Tool Name: BugUp Tracker

Category: Bug Tracking Tool

Company: informUp

Latest Version: 4.2.115


BugUp Tracker is a simple yet flexible bug tracking system and issue tracking system for the small and mid-sized company type that provides a clear and centralized overview of the development cycle.

Competitive prices (started for 5$/user) and our hosted or locally installed solutions, allows everyone to use it from a small team to a mid-sized company.

Use BugUp to report issues/bugs from the local and offshore sites, plan and track development cycles and successfully build the next product release.

BugUp Tracker was created to track issues, requirements and bugs. Bug tracking system and issue tracking System requires several software attributes BugUp has imbedded into its DNA, from item linking, to customized workflow queues and dashboard view..

Key Features:

  • Since the application is web-based, data and status regarding the product is accessible in real time.
  • Create an unlimited amount of projects, products components and bugs.
  • Email notification of updates.
  • User defined system flows and a powerful rule engine.
  • Dashboard customization per user enables a real-time and updated view of data.
  • Manage and track resources progress and status of local and offshore work load.
  • Fully customizable and flexible system.
  • Powerful filter and search capabilities.

Supported Platform:

  • Windows XP, windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 2008 and support all browsers

Download free trial: http://www.informup.com/BugUp-Bug-Tracking-System.aspx


informUp LTD.
Netanya, Israel

Email: sales@informup.com

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