4 Key Benefits of Native Mobile App Development

Businesses today are becoming more and more tech savvy and in order for them to function and grow it is essential to keep up to the regular changes and modifications that are introduced in the world. One of the most important features that most businesses are focusing on today is developing a mobile app that can work in the favour of the organisation as well as the people who are seeking services from it.

There are different kinds of mobile app development options that you can seek, and while it might not seem necessary it is essential that you understand the different kinds of mobile app development methods as well as the ones that work well for you. There are web based mobile app development options, native mobile app developments as well as hybrid mobile app developments that may seem appropriate for your business.

However, when it comes to choosing one that will prove to be beneficial for your business there is no denying that native mobile app development is far more beneficial and effective in terms of growth. If you are still not too sure about whether or not you should opt in for native mobile app development then here are a few benefits that you gain when you choose it.

Native Apps Have The Best Performance

One of the best things about choosing native mobile app development is that it performs a lot better in comparison to all the other app development options available. This app is created and it is optimised based on your requirement and the specific platform that you select. This ensures that the app performs extremely well and you will not have any issues with the functionality. The app also works a lot faster and it will respond more effectively.

This is because the app understands the specific language that is used in the programming of the app and it makes it a more efficient app to use. It also ensures that whatever device the app is used on, it is not slow down the device making it an app that is more downloadable and user friendly as compared to the other applications that you will find in the market today.

Native Apps Are More Secure

When developing a mobile application, every business owner needs to ensure that the application is safe and secure. If the app designed is not safe, it could leak out a lot of information that is confidential, making it risky for the users as well as the business. In order for your business to grow the last see you want is to get a bad reputation for your mobile application. In a world where technology is taking over and people are becoming more and more dependent on their smartphones, the need for a secure and safe app is very important.

Lesser Bugs

One of the biggest benefits of mobile app development is that there are lesser bugs as compared to other app development methods. As a mobile app development company, there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind and one of the major things is lessening the bugs. When there are lot of bugs that are entering a particular app, the app development company loses credibility. When user experience is hampered and the app slows down, more often than not the app development company will lose business and will not be approached for developing another app in future.

With native app development the market is huge because the number of users is increasing by the day. When you lose out on such a vast market there is very little chance of getting any repeat business in future. This is the reason you need to stick to native app development methods. Since the tools are provided by the company that has approached you for developing the app, the number of bugs will be lesser. Another reason the bugs will be less is because the testing phase will be comprehensive.

Access To Devices

Another major advantage of native mobile app development is the developers are allowed to access the devices of the users. If you are an independent app development company you will not have permission to access the device of the user. This is because users do not usually trust third party apps. When you build an app within the App Store or the Play Store, the users will trust your company and will give you complete access to the device. This will allow you to enhance the user experience and build credibility in the market.

There are a number of app developers that have become huge names in the app development Industry. This is because they have taken the native mobile app development very seriously and are able to build apps that are executed quicker because of full access to the devices. Another major advantage of native mobile app development is push notifications. What push notifications does is it informs user of any kind of activity within the app. This gives the user more chance to access the app and it gives the app development company more usage. When you are not part of the native mobile app development team then you will not have the advantage of push notifications. This means that your app will be downloaded on to a user device however will be forgotten if there are no notifications that go to the user.

No matter what kind of app you are developing or what kind of business you are into, you need to make sure that the user experience is your top priority. The performance of your app as well as features is what will make you stand out among the others. These days there are a number of apps that are available for various functionalities. You need to make sure that you become part of the native app development world and focus on use experience in order to get ahead in the market.

Author: Sohel Ather

The Best VR Mobile Games to Play Without Controller

Virtual Reality (VR) is undoubtedly one of the most amazing advent in technological landscape. Be it the PlayStation VR, Oculus, or even the Google Cardboard for Android phones, Virtual Reality offers a fantastic experience to users.

Now, if you have played VR games, and now you are looking for games that do not require controller, then in this article, we will tell you about the best VR games that you can actually play without a controller. Read along to discover everything:

Deep Space Battle VR

If you are in a mood to ride a space ship for some amazing shootouts, then Deep Space Battle VR is the best game. This game can cater to your craving on an Android device. The games involves a lone character who must get around with the invading dark enemies. You as a player are the only hope for planet earth. You must be prepared for vivid landscape imbued with laser and explosions.

