The Best VR Mobile Games to Play Without Controller

Virtual Reality (VR) is undoubtedly one of the most amazing advent in technological landscape. Be it the PlayStation VR, Oculus, or even the Google Cardboard for Android phones, Virtual Reality offers a fantastic experience to users.

Now, if you have played VR games, and now you are looking for games that do not require controller, then in this article, we will tell you about the best VR games that you can actually play without a controller. Read along to discover everything:

Deep Space Battle VR

If you are in a mood to ride a space ship for some amazing shootouts, then Deep Space Battle VR is the best game. This game can cater to your craving on an Android device. The games involves a lone character who must get around with the invading dark enemies. You as a player are the only hope for planet earth. You must be prepared for vivid landscape imbued with laser and explosions.

Deep Space Battle VR is specifically optimized for Google Cardboard VR that can be player with no controller. This game is counted among the best VR games ever developed by quality IPhone app development company. The moment you receive an enemy ship in your crosshairs, your ship fires automatically. Having said, you need to move your head around to get your aim at the right target and pew! They are dead.

End Space VR for Cardboard

iOS users who are keen to fight space VR battles will love this game. End Space VR takes gamers to amazing visuals where player can enjoy console-quality 3D graphic and audio effects. Gamers face a massive wave of enemies. The game is designed in a way that players need to trigger button on their VR headset. In case, your VR does not have any button, then you can disable it from options and utilize the head gaze-based shooting.

Smash Hit

Smash Hit emerged as one of the popular mobile games. The game offers a fantastic VR experience. The game is more of an on-rail shooting. A player needs to glide through an abstract dimension that is filled with soothing colors, physics, glass infrastructure, and soothing music.

Since, a player has to fly through space; the shiny glass structure will come on way. A player will have to fire through the chrome marbles on glass, breaking it into pieces. However, a player has limited balls, thus you need to utilize them smartly and not miss. You can bear some crashes before the game ends. This game can be played without controller, requiring responsive glance, reflex, and a finger that should press a single button on a headset. 

VR Roller Coaster

Are you amazed with the furious roller coaster rides? If yes, then this game will deliver you goosebumps. It allows you to become a roller coaster conductor, enabling you to design custom roller coaster and test them in simulation. The game offers realistic roller coaster visuals that often shocks players. The game provides players with more than 60 tracks, where they can choose a park, matching individual tastes. In essence, you can choose from more than 10 distinct roller coaster trains.

The moment you are ready to test a roller coaster, you can put on the VR that can be either Google Cardboard any other, and experience the spin. This VR game offers a fantastic first person view, allowing you to ride a coaster that you build. The game is a great source for adrenaline boost. In addition, the best aspect about this game is the superior entertainment.

VR X Racer

VR racing is a fantastic game that delivers exhilarating experience. The game offers a low-poly voxel aesthetic similar to Minecraft, pleasing many people. In addition, there is a broad range of color themes along with stunning 3D visuals that brings you into the world of immense and furious racing.

You can play this game using a VR headset, tilt your head to steer the ship. You will surely wish for some rapid reflexes, as the obstacle are not going to move away from the way when you are moving in neck-breaking speed.

Trooper 2

If you think about the first-person shooting game in VR, then you cannot overlook this game. Even if you are not good at playing the first person shooting game, trooper 2 is a suitable game. The game offers a fantastic experience where you have to face against an army of green block men in a block environment. The game is significantly simple to play. To control a character, you need to stand up, walk around, and tap on a button on VR headset.

Author: Sohel Ather

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