BlazeMeter: The Load Testing Cloud

Tool Name: BlazeMeter: The Load Testing Cloud

Category: Load and Performance Tool

Company: BlazeMeter Ltd.

Latest Version:Always 100% JMeter compatible


BlazeMeter is a self-service, load testing platform (PaaS) for developers providing an enterprise grade, out-of-the-box load testing solution. Start testing in under five minutes.

BlazeMeter significantly simplifies the load testing process by providing developers easy integration into their native development environment, realistic user simulation, advanced scripting capabilities (fully compatible with Apache JMeter™), unlimited on-demand load testing capacity, comprehensive, interactive real-time reporting, sophisticated result analysis and geographically distributed testing across 4 continents and 6 countries. Users can easily run multiple load tests, quickly locating and fixing performance bottlenecks.

BlazeMeter provides a free plugin to JMeter, a Drupal module and a Jenkins CI plugin for simplified load testing.

All services are available on-demand (pay per hour) or opt for a monthly or annual subscription plan. We provide 5 tiers of usage to choose from.

Download BlazeMeter’s free plugin for JMeter today.

Key Features: A Cluster of Distributed JMeter Resources:

  • Fine-Grained Interactive Reporting.
  • A Pre-Configured JMeter Environment.
  • Behind the Firewall options -Use your VPN credentials to integrate a series of our dedicated load servers into your private network.
  • Smart Functional Testing
  • Master/Slave Reporting
  • Comprehensive Protocol Support
  • Automatic Scripting.
  • Additional Test Properties.
  • Dedicated Servers.
  • Multi-Geo Locations.
  • Extra-Large Testing Capacity. Run up to 200,000 concurrent users.
  • Create a load testing schedule.

Supported Platform:

BlazeMeter’s load testing cloud supports http/https and webservices; login and posing of forms, parameter extraction, complex user scenarios, user sequence and flows and different user profiles.



BlazeMeter HQ
2390 El Camino Real
Palo Alto
CA, 94306


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