Deep Space Battle VR is specifically optimized for Google Cardboard VR that can be player with no controller. This game is counted among the best VR games ever developed by quality IPhone app development company. The moment you receive an enemy ship in your crosshairs, your ship fires automatically. Having said, you need to move your head around to get your aim at the right target and pew! They are dead.

End Space VR for Cardboard

iOS users who are keen to fight space VR battles will love this game. End Space VR takes gamers to amazing visuals where player can enjoy console-quality 3D graphic and audio effects. Gamers face a massive wave of enemies. The game is designed in a way that players need to trigger button on their VR headset. In case, your VR does not have any button, then you can disable it from options and utilize the head gaze-based shooting.

Smash Hit

Smash Hit emerged as one of the popular mobile games. The game offers a fantastic VR experience. The game is more of an on-rail shooting. A player needs to glide through an abstract dimension that is filled with soothing colors, physics, glass infrastructure, and soothing music.

Since, a player has to fly through space; the shiny glass structure will come on way. A player will have to fire through the chrome marbles on glass, breaking it into pieces. However, a player has limited balls, thus you need to utilize them smartly and not miss. You can bear some crashes before the game ends. This game can be played without controller, requiring responsive glance, reflex, and a finger that should press a single button on a headset. 

VR Roller Coaster

Are you amazed with the furious roller coaster rides? If yes, then this game will deliver you goosebumps. It allows you to become a roller coaster conductor, enabling you to design custom roller coaster and test them in simulation. The game offers realistic roller coaster visuals that often shocks players. The game provides players with more than 60 tracks, where they can choose a park, matching individual tastes. In essence, you can choose from more than 10 distinct roller coaster trains.

The moment you are ready to test a roller coaster, you can put on the VR that can be either Google Cardboard any other, and experience the spin. This VR game offers a fantastic first person view, allowing you to ride a coaster that you build. The game is a great source for adrenaline boost. In addition, the best aspect about this game is the superior entertainment.

VR X Racer

VR racing is a fantastic game that delivers exhilarating experience. The game offers a low-poly voxel aesthetic similar to Minecraft, pleasing many people. In addition, there is a broad range of color themes along with stunning 3D visuals that brings you into the world of immense and furious racing.

You can play this game using a VR headset, tilt your head to steer the ship. You will surely wish for some rapid reflexes, as the obstacle are not going to move away from the way when you are moving in neck-breaking speed.

Trooper 2

If you think about the first-person shooting game in VR, then you cannot overlook this game. Even if you are not good at playing the first person shooting game, trooper 2 is a suitable game. The game offers a fantastic experience where you have to face against an army of green block men in a block environment. The game is significantly simple to play. To control a character, you need to stand up, walk around, and tap on a button on VR headset.

Author: Sohel Ather

Movie Streaming Apps! Fun For The Whole Family!

Everyone enjoys watching movies. While some people prefer watching movies in the theatre, other people enjoy watching movies in the comfort of their homes. If you’re one such person who truly is obsessed with movies and you go out to watch each and every movie that is released, then you definitely need to consider installing some fun movie streaming apps such as megabox hd. Movie streaming apps allow you to watch movies from the comfort of your home and without needing to spend large sums of money at the theatre. If you are looking to install the megabox hd .apk then you need to check online. You can stream the movies on these apps from city virtually anywhere as long as you have a properly functioning Internet connection.

Why Movie Streaming Apps?

If you’re wondering why you should consider installing the movie streaming apps, we have several reasons for you. A large number of people install these apps because they are a lot more affordable than going out to watch movies in the theatre. In the theatre you will end up spending money on your ticket, on the food that you purchase, on the fuel for your transport and more. These movie streaming apps such as megabox typically have an annual or monthly subscription fee that barely costs much. You can watch unlimited movies on this basic subscription fee without spending extra cash on theatre expenses like food and drinks.

