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Hyderabad, India. July 28, 2019 – In an attempt to provide unparalleled services for Software Testing and Quality Assurance professionals who are looking for their next career opportunity and for employers in discovering the best talent within the software testing community, https://www.Qualitician.com, a job portal, has been launched in India.

Mr. Ram Uppalapati, Founder of Qualitician, commented that, “There’s never been a dedicated career portal for job seekers looking for Software Testing and QA opportunities in India, instead job seekers had to visit several job platforms. Our website changes all that. We’re a one-stop job portal where job seekers can find opportunities in the software testing industry and employers can find the right people.”

Qualitician’s mission is to help all Software Testing professionals find the right job opportunity by providing the information they need to make informed choices.

Reportedly, the portal, at present, is offering a trial period for employers and providing complete access to their vast job seekers’ database and also allowing to list unlimited job postings during the trial period. The portal is already enriched with hundreds of software testing job openings which so all job seeker needs to do is to create an account and get access to latest software testing job openings.

While employers are posting software testing jobs (http://qualitician.com/jobs), job seekers will be going through a similar process to post their resumes. The system automatically matches job listings with qualified applicants, or employers can manually search the database for suitable candidates.

In addition to being a timely source of software testing job opportunities, Qualitician is set apart by a number of benefits it offers to job seekers and employers in the software testing industry. These include:

  • A mobile-responsive environment to ensure job seekers and employers have an optimal experience, regardless of the device used
  • Their comprehensive recruitment platform accelerates hiring with an easy-to-use applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • Employers will be able to screen prospective employees according to their unique criteria
  • Post job requirements to recruitment consultants without leaving the portal
  • Create referral campaigns for open positions
  • Integration of job content with social media to engage software QA professionals on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social channels.
  • Schedule interviews, personally connect with job seekers, identify best-fit candidates faster and eliminate the time and cost of unqualified talent.
  • Extensive employment advertising opportunities for employers.

Mr. Ram says, “Job postings on industry-specific career portal such as Qualitician receive higher quality and more relevant applications.”

About Qualitician (http://www.Qualitician.com/about)

Qualitician is the first, exclusive career portal for Software Testing and Quality Assurance Professionals in India. As one of the fastest-growing niche job portals, Qualitician provides businesses in the software testing domain with flexible tools that help them attract, hire and manage the best talent. They aim to make a difference in the software testing industry by bringing companies and professionals together onto a single platform.

For more information and to register, visit their official website: https://www.qualitician.com/

Qualitician Blog: https://www.qualitician.com/blog

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