Europe’s Greatest Agile Testing Conference is back in the USA! Extraordinary Technology Conference returns to the Windy City

Berlin, Germany March 9, 2020

Trendig technology services GmbH from Berlin, Germany proudly presents the 3rd edition of the Agile Testing Days USA! Europe’s greatest software testing festival will be hosted at the Marriott O’Hare in Chicago, Illinois from June 21-25, 2020. After a very successful conference last year, Trendig is pleased to return to the Windy City.

In 2020 Trendig collaborates with the Agile Alliance, a global nonprofit organization and event organizer, to consolidate the Agile Testing Days USA as prime technology conference on the American continent. The Agile Alliance is dedicated to promoting the concepts of Agile software development around the world. It supports people and organizations with applying Agile principles, values, and practices to make building software solutions more effective, humane, and sustainable.

The Agile Testing Days USA reach out to all software engineers and testing professionals.
The conference provides a fun platform to connect and network in the agile community. Topics are ranging from emerging technical needs in the software testing industry and future trends to topics that fall outside of or beyond testing like diversity, inclusion, and mental health. The European flair and welcoming atmosphere let the Agile Testings Days USA stand out from the crowd.

The Agile Testing Days USA present world-renowned experts such as Elisabeth Hendrickson, Angie Jones, Derk-Jan de Grood, Rahul Verma, Santosh Tuppad, Gitte Klitgaard, Vernon Brown, Tariq King and Doc Norton. To further develop personal skills, attendees may choose between one-day or two-day tutorials on topics like: AI/ML, psychological safety, leadership, web and mobile security testing, agile testing for the whole team, the joy of python for testers, and test management in agile.

Registration is open and the Super Early Bird discount is running until March 31, 2020:
Members of the Agile Alliance are eligible for a 20% discount. Please get in touch with the Agile Alliance to request your discount code!

For more information about the Agile Testing Days USA, please visit the website:

ABOUT Trendig technology services:
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