Another reason why people should opt for the movie streaming apps is because these apps have all the latest movies and TV shows. A lot of these paid apps have the movies on the same day is the theatre release. Besides movie shows, these apps also have TV shows, documentaries, audio books and tons of other things. These apps also air the movies and shows at HD quality. It is as good as having the theatre experience in the comfort of your home.

Stop The Illegal Downloads Of Movies

Movie buffs and enthusiasts are often so utterly obsessed with watching the latest movies, they go to the extent of downloading these films illegally from the Internet. There are tons of Internet sites that offer camera prints of the latest movies for free. While this may be the easy and quick way to download movies, it doesn’t change the fact that it is still the illegal way to do so. If you have been following this same method for the longest time, maybe it’s time you made a change. If the cyber department and authorities are to catch you on your illegal downloads, you can be heavily penalised and maybe even arrested. The better and smarter option would be to download any of these movie streaming apps such as megabox. Once you download these apps you can watch all the movies you want at a limited monthly or annual subscription. Further, in comparison to the print of the illegal download, the prints of the movies that can be streamed on the app are much better and higher in quality. Don’t indulge in illegal activities just to save a few pennies.

Movie Genres Available

The best part about these movie streaming apps is that they have all the possible movie genres available. Whether you’re looking to watch a fun comedy movie to release some stress or you wish to watch a beautiful romantic movie that will touch your soul, there is something available for every preference and taste on these movie streaming apps. These apps also have movies and animated

cartoon shows for children on them. The movie streaming apps are fun for the whole family. You can keep your kids entertained for hours on end on a hot summer day when they can’t get out due to the excessive heat. Your kids can watch cartoons, they can watch educational documentaries, they can watch fun and hilarious children’s movies and lots more.

Want To Have A Peaceful But Romantic Date? Get A Movie Streaming App Today!

Do you want to surprise your date with a peaceful and romantic evening together? You don’t need to take her out for dinner or for a fancy evening out in the town. You can now have a very private and romantic date in the comfort of your home. Just download the movie streaming app on your computer or your television. You can watch the most romantic of movies on these apps. Then you can also surprise your date by decorating the room with beautiful candles and flowers and cooking a delicious meal. You can sip on wine while you watch the movie and munch of some delicious cheese too. What better way to surprise your date than by planning an entire evening at your home watching romantic movies and enjoying a meal together in the privacy of your own home.

Organise A Movie Night For The Family

We live in such a hectic world that we barely get the time to spend with our loved ones and family members. If you’re looking to plan a family night with your family members, you can consider having one night of the week dedicated to watching movies with the family. If you want to do this, download any movie streaming app. Movie streaming apps have tons of movies that can be watched by the family together. There are also documentaries that the family can watch together. Your kids, spouse and everyone else at home will truly enjoy this family bonding experience. You can all get together and enjoy a fun comedy movie.

Getting these movie streaming apps can be full and unlimited entertainment. There are countless movie streaming apps available for tablets, computers, television and even mobile phones. Get the app that has the maximum number of movies of your interest. Whether you have an Android phone or an iOS phone, you will be able to find an app for your preference. Install these apps today and discourage the illegal downloads industry. One excellent and highly rated movie streaming app for Android phones is megabox. You will get a very wide selection of movies on this app.

Author: Sohel Ather

Appium: iOS Testing with Node.js Step-by-Step Guide

Good day to everyone, in this tutorial, we will go through the process of writing node.js tests for iOS, from software installation to running actual tests on simulated devices with use of Appium.

Appium is a freely distributed open source framework for mobile application UI testing. Appium supports all languages that have Selenium client libraries like Java, Objective-C, JavaScript with node.js, PHP, Ruby, Python, C# etc.

Prerequisites to use Appium for iOS testing:

  1. OS X. I recommend using OS X Sierra (10.12 or higher). This is an essential requirement, since Appium cannot start sessions for iOS without Xcode, which is available only for Mac.
  2. JDK (Java Development Kit).
  3. Xcode. Get one either from AppStore or Apple Developer. By default, comes with iOS SDK, which we will need for running simulators.
  4. Homebrew – package manager for Mac. Will make our life easier in the long run.
  5. Appium Client for Mac (client).
  6. IDE and testing framework of choice. In our case, we will use js and mocha testing frameworks, so we need to install node.js at first. We will do so in the “Environment Setup” section below. NOTE: even though Appium client supplied with “Node.exe” and NPM (node package manager), we will install those manually to have the latest version.
  7. carthage – dependency for running XCUItests for iOS apps.

