging what we put in front of our customers. We were able to do that really quickly in our online ‘apply’ journey. In the first four weeks, we saw a 30 percent uplift in conversion, which was just phenomenal,” said Jo Ward, digital product director with thinkmoney.

In the Philippines, FWD Insurance leveraged OutSystems to help it differentiate through CX in a highly competitive market dominated by financial institutions that had been around for decades and even centuries.

“No other provider in the market was delivering simple, intuitive, and convenient mobile insurance experiences. It was a major opportunity that we could only seize by moving quickly,” said Maricel Paygane, head of CX, FWD Insurance.

FWD Insurance delivered the new TAPP mobile app in just 90 days. It featured a highly engaging experience and new services, such as in-app investment performance monitoring, that no other providers were offering. This allowed FWD to leapfrog its competitors and granted the company great customer acceptance with a 4.6 average user rating on Google and Play stores, while improving payment collection times and decreasing contact center traffic.

* Gartner Event Presentation, Gartner Keynote: Three Bold Strategies for Customer Experience Victory, Don Scheibenreif, Ed Thompson, Michael Chiu, Gartner Customer Experience & Technologies Summit, 22-23 May, London, UK.

** Watermark Consulting 2019 Customer Experience ROI Study.

*** The Gartner Customer Experience Management Maturity Model for IT Leaders, 06 March 2019, Ed Thompson, Augie Ray, Beth Coppinger, Michael Chiu

About OutSystems
Thousands of customers worldwide trust OutSystems, the number one low-code platform for rapid application development. Engineers with an obsessive attention to detail crafted every aspect of the OutSystems platform to help organisations build enterprise-grade apps and transform their business faster. OutSystems is the only solution that combines the power of low-code development with advanced mobile capabilities, enabling visual development of entire applications that easily integrate with existing systems.

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New Capabilities from Low-Code Leader OutSystems Bring Unprecedented Speed, Simplicity and Agility to Dynamic Case Management

LONDON – 3rd October – OutSystems, provider of the number one low-code application development platform, today announced that it has added new capabilities to its leading low-code development platform, empowering process owners to automate manual processes and incorporate AI-driven decisioning and form completion, all from a simple-to-use, web-based interface.

A key focus area for process automation is dynamic case management. The problem today, according to Forrester, is that traditional workflow and business process management (BPM) have become outdated and less effective for less-structured work patterns, a result of the changes in the nature of work, which is moving from production- and task-based to knowledge- and context-driven.*

A recognised low-code leader by both Forrester and Gartner, OutSystems is enhancing its platform to include features catering to process owners with no development skills.

Part of the industry-leading OutSystems low-code development platform, OutSystems for Case Management helps organisations improve operational efficiency and process agility by providing the tools to design, build, monitor, and improve perfect-fit case management applications.

“We have seen almost a third of our customers build sophisticated case management solutions using OutSystems rather than opt for a BPM platform or COTS solution that requires significant customisation,” said Márcio Spínola, vice president of product at OutSystems. “To help reduce time to market for these types of initiatives, we are adding new capabilities into the core of our product and providing a completely new tool that enables non-IT users to be fully integrated into the process.”

Customers can get to value faster with a Case Management editor that abstracts complex development processes into an easy-to-use wizard, making building digital solutions simple and accessible to everyone. This framework and editor enables both IT and non-IT users to automate workflows, reduce operational costs, and improve cross-departmental communication and visibility.

With these new capabilities, customers can:

  • Empower process experts
  • Reach case resolution faster
  • Improve work visibility and cross-team communications
  • Simplify compliance and reduce risk
  • Continually improve business processes

“Low-code has disrupted traditional BPM platforms in exactly the same way that it disrupted the mobile development platform space,” continued Spínola. “Driven by the need for greater flexibility, consumer-grade experiences, and rapid integration, BPM platforms are embracing low-code approaches and evolving into what Forrester calls digital process automation platforms. These capabilities have always been OutSystems strengths that, combined with our robust workflow engine, provide our customers with a more complete solution. For this reason, we see many of our customers choosing to build process automation solutions using our platform.”

* The Forrester Wave: Cloud-Based Dynamic Case Management, Q1 2018, Craig Le Clair

About OutSystems – Thousands of customers worldwide trust OutSystems, the number one low-code platform for rapid application development. Engineers with an obsessive attention to detail crafted every aspect of the OutSystems platform to help organisations build enterprise-grade apps and transform their business faster. OutSystems is the only solution that combines the power of low-code development with advanced mobile capabilities, enabling visual development of entire applications that easily integrate with existing systems.

