Mobile Application Testing Solutions Market To Increase at Steady Growth Rate

Revenues from mobile application testing solutions market are expected to grow substantially through the forecast period. The mobile application testing solutions market is predominantly controlled by manual testing tools. Growing popularity of these tools in various end-use industries is fostering their demand and subsequently driving the growth of globalmobile application testing solutions market. In addition, the increasing adaptation by the corporates to protect and manage their mobile applications portfolio has turned out to be an important factor in its market expansion.

The growing adoption of mobile application and software over its computer operated counterpart owing to a large variety of relevant devices, systems and networks has successfully penetrated a narrower section of the market. The increasing number of mobile application developers and rising competition in the market has led to massive improvements in the quality of testing devices launched in the market.

The global mobile application testing solutionsmarket was never a by-product of the traditional software testing market, but rather came up as an independent entity. The mobile application testing solutionsmarket is witnessing the entry of new players, such as Soasta and Experitest. As new entrants bring in new models and advanced testing solutions, the market is expected to witness further growth during the forecast period, 2016-2026.

Mobile application development and testing are rapidly evolving as top primacies for IT. As the number, type, and overall software of mobile devices and tablets is ever-evolving, testing device manufacturers have to adapt to the changes quickly so that they continue to offer the right testing platforms for app developers.

Mobile Application Testing Solutions Market:Drivers & Restraints

The growing need of maintaining a competitive edge in the market is encouraging corporates and enterprises to increasingly invest in mobile application testing solutions. In addition, the evolving market of mobile application testing solutions is benefitting from growing customisation in testing tools. Growing popularity of automated testing is also boosting the growth of the market. The market is also expected to be driven by strategic partnerships between leading industry members.

Mobile Application Testing Solutions Market: Segmentation

The mobile application testing solution market has been segmented on the basis of product type and service type.

By product type, the global mobile application testing solutions market is segmented into:

Manual Testing Tools

Automated Testing Tools

By service type market, the mobile application testing solutions market is segmented into:

Development and implementation


Support and Maintenance

Mobile Application Testing Solutions Market: Region-wise Outlook

The global mobile application testing market is projected to register a favourable growth through the forecast period, 2016-2026. North America is expected to retain its position as the leading market for mobile application testing during the forecast period. Presence of a large user-base comprising of app developers and coders in the US and Canada is also expected to contribute to the growth of the market during the forecast period.

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Asia Pacific, the region where smartphone users are expected to be over 2 billion by 2020, will also offer growth opportunities to mobile app testing device manufacturers. Countries like South Korea, Taiwan, and China have a sizeable user-base and many recent popular apps have been developed by developers from APAC. It is expected that Asia Pacific will emerge as a strong region for mobile application testing device market during the forecast period 2016-2026.

Mobile Application Testing Solutions Market: Key Players

Some of the key market participants in global mobile application testing market are Keynotes DevicesAnywhere, Perfecto Mobile, Experitest, Mobile Labs LLC, Soasta,Perfecto Mobile Ltd., Sauce Labs, and Jamo Solutions.

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