Environment Setup

Step 1. Download and install Xcode. Go to AppStore and type “xcode” in a search field. Grab the first one, provide your Apple ID if needed. After download is completed, go to the Applications folder and run Xcode to finish installation.

Step 2. Install Homebrew.

2.1. Open your terminal and run this command “/usr/bin/ruby –e “$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)“” (without outer quotes). Homebrew will start installation and ask for root password if needed. Just follow installation guidelines and you’ll be fine. For more details visit Homebrew site.

2.2. After installation run “brew doctor” (without quotes) to verify, that everything is okay.

2.3. Run a command “export PATH=”/usr/local/bin:$PATH”” (without outer quotes).

Step 3. Install node.js.

3.1. We will use Homebrew for this, so in terminal run a command “brew install node”. This will setup everything you need.

3.2. After installation, run commands “node –v” and “npm –v” to see installed version of node.js and npm respectively.

Step 4. Download and install JDK. After download is complete, navigate to your Downloads folder, double-click the downloaded .dmg file and follow installation instructions.

Step 5. Download and install Appium Client. Installation process doesn’t differ from the one described in Step 4.

Step 6. Install carthage. Simply run “brew install carthage” in the terminal.

Now, all of the required software is installed, let’s proceed with further setup.

Simulator setup.

In order to run our tests, we will need a device to run them on. For sake of this tutorial we will use iOS simulator, which is bundled with Xcode.

Step 1. Press Command + Space to launch Spotlight.

Step 2. Type Simulator and hit Enter.

Step 3. Launch a Simulator from search results

Step 4. When in Simulator, click the “Hardware” menu, then the “Device” “Manage Devices…”.

Step 5. In a Devices window you can view all available devices to you. Click the one you want to use for tests, let’s say “iPhone SE” with iOS version of 10.3.1.

Step 6. We will need info about the name, iOS, and Identifier to start both Appium Inspector session and our test execution. NOTE: if you need to run tests on device with iOS version not presented in list, you can create it by yourself.

6.1. Click the “+” button at bottom left corner of the window and choose the “Add Simulator”.

6.2. Set device name (it is mandatory to set unique device name), choose device type and iOS version. Download one you need if it is not presented in list.

6.3. Now you should see the newly created simulator in a list of simulators. Do not close this window yet as we will need it.

Step 7. Launch the Appium Client from your Applications folder.

Step 8. Type “localhost” (without quotes) in a Host field and click the “Start Server v.1.6.5” button. Now we have Appium Server up and running.

Step 9. Click the “Start Inspector Session” (button with magnifier on it). You should see this:

Step 10. Now, let’s specify details of simulator we want to use and app we want to install. Create the following set of Desired Capabilities:

Points to remember here:

  • app – full path to your built app on Mac. I’m using TestApp provided by Appium Team and available here. In case you want launch tests for Safari, omit this option and use “browserName”: “safari” NOTE: your app must be built specifically for simulator and testing purposes.
  • platformName – name of our platform. Since we want to run iOS tests, type iOS.
  • platformVersion – version of iOS on tested device. Look at “iOS” parameter of your simulator of choice on the “Devices” window and set it here.
  • deviceName – name of device you want to use. Grab the “Identifier” parameter of desired simulator on the “Devices” window and set it here.

Step 11. After that, switch back to your Simulator, go “Hardware” “Device” and choose a device type you want if your simulator isn’t already of that type. Wait for Simulator to restart and keep it running – this will decrease Appium Inspector startup time drastically.

Step 12. In Appium, click the “Start Session” button. You should see app being installed on your simulator of choice as good as Appium Inspector loading. NOTE: if you’ve encountered Appium error stating “could not get xcode version” you may want to set path to Xcode manually. In terminal, run commands “sudo xcode-select –reset” and sudo xcode-select –switch /Applications/Xcode.app (both without quotes). This should fix the issue. You should specify path to your Xcode.app according to your installation folder in case it differs from Applications. You should see something like this:


Writing tests

Now, we have everything set up. At this point, we can proceed with writing tests for our app using node.js.