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Nuvias Group Designated EMEA Distributor for NetAlly

NetAlly appoints Nuvias as a primary EMEA distributor

2/10/2019 – Nuvias, the EMEA high-value distributor, is adding NetAlly, a global leader in wired and wireless network testing tools, to its portfolio of Advanced Networking business solutions.

NetAlly network testing tools enable technicians to act rapidly by validating and troubleshooting network connectivity issues. NetAlly’s innovative business solutions help enterprise customers design, deploy and optimize wired and wireless LANs for improved performance, security, and compliance.

Paul Eccleston, Executive Chairman for the Nuvias Group commented: “NetAlly fits beautifully into the Nuvias portfolio for several reasons. Importantly, it enables customers to fine-tune their networks to ensure maximum productivity, a primary concern for every business today. It also complements and interoperates with our range of advanced networking solutions from other vendors. This is important for Nuvias, as we focus on delivering complete, integrated solutions to our partners and their customers.”

Wi-Fi networks are an essential building block of any business today. They are expected to work without interruption, and when they don’t, they impact customer service and prospective business. Taking a proactive approach and having accurate diagnostic tools lets you prevent downtime, maximizing your potential for productivity.

“We are proud to be building on our current success in EMEA by adding Nuvias to our newly formed Alliance Partner Program under NetAlly. With the pan-European reach of Nuvias and the focus of our products in the advanced networking division, we can both look forward to our planned growth, especially alongside complementary vendors and products. The new relationship provides reach into regions where we had little coverage, but also brings together a partner community that has been waiting for direction and support to really grow this product line in the direction it deserves,” said Kevin Astill, NetAlly, EMEA Regional Vice President.

Nuvias will be distributing NetAlly’s wired and wireless network testing portfolio through its EMEA partner network, offering training and demo units to ensure expert sales consultancy as well as other value-added services.

About Nuvias Group
Nuvias Group is the pan-EMEA, high value distribution business, which is redefining international, specialist distribution in IT. The company has created a platform to deliver a consistent, high value, service-led and solution-rich proposition across EMEA. This allows partner and vendor communities to provide exceptional business support to customers and enables new standards of channel success.

The Group’s portfolio covers a comprehensive range of IT solutions, with the focus currently on three areas – Cybersecurity (based on the former Wick Hill); Advanced Networking (based on the former Zycko) and Unified Communications (based on the former SIPHON). In July 2017, Nuvias added Benelux value added distributor and security specialist DCB to the Group. All four award-winning companies had previously demonstrated their ability to provide innovative technology solutions from world-class vendors and deliver market growth for vendor partners and customers. Nuvias Group has 21 regional offices across EMEA, as well as serving additional countries through those offices. Turnover is in excess of $500 million.

About NetAlly
NetAlly® offers testing you can trust, from your new ally. Our family of network test solutions have been helping network engineers and technicians better deploy, manage, and maintain today’s complex wired and wireless networks for decades. From creating the industry’s first handheld network analyzer in 1993 to being the industry pacesetter – first as Fluke Networks®, then as NETSCOUT® – NetAlly continues to raise the bar for portable network analysis. With tools that include LinkRunner®, OneTouch™, AirCheck™ and more, NetAlly simplifies the complexities of network testing, provides instant visibility for efficient problem resolution, and enables seamless collaboration between site personnel and remote experts. To learn more and see why NetAlly delivers the best in handheld network test visit


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CREST International launches suite of technical cyber security qualifications and accreditations across Australasia

September 25, 2019: CREST International has established its Chapter in Australia and will be holding examinations across the region from next month. The move has come to offer increased consistency with its accreditations and certifications across the globe. Members in the Australasia region will now also have access to all CREST disciplines including penetration testing, threat intelligence, cyber security incident response and SOC accreditation.

Qualifications to be offered, which up until recently only included those covering penetration testing, will include those for cyber security incident response and intrusion analysis, threat intelligence, and simulated targeted attack and response.

“The Chapter aims to ensure buyers across the region can access the whole range of CREST services,” explains Ian Glover, CREST President. “It is important that all of its qualifications are available to anyone around the globe and best practice is well established. We will be working alongside government, the commonwealth government, ACSC and not for profits.”

CREST International and its members help to define and influence the strategy and professionalism of the technical information security industry. Through it, the buying community has the assurance that its member companies deliver the highest standard of advice, guidance and services using the highest skilled, knowledgeable and competent staff with its Certified, Registered and Practitioner level consultants the most sought after in the world.

CREST’s YouTube channel content has also been expanded to Australasia so people can see the benefits of becoming members of the CREST International community, the consistency of those benefits and that as an industry it is open and inclusive on a truly global scale when it comes to cyber security issues of any kind.

