GitHub Enterprise 2.14 Now Available

GitHub has released GitHub Enterprise version 2.14 which includes a number of new tools for developers. Among the new tools are unified search, Checks API, and multiple issue templates.

Unified search lets users connect GitHub Business Cloud with their GitHub Enterprise instance securely so that they can find public content and collaborate with others in the GitHub community. When a organization is connected with a GitHub Enterprise instance, a record is created and stored about the connection. Information stored about the connection includes the public key portion and a hash of the organization’s GitHub Enterprise license, the hostname and version of the GitHub Enterprise instance, and the authentication token used by the GitHub Enterprise instance to make requests to

The Checks API, which allows integrators to build tools for continuous integration, linting, and acceptance testing, has entered public beta. It adds new issue templates and the ability to ignore whitespace in diff views.

GitHub Enterprise version 2.14 includes multiple issue templates which make it easier for project maintainers to organize the contributions from many project collaborators.

This release also includes several tools for easier Administration such as automated support tickets, anonymous git access, and an increase in the default dormancy threshold configuration from 30 to 90 days.

You can find out more about the GitHub Enterprise 2.14 release in the announcement blog.

Author: Kiran Kumar

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