Step 1. In Documents, create a new folder and name it “ios-node-test”. This will be our project folder.

Step 2. Open Terminal and navigate to your project folder using command “cd /full/path/to/your/folder” or start it in project folder directly.

Step 3. Execute the “npm init” command in the folder. Follow the setup process in a command line to configure package.json file of your project.

Step 4. After the basic setup, we need to add a bunch of dependencies in order to make our tests work. We will use mocha as our testing framework with chai for assertions. Also, we will require webdriverio testing utility, which improves interaction with mobile web, native and hybrid apps. So, run the following commands:

  • npm install mocha
  • npm install chai
  • npm install chai-as-promised
  • npm install wd
  • npm install wdio-mocha-framework –D (–D parameter here stands for installation this dependency only for developers)
  • npm install webdriverio@4.7.1 –D

NOTE: at the time of writing this guide the latest version of webdriverio is 4.8.0. However, we are installing v.4.7.1 due to setValue() method working incorrectly when using webdriverio v.4.8.0 in conjunction with Appium v1.6.5. Probably, fix for this issue will be included in future releases either from Appium or Webdriverio team.

Step 5. Create a subfolder and call it “helpers”. In “helpers” create file with .js extension and name in “desiredCapabilities”. In this file we will specify all the necessary details for our script, such as application we want to run and device we want to use for testing. Here is the completed content of the file, which follows our previous steps:

As you can see, in desiredCapabilities we haven’t change anything compare to Appium Inspector, although you may consider setting apps bundle id if you have one.

Step 6. Return to project folder and create a file “native.js”. This will be our script to run tests for native app. In order to locate elements, we will use accessibility id strategy, provided by webdriverio, for example:


This resource is specific to TestApp application, provided by Appium team as code sample. To get accessibility id of the element or any other identifier available we will use Appium Inspector. Just click the element while in the “Select” mod to properties panel to appear and grab the most suitable attribute or identifier. If by any means you cannot retrieve any selector except xpath you can use it as well, for example:

.click(//XCUIElement TypeButton[@name=”ComputeSumButton”])


Step 7. With that in place, we are ready to start scripting. As I said earlier, we will use webdriverio for writing our test, so consider looking at their docs for more info.

7.1. Let’s import all required components and create client – main object for interactions and actions:

var webdriverio = require(‘webdriverio’);

var expect = require(‘chai’).expect;

var config = require(‘./helpers/desiredCapabilities’).options;

var client = webdriverio.remote(config);

7.2. Now, create the main function by using describe keyword and pass “Simple cases” as the first parameter. This function will wrap our tests and declare before hook. This will be executed before our test-suite.

describe(‘Simple cases’, function () {

before(function () {


return client.init();


7.3. Create a sub-function by using describe keyword and call it “test-app-addition”. Set timeout for executing tests of this suite and write the tests with use of it keyword.

describe(“test-app-addition”, function(){

it(“add-3-3”, function(){

return client.element(‘~IntegerA’)







.then(function (text) {





7.4. In scope of wrapper function, add after hook, which will close the connection as well as the AUT.

after(function() {

return client.end();



Step 8. Open “package.json” and under scripts section add exactly the same line: “native”: “mocha native.js”. This will allow us to run our test by “npm run native”.

Step 9. Finally, your “ios-node-test” folder should be like this:

And “helpers” folder should be like this:

Step 10. Close your Appium inspector by hitting the “Quit Session & Close Inspector” button at the top-center panel.

Step 11. Run a script by executing “npm run native” in your project folder. You should see execution process on your device as good as mocha log in the console:

That’s it! Now you know how to install, setup and configure all required software to run your tests for iOS UI automated tests, as well as prepare environment for your tests. And, of course, you have a basic knowledge about writing tests themselves using node.js with webdriverio and mocha.

TestMatick company offers automation testing services for web and mobile applications. With TestMatick you can also utilize all the advantages of continuous integration. It includes setup of the environment which automatically integrates all parts of a project and executes tests every-time when someone makes a commit to the version control.