The first CRESTCon cyber and technical security event aimed at penetration testers, threat intelligence and incident response professionals will be held in Canberra on March 18th next year and will feature one stream of presentations throughout the day alongside networking. Tickets can be booked at:

CREST International’s range of examinations will be available in Australia in October and there is no requirement to be a CREST member company to book and sit one.

Those interested in membership can go to to find out more.

CREST is a not-for-profit accreditation and certification body representing the technical information security industry. CREST provides internationally recognised accreditations for organisations providing technical security services and professional level certifications for individuals providing penetration testing, cyber incident response, threat intelligence and security operations centre (SOC) services. CREST Member companies undergo regular and stringent assessment, whilst CREST certified individuals undertake rigorous examinations to demonstrate the highest levels of knowledge, skill and competence. To ensure currency of knowledge in fast changing technical security environments the certification process is repeated every three years. CREST supports and operates schemes on behalf of governments and regulators in many parts of the world.

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WatchGuard’s Internet Security Report Finds Malware Hiding on Popular Content Delivery Networks

Kali Linux modules make malware top ten list with dramatic year-over-year increase in malware volume and increasing focus on Europe

25 September 2019 – WatchGuard’s® latest quarterly Internet Security Report reveals and ranks the most common domains attackers use to host malware and launch phishing attacks. These include several subdomains of legitimate sites and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) such as, (which belongs to Amazon), SharePoint and, along with legitimate file-sharing websites like my[.]mixtape[.]moe.

The report for Q2 2019 also highlights that modules from the popular Kali Linux penetration testing tool made the top ten malware list for the first time. Trojan.GenericKD, which covers a family of malware that creates a backdoor to a command-and-control server, and Backdoor.Small.DT, a web shell script used to create backdoors on web servers, were sixth and seventh on the list. This could indicate either growing adoption among malicious actors or more penetration testing by white hat hackers using Kali Linux.

WatchGuard research shows that year-over-year malware volume increased by 64% and that it is increasingly targeting Europe and APAC. According to the report, in Q2 2019, nearly 37% of malware targeted the EMEA region, with several individual attacks focusing on the UK, Italy and Germany. APAC came in second, targeted by 36% of overall malware attacks. In particular, the Razy and Trojan.Phishing. MH malware variants primarily targeted the APAC region, with 11% of Trojan.Phishing.MH detections found in Japan.

“This edition of the Internet Security Report exposes the gritty details of the methods hackers use to sneak malware or phishing emails onto networks by hiding them on legitimate content hosting domains,” said Corey Nachreiner, chief technology officer at WatchGuard Technologies. “Luckily there are several ways to defend against this, including DNS-level filtering to block connections to known malicious websites, advanced anti-malware services, multi-factor authentication to prevent attacks leveraging compromised credentials, and training to help employees recognise phishing emails. No one defence will prevent every attack, so the best way for organisations to protect themselves is with a unified security platform that offers multiple layered security services.”

WatchGuard’s Internet Security Report provides real-world data on top security threats, as well as detailed analyses of major security incidents and best practices to help organisations of all sizes protect their business and their customers’ data. Other key findings include:

  • Widespread phishing and Office exploit malware increases – Two pieces of malware – a phishing attack that threatens to release fake compromising information on the victim, and a Microsoft Office exploit – that appeared on the most widespread malware list in Q1 2019 and Q4 2018 have graduated to the top ten list by volume. This illustrates that these campaigns are on the rise and are sending a high volume of attacks at a wide range of targets. Users should update Office regularly and invest in anti-phishing and DNS filtering security solutions.
  • SQL injection dominates network attacks – SQL injection attacks made up 34% of all network attacks detected in Q2 2019 and have increased significantly in volume year-over-year. One specific attack increased over 29,000% from Q2 2018 to Q2 2019. Anyone who maintains a SQL database, or a web server with access to one, should patch systems regularly and invest in a web application firewall.

WatchGuard’s Internet Security Report is based on anonymised Firebox Feed data from a subset of active WatchGuard UTM appliances whose owners have opted in to share data to support the Threat Lab’s research efforts. Today, 41,229 appliances throughout the world contribute to the Internet Security Report data pool. In total, those appliances blocked more than 22,619,836 malware variants, at a rate of 549 samples per device. Additionally, those Firebox appliances prevented 2,265,425 network attacks (60 per device), a significant increase from Q1 2019 that runs counter to past trends in network attack volume.

The complete report includes more detailed statistics on the most impactful malware and network attack trends from Q2 2019, an analysis of the RobbinHood ransomware attack that paralyzed the city of Baltimore in May 2019 and cost approximately $17 million in total damages, and advice and best practices that readers can use to better protect themselves and their organizations.

