How to Build a Dating App that Exceeds User Expectations

Currently, the dating app industry is flooding with various types of dating applications as the demand is supremely increasing among customers across the globe. According to a study, the people in the US are using dating apps more than any other country around the globe.  After all, dating applications are so pretty much similar to social networking platforms; when every person in your circle is utilizing them, you obviously tend to think of utilizing as well.

However, the number of dating apps that are available on the market today I’m not completely up to the customer’s expectations. So now entrepreneurs who want to create a dating app are confused and stuck in dilemma cause of not knowing how to proceed.

What are the Expectations of consumers from a dating app?

A research says that safety and security are the primary issues that a user looks for in a dating app. There are also enough statistics that prove a rise of number of cases of people reporting that they are being raped by the person who they met via dating app or website. If you indeed want to create a dating app just like Tinder, then you should definitely consider investing in right kind of safety and security checks for users who want to use your dating application. If you are looking for a competitive edge them nothing can be around as offering a safe user experience for your users.

Another most important aspect that users consider in dating app is that an attractive and intuitive user experience. The most preferred and popular dating app, Tinder, is extremely successful because of its seamless swiping feature and eye-catching user interface. Apart from tinder, other popular dating apps are OkCupid, Happn, and Bumble. Most of the dating apps work based on geolocation.

Now let us discuss in detail how to create a dating application that will Become a huge success like tinder and how to offer the user experience that users are looking for.

How to create a location-based dating application

For any dating app, there are typically 3 essential functionalities based on user expectations;  Seamless matching, access control, and texting. Now let’s take a look at each of these functionalities.

Access control

No matter how attractive your user interface is, the dating app will do no good if the users are not allowed to sign up using Facebook or any other social media networking platform. However, most of the dating apps,  nowadays, are allowing users (iOS and Android) to signup using Facebook or Instagram. This offers a convenient way for your users to sign up. Moreover, social media networking platforms such as Facebook and Instagram signup offer access to users information which you can utilize in your dating application to recommend singles in the location, find common interests, and friends, and get the other necessary profile data about the users.

And if you really intend to use Facebook or Instagram signup in your dating application then make sure to let your users know that you are not going to share any of their personal information related to the dating application on their Facebook wall. Even though utilizing a dating app is no offense still some people find it a little bit embarrassing about disclosing it.

Her, a lesbian dating application, utilizes Facebook signup to cross verify if the user is really a woman so that other users do not have to bother about being matched with fake profiles. In addition, the dating app also cross-checks all the email addresses with to see if the user has created the same email address on any other platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. This whole process will make sure whether the profile information is real or fake. The purpose of a dating app is to meet people and for that, you need to make sure that your users are providing the right info about themselves in their profiles.

Matching people

One way to match peoples’ personalities is by developing matchmaking algorithms.  However, it is not the only way. There are apps that match users based on their location and interests or even matching users with people only their friends’ already know. Even though in situations like these the matches will be limited but still your recommendations will be sound and safe. Doesn’t matter whether it is matchmaking technology or algorithms,  you need to let your users know what percentage match that they are with someone.


Messaging is one of the most important elements for a dating app because, at the end,  you users will decide whether to go over or not with someone only after having a little conversation. However, even after getting the perfect match, people tend to play to and fro. After all, there are millions of singles out there.

How does a dating app can make money?

An average user spends about towards on a dating app. This means that there is a lot of money in the apps. But in reality, making money out of a dating app is a complex issue as there is a lot of competition in the market. Often, users do not take dating apps seriously.  Whether users get a perfect match or not, there isn’t much to lose by swiping left or right.  And if there are people who are paying money for a dating app then there are indeed serious about dating. However, dating apps ask users to pay money for advanced features example a video call or unlimited matches.

Nevertheless, dating apps are making money by advertising. Some of the apps even show it relevant to their users, risking potential users to leave and that is why there are dating apps which are actually ad-free.

Author: Sohel Ather

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