Screen Capture Software: How Far Have We Come?

Technology has been one of the greatest forces that led humanity into what it is today. It has molded our society in various ways. The convenience of having them at this advanced state is unparalleled by any other invention man has ever made. The technology that we have today can be considered as the culmination of everything that our ancestors worked on in the past. As it makes our life easier, it can also be assumed that it has made our lives better.

There are also some things that we just take for granted. Without technology, we would never experience some of these advantages. One example is the ability to make a screenshot with your device. Some of the more common options are the Print Screen and Snipping Tool.

This function has been in existence for so many years now, ever since computers became available to the masses. Known as the “Print Screen” button on most keyboards, this was very useful in capturing what was happening on the screen in a still image. This was not really noticed until the convenience of using it was actually learned by many people. You can save documents without copying them to Word or any other word processing program.

Pictures can also be saved and you can also capture images from videos. However, the way to capture these images can be quite confusing for beginners. You need to press Print Screen and then go to Paint to view the picture. Editing can be done here and you can save the image to your device. Learn more about this function here.

Another way of doing this is to use the “Printscreen” button again, then paste it on a word processor. It works in the same way, but the editing options are quite limited. This depends on the word processing software that you have. For example, the latest Microsoft Word has more choices for editing pictures. However, it is not as extensive as an actual photo editor.

There is another way to do this. If you are on Windows, then you might notice that there is a Snipping Tool app available on your programs. This will depend on the version that it available on your PC or laptop. You can use this to capture the screenshot that you want. This is way easier than the previous option because you do not need to open another application. All you need to do is open Snipping Tool and it will automatically let you choose the image that you want to cut. However, one of its major drawbacks is its limited features. It is also not available to every Windows computer, so you still need to install it as well.

Mac does not have these options though, although they do have their own versions. The earlier versions of Macintosh have a set of commands that you will need to input on your device. Cmd (Command) plus Shift and a number creates a screenshot of your screen. For example, pressing number 3 will let you have the shot of the whole screen. Other computer platforms like Linux have their own command list for you to follow, too.

As these options have limited capabilities and require more programs and buttons to press, screen capture programs have been developed to make this easier. Some of them also have extensive editing capabilities like adding text to image being edited and doing multiple images at once. There are even recordings that can be done using these programs. If you are looking for a specific program, then there are a lot of them in the market these days. You can check out the top 5 Screen Capture Software options on the web. Some of them are also free to use.

In the world of cellphones, the screenshot function became vital in its operations. As most people prefer taking a picture rather than taking notes, this option is more commonly used as a way to save files. Most cell phones these days have cameras that can capture high definition photos. This means that you can take a picture of a document and you can still the words once you zoom in. You can also take a screenshot of a video streaming in your device and you can post it immediately anywhere else. These are really common in social media, and are frequently shared all over the world.

As you can see, this seemingly simple function is now very important in any type of device. It is so vital that most cell phone manufacturers would add this function in their marketing campaign. People use its ability to make saving files easier because of the image format. You don’t need to go to other folders as you can just go to your phone or computer’s gallery. Whether you are using pre-installed programs or new software, screen capture will never be the same again.


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