Analysis of MSP Sodinokibi Ransomware Attacks
The report also contains a detailed analysis of the actual malware used in the Sodinokibi MSP ransomware attacks. The WatchGuard Threat Lab’s research shows that the attackers leveraged weak, stolen, or leaked credentials to gain administrative access to legitimate management tools that these MSPs used to monitor and manage their clients’ networks, then used these tools to disable security controls and stage and deliver the Sodinokibi ransomware via PowerShell.

For more information, download the full report here:

About WatchGuard Technologies
WatchGuard® Technologies is a global leader in network security, secure Wi-Fi, multi-factor authentication, and network intelligence. The company’s award-winning products and services are trusted around the world by nearly 10,000 security resellers and service providers to protect more than 80,000 customers. WatchGuard’s mission is to make enterprise-grade security accessible to companies of all types and sizes through simplicity, making WatchGuard an ideal solution for midmarket businesses and distributed enterprises. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. To learn more, visit

For additional information, promotions and updates, follow WatchGuard on Twitter @WatchGuard on Facebook or on the LinkedIn Company page. Also, visit our InfoSec blog, Secplicity, for real-time information about the latest threats and how to cope with them at www.secplicity.orgSubscribe to The 443 – Security Simplified podcast at, or wherever you find your favourite podcasts.

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Gresham and AccessPay partnership to accelerate global adoption of Clareti Multi Bank services

London – 24 September, 2019 – Gresham Technologies plc, the leading software and services company that specialises in providing real-time solutions for data integrity and control, banking integration, payments and cash management, today announced a partnership with AccessPay, significantly enhancing its market-leading Clareti Multi-Bank cloud-based solution with connectivity to AccessPay’s enterprise-to-bank integration platform.

A global provider of real-time solutions for cash management and payments control, Gresham required a partner that could help accelerate the adoption of those solutions within its corporate and financial institution client base for both UK and international payments.

As part of the agreement, Gresham’s Clareti Multi Bank customer will be able to seamlessly connect with certain banks through the AccessPay platform via the international payment rail, SWIFT. Gresham customers will also be able to access the breadth of AccessPay’s platform for connectors into UK payment schemes such as Bacs.

AccessPay, Chief Executive Officer, Anish Kapoor said:
“We are delighted to be partnering with Gresham to help them meet their growth objectives in this evolving enterprise market-place. More and more businesses have the opportunity to develop service lines and overcome restrictions of existing systems and further software development.

“Gresham needed a partner that could work with their Clareti platform, to open up access to a full payment and connectivity suite. The AccessPay enterprise-to-bank integration platform provided that solution.

“The manual processes and bespoke, often costly, technology integrations of the past are being replaced at an expanding rate. At its heart is the emergence of connector platforms that deliver real-world enterprise-to-bank integration. This is enabling greater collaboration between financial organisations, and our partnership with Gresham is evidence of this.”

Gresham Chief Executive Officer, Ian Manocha commented:
“As change in the payments landscape continues apace, our institutional cash management clients are asking for ever more efficient banking connectivity and easy access to multiple payment schemes, via secure and robust channels. Integrating AccessPay’s platform capabilities into the Clareti Multi-Bank service enables our customers to have extensive reach into the world-wide banking community.

Alongside technical fit, functionality and resilience, security was also high on our list of selection criteria when assessing potential partners. AccessPay’s platform, certified as it is with accreditations such as the SWIFT Customer Security Programme, fulfilled that essential security need.

This partnership is an excellent example of collaboration between two respected FinTech’s and will bring rapid and tangible benefits to our clients.”

… ends …

About AccessPay
AccessPay is the fastest growing integration platform for enterprises, fintechs and financial institutions.

The AccessPay platform integrates any ERP, payroll, TMS or back-office system quickly and easily with over 11,000 banks and fintechs across the globe.

For enterprises, the platform allows finance and treasury teams to automate and change payment and cash management flows with agility, in a secure and controlled environment.

The platform makes it easy for organisations to take advantage of new products and services from their banking providers and fintechs, enabling faster innovation and response to changing market dynamics.

Thousands of UK and International organizations rely on the AccessPay integration platform to support their finance and treasury operations every day.

About Gresham
Gresham is a leading software and services company that specialises in providing real-time solutions for data integrity and control, banking integration, payments and cash management. Listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange (GHT.L) and headquartered in the City of London, its customers include some of the world’s largest financial institutions and corporates, all of whom are served locally from offices located in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

Gresham’s award-winning Clareti software platform is a highly flexible and scalable platform, available on-site or in the cloud, designed to address today’s most challenging financial control, risk management, data governance and regulatory compliance problems.

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