We provide QA automation services using the following automation tools:

– Selenium WebDriver
– Appium
– Automated QA TestComplete
– HP / Mercury QTP
– Segue SilkTest
– Ranorex
– Robotium

Why Child Smartphone Monitoring Apps are Necessary for Online Safety

As a parent, it can be difficult to know when to fix the reins on your teen’s security and when to pull back. The difficulties introduced by current innovation make it considerably harder nowadays, yet they additionally give numerous solutions. It’s unavoidable that your tween or adolescent will possess and utilize a tablet, laptop, or a cell phone sooner or later, so it’s best to fail in favor of alert and keep a nearby watch over their action with parental control application. This isn’t about intruding upon their security, however about shielding them and protecting them from potential perils that hide on the web.

With regards to tweens and cellphones, there are two methods of insight. One camp of parents trusts that everything a youngster does on a cellphone ought to be checked. The other camp trusts that kids deserve their secrecy and if their child is a decent child, monitoring isn’t required.

Having heard various stories from parents as the years progressed; I have a tendency to say something regarding the observing side. I compare it to driving a car. The phone, similar to a car, can be a hazardous tool.

Here are some basic reasons why child smartphone monitoring is fundamental for computerized security:

Online harassment

This can happen through web-based social networking sites, email, and different sites. It’s a worry on the grounds that numerous tweens or teens can be harrasment and tormented on the web, and parents would be unaware on the off chance that they weren’t observing their teen’s online accounts. This is the reason it’s so critical to check in with their online networking action. Kids that are harassed may wind up noticeably pulled back and discouraged. It can have disastrous outcomes, and if parents are not monitoring and searching for these things, they’ll essentially be dark until it’s past the point of no return.

Bullying among peers

More likely to online harrasment, bullying can occur online among peers who know each other from school, social gatherings, and even just locally. Spooks can utilize text messaging, emailing, and web-based social networking to target and insult their victims. A youngster who is confronting harassing at school and through the web can be excessively humiliated, making it impossible to tell their folks. Sadly, this has had destroying outcomes for some families, and their kids have turned out to be discouraged and taken their own particular lives.

Dangerous behaviour

In the event that you speculate that your teen might be taking part in hazardous behaviour, for example, sexting, drinking, or utilizing drugs, you must have the capacity to monitor them. It’s as much about their physical and psychological wellness as keeping them from illegal exercises. Regardless of the possibility that you feel that you can confide in your teen, it doesn’t hurt to step up with regards to make certain that they’re following the rules and not getting included in terrible behaviour. Legitimate monitoring can forestall issues before they even turn into an issue.

Building trust

At last, the two parents and kids should see the utilization of monitoring applications as an approach to fabricate trust and exhibit duty. Children may not generally value the level of protection that parent’s yearning, yet it’s essential for their safety. By utilizing a monitoring application and guaranteeing that everybody sees how it functions, families can build trust and have a more honest relationship. The teen years can be an intense time for the connection amongst parents and children, however keeping the lines of communication open are critical. For parents, just remember that some time or another your youngsters won’t just comprehend your activities, however they’ll welcome them as well.

Obscure Friends

You know your girls friends, you see them at training, after school, at your home. Be that as it may, friendship is anything but difficult to strike-up on the web. As a youthful grown-up, it’s anything but difficult to think individuals who get to know you online are honest and direct, particularly in the event that they’ve been a decent friend to you and compliment you. Try not to disparage the energy of corrupt grown-ups who fabricate associations with kids on the web.

Hooking up

These days, kids don’t talk specifically to each other any longer… particularly when asking others out. They begin connections through messaging. As a relationship with the inverse sex creates at school, it is very normal for young ladies to be solicited to send stripped pictures from them. If girls complain the kid jokes that his friend got his phone and messaged that, “he’s so sad!” Is this the sort of kid your need your girl to really like?

Offering Drugs

Your kid could get unsolicited offers to get “personality controlling” brownies (with drugs inside) or choices to purchase drug specifically. In all likelihood these writings will incorporate slang to it’s not as self-evident. Imagine a scenario where the messages continue coming in spite of your teen’s rejection.

