Get to Understand a Basic Guide to KIK Messenger

KIK is an instant messaging application with millions of active users known as Kicksters out of which 50% are Americans. In simple words to mention, it is a technologically advanced version of MSN with a distinctively characterized chat room and enhanced user experience. You can create a free account using a valid email address and password and connect to other users with a distinctive username. To connect with others you can either scan their kik account or search the user if you know their username. It is an application to communicate, a simple, easy, and convenient method of SMS texting, photo-video sharing, and much more.

Knowing the Key Features of KIK

Kik is loaded with many features that work as incredible tools for high performance source of communication. Some of the important features of KIK include:

  • Friends Invitation: With this feature, you can invite friends through messages, email or through any social media channel. When the receiver accepts the invitation and registers with KIK, you both are notified for account activation.
  • Live Typing: You can have a visualization of live typing when during the chat the person you chatting with is typing anything.
  • Notifications: You get notifications for all the delivered messages that you send. You even have an option of customizing the notification sound the way you desire.
  • Multimedia Messages: With this feature, you have the freedom to send graphics, images, videos, GIF files, emojis, and various other forms of multimedia messages apart from the simple text message that you send and receive.
  • Initiation of Video Chat: You can conduct a real-time video chat with any user connected with you on Kik.
  • Integrated Chat List: Similar to other messaging applications, kik also has a well defined chat list that you can use as per your convenience. You can select any specific user from the list to initiate a chat or continue chat following the previous chats with a specific user.
  • Bot Shop: This feature works tremendously well while allowing you to stay socially more active and in connection with the environment. You can get access to tips and advices and can read news using the feature.
  • Code Scanning: You can make use of this feature to scan the code of users you know and connect with them through the messaging app.
  • Kik Groups: These are chat groups you can create and join within the kik community. A group is created when few people have a desire to stay connected to one another on a same platform.

Sharing Graphics and Videos on Kik

Kik enables its user to share all sort of graphics, images, GIF files, and videos. To share these multimedia messages, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Tap the multimedia file displayed above the message box
  • Add the file to be shared and a message to go with it
  • Then tap the ‘Send’ button or the ‘Speed Bubble’ button
  • This sends the file you selected to the receiver.
  • You can even send stickers, sketches, and video links using a small square button available at the right corner of the chat box.

Talking to the Kik Bot

Kik Bot is an exciting and significant feature of the messaging app that works to answer all your queries and questions. The feature also allows you to hold a conversation by following the steps below:

  • Tap the blue buttom available on the main screen
  • Select Discover bots and browse to the bot you desire to communicate with
  • Tap the bot and initiate your conversation with the selected bot

Finding People on KIK

Chatting and connecting with various people amongst the kik community is the key benefit of this messaging app. You can make maximum use of this benefit by finding the right people to chat with and stay connected. Here are the ways you can conveniently find people on kik:

  • Initiate with sharing your profile and those who feel compatible connect with you.
  • You can join a public group where you can search for hashtags and connect with all those who share the same interests and are passionate about sharing and connecting.
  • You can even create your own group and name it according to your choice and preference. You can further add users to the group and continue connecting with many people simultaneously in one chat.

Using the KIK App for Dating

When you compare with the actual dating app then it is clear that kik is not actually a dating app. However, it does connect you with new people matching your aspirations, interests, and passion. You can search for like-minded people using the integrated tools available in the kik browser, Matcher, Match & Chat, and Flirt.

  • Matcher helps you browse all the like-minded people. Your profile is further shared with the desired user and if he or she approves your desire then you are connected on kik.
  • Match & Chat registers your profile on the web and then allows others to have a look. Even you get an opportunity to access the website and search for the right match for yourself.
  • Flirt is a tool that provides you a complete list of people falling within your age group and living in nearby areas.

Revealing the Advantages of KIK on PC

With the revolutionary advancements, the advantages of kik have become more prominent. Some of the key advantages of using kik on pc are:

  • A fulfilling chatting experience
  • Easy to navigate internal web browser
  • High level of safety and security while using the app
  • High-end privacy measures to stay away from strangers
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Exciting customization features
  • Ability to retrieve previous chats whenever required

There are many more advantages and a unique experience of having kik on your computers. If you desire to learn how to install kik for pc then go here and have access to a complete guide to downloading and installing kik on your computers, laptops, and Mac.

Author: Sohel Ather

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