Yahoo mobile developer conference to be held in India

NEW DELHI: Yahoo announced that it will host its mobile developer meet in New Delhi on June 24 and in Bengaluru on June 26.

Jarah Euston, vice president of analytics and marketing at Flurry (owned by Yahoo), said: “India has a vibrant, rapidly growing app developer community. As a mobile-first company, we understand the need for app developers to have a strong mobile analytics and monetization engine.”

“The Yahoo mobile developer suite can help developers build their app businesses, monetize and create better experiences for their users, to stand out in today’s crowded app market,” Euston said.

As part of the meet, Yahoo said developers will get the opportunity to get a first look at the Yahoo mobile developer suite. The suite is made of analytics with explorer, Flurry pulse, Yahoo app publishing, Yahoo search in apps and Yahoo app marketing.

The meet will also feature a discussion with a panel of innovators and thought leaders, it said.

Source: PTI

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