Erotic entertainment

You know your youngster won’t specifically look for pornography, yet imagine a scenario in which it’s sent to them and it turns into a type of provocation, by what method will your teen handle this. Will s/he let you know?

Tweens and teens don’t have the devices or even the enthusiastic maturity to deal with these sorts of issues. In the event that your teen informs you regarding these issues, incredible, you can help move them through morals, lawful implications, and fellowships. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where your kid doesn’t let you know? Dissimilar to figuring out how to drive a car, kids get practically zero direction on the most proficient method to deal with these issues that come from portable/online connections. They aren’t the typical issues you consider when you give your teen a phone, such as setting up email, utilizing the calendar, setting up an address book, stacking music documents, and so on. With as quick as society is going nowadays, these are main problems occurring on school grounds regular.


Author: Sohel Ather

5 Major Mobile App Testing Challenges & Solutions to Check Out

As compared to traditional desktop and web application testing, mobile app testing is more complex; thus, it is important for mobile app developers and testers to go through different challenges during the app testing process.

In the recent times, mobile apps have made a huge space in the lives of humans and have grown much faster than we expected. However, an increase in the app usage has been followed by rapid mobile app development that gave birth to a need for proper testing. One of the main reasons behind this is to provide better user experience and app performance.

But there are some of the challenges that a mobile app tester will face while testing an application, so he/she needs to overcome the challenges and develop a competing mobile application. Before we jump into the different challenges of it, we should understand the exact need of it.

Importance of Mobile App Testing

As per the latest report, 39% of mobile users are not happy with the online experience that they get on a daily basis. One another report suggests that 46% of these unsatisfied users will never come back after experiencing a poor experience.

According to these two reports, there is a huge need of improvement. Once you act on right time, you will have approximately 3 to 5 people worldwide, who prefer to purchase smartphone so that they can make them your application user by 2020. These numbers have formed a need to learn why you should enhance the mobile app experience.

Let’s Give an Instant Look at the Major Challenges of Mobile App Testing 


It is important that a mobile app tester stays updated with the latest and current innovative testing approaches. However, it can begin the process of mobile app and comprise everything till the data functionalities with the environment.

You should comprehend that the mobile functionalities can modify as per the contexts with different data that ultimately invite a completely new scenario for the testing process. Apart from this, the changing field of smartphones complexes the situation. Therefore, the app tester also needs to stay updated with the same. 

Device Differences

Because of the compatibility issues, mobile app testing is quite difficult as the mobile app can be deployed across different devices, which have varied operating systems like iOS, Android, etc., manufactures (Samsung, Apple, etc.) and more. Moreover, the team can’t be 100% sure about the tested application that if the app works well with a given device, it will run efficiently on other devices. 

Creating User Experience

In the success of the mobile application, user experience plays a very important role. However, the process of developing an app needs different experts and professionals, including designers, developers, and analysts that are on the top on the list.

Though every single of them does their work efficiently, it lands on the tester to appraise the mobile application. However, he needs to go carefully through each aspect. One of the major challenges here is to comprehend the target users, market, and the competitors.

Therefore, you should keep these all together with the brand’s value and app tester needs to conduct important tests. Even the smallest mistake can result in poor user experience, but it can be solved with the right communication between the team and by some research. 


As we all know that mobile device screens are quite small, and there is always a huge data that we want to present than possible to fit the screen. It is challenging for you to keep the interaction clean and easy for the user, and showing all the important information.

However, readability and font size are also considered as the complex factors of usability. While testing mobile apps, it is essential to give attention on the size of click areas and ensure that all texts are readable without lenses. 

Compatibility With the Network

The connectivity of the network can’t be defined based on beliefs. A user with 4G/3G connectivity doesn’t necessarily have sound connectivity. However, there are some good chances that your application users might be dependent on a 2G network.

Thus, it is important for a mobile app tester to cross check that the app works smoothly and wonderfully on different networks. In order to do this, the tester needs to ensure he executes the tests on all different network types.

So, these are the five major challenges of mobile app testing that every mobile app tester face while testing an app, but it is must they overcome these challenges and make the app more efficient. However, it would be better to hire a professional mobile app tester company that has a qualified team of quality assurance.


Author: Sohel Ather