Squish GUI Tester

Tool Name: Squish GUI Tester

Category: Functional Test Automation

Company: froglogic GmbH

Latest Version: 6.5.0


froglogic’s Squish GUI Tester is the tool of choice for automating the functional regression and system tests for Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) and Human Machine Interfaces
(HMIs) across all desktop, mobile, web and embedded platforms. With 100% cross-platform support, support for a rich and varied GUI toolkit set, powerful IDE offering, and seamless integration into the latest CI systems, Squish stands out among the competition for its revolutionary way of transforming automated GUI testing for thousands of companies worldwide.

Key Features:

  • 100% cross-platform usage
  • In-depth support for a wide range of popular GUI technologies
  • Behavior-driven (BDD) and Data-driven Development & Testing
  • Smart test recording and playback
  • Support for Python, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby and Tcl scripting languages
  • Global, local or scripted verification points
  • Object property verification, table content verification, smart image comparison and advanced visual verification
  • Powerful and intuitive Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Built-in script debugger
  • Distributed batch testing
  • Full control via command line tools
  • Support for remote testing
  • Extensive Integration Options for Test Management, Continuous Integration, Build Integration and Software Project Management 3rd parties
  • Object-based recognition and high-level interaction recording
  • Scripted Object Map
  • Hybrid Application Testing (Multi-toolkit testing)
  • Functional Mock Up Interface (FMI) support
  • Automated hybrid end-to-end tests for connected devices
  • Flexible, configurable and robust Image-based testing methods
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) support

Supported Platform:

  • 100% cross-platform, with full support for all desktop, mobile, web and
    embedded platforms
  • Desktop editions: Squish for Qt, Squish for Java, Squish for Windows, Squish for Mac, Squish for Tk, Squish for Web
  • Mobile Editions: iOS, Android, Squish for Web (iOS/Android devices and emulators/simulators), Squish for Qt (iOS/Android devices and emulators/simulators).
  • Embedded GUI and HMI: Squish for Qt (on devices or emulators/simulators running embedded Linux, QNX, WinCE, Windows Embedded, Android and more), Squish for Java (on devices and emulators/simulators running embedded Linux, QNX and more).

DEMO: https://www.froglogic.com/squish/free-trial/

Demo Video: 


froglogic GmbH
Gasstraße 18, Haus 1
22761 Hamburg

Email: squish@froglogic.com

Phone No.: +49 40 6077104 80


Tool Name: Testsigma

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool & Mobile Testing Tool

Company: Testsigma Inc.

Latest Version: v2.0


Testsigma is a SaaS, AI-Driven Test Automation software for Web and Mobile applications to achieve continuous testing with Shift-left approach.

Testsigma uses AI to build stable and reliable tests faster and speed-up the execution and maintenance of automated tests.

How is it different:

  • Testsigma requires near-zero initial setup time, cost and ramp up time.
  • Simplicity to write automated tests 5X faster using natural language.
  • Run tests on thousands of devices available on cloud.
  • Dynamic locator strategy to save maintenance time and efforts by 70%.
  • AI to suggest improvements in test plans to include relevant or affected test cases.
  • See ROI right from the beginning, instead of years.

Key Features:

  • AI-Driven Maintenance
  • Automated Regression Testing
  • Automated Data-Driven Testing
  • Automated Cross-Browser Testing
  • Automated Web Application Testing
  • Automated Mobile Apps(Android & iOS)Testing
  • Automated Web Services Testing
  • Reusable Step Groups
  • Test Data Management
  • Activity, history of your tests
  • Centralized Object/Element Repository
  • Global Test Data Management
  • Custom Functions
  • Parallel Test Execution
  • Cross Device Testing
  • Cross OS Testing
  • Schedulers
  • Screenshots of all your tests
  • Test Suites
  • Local Test Executions
  • Integration with CI tool
  • Test Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Test Development Trend
  • Support for Manual Testing
  • Version Control
  • Automatic Bug Reporting
  • Email and Slack Notifications

Supported Platform:

  • Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
  • Web Applications, Android and iOS Mobile Apps

Download: https://testsigma.com/



Testsigma Inc.,
2035 Sunset Lake Road,
Suite B-2, Newark,New Castle County,
Delaware – 19702


Katalon Studio

Tool Name: Katalon Studio

Category: Functional Test Automation, Mobile Testing

Company: KMS Technology

Latest Version: v4.7.0


Katalon Studio is a simple and powerful automation solution built for testers everywhere. Katalon Studio revolutionizes the use of open-source test automation frameworks such as Selenium and Appium by eliminating their technical complexities to allow testers to efficiently setup, create, run, report and manage their automated tests. It also offers a viable alternative to commercial test automation solutions that are unaffordable to many small and medium-sized teams.

Key Features:


Built-in project templates

Provides project templates for organizing test cases, object repository, and keywords

Web, mobile, API testing

Fully supports Web, Android, iOS and API testing on all operating systems

Tool integration, Easy to integrate with Jenkins, GIT, and JIRA with native plugins


Generate tests automatically

Records actions and generates scripts automatically using built-in keywords

Advanced scripting

Allows building advanced test scripts or customizable keywords easily

Wait time for Angular/jQuery pages

Intelligent object capturing

An advanced recorder detects object properties effectively to maximize recognition

Parameterize Test Objects

Hotkeys Settings


A powerful test execution mechanism

Runs test cases or test suites using multiple configurations and data sets

Flexible execution modes

Provides CI integration console with various parameters for remote execution

Runs tests on multiple browsers and OS’s locally or with Sauce Labs and BrowserStack

Dynamic failure handling and auto re-execution

Includes run-time rules to automatically handle complex execution flows


Multiple report formats

With advanced logging, debug data and screenshots

Customizable execution reports

Integrated with your notification workflow

Enhanced Selenium and Appium logs

With improved analysis features to improve automation strategy


Test object maintenance

Automatically updates all associated test cases and suites when objects are changed

Test organization

Allows easy management and maintenance of tests, data, and keywords

Team collaboration

Integrates with GIT to allow team members to easily share artifacts and workload


Record & Playback for Mobile


Certificate Settings & bypass

Proxy Configuration

Support for all environments:

Windows, OSX, Android, and iOS

Download free trail: https://www.katalon.com/features/#katalon-download



KMS Technology
550 Pharr Road NE
Suite 525
Atlanta, GA 30305

Email: info@katalon.com / hanhthtran@katalon.com

Contact Number:

(678) 813-1KMS


Tool Name: Ranorex

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool, Mobile Testing Tool

Company: Ranorex

Latest Version: 5.2


Ranorex is a GUI test automation framework for testing a wide range of desktop, web-based and mobile application types.
Ranorex is a software development company for innovative software test automation solutions and is dedicated to fundamentally improving the quality of software applications.

Ranorex products are both cost-effective and based on standard programming techniques and languages, making them ideal for teams of all sizes.

Learn more about Ranorex test automation tools, download your 30-day free trial!

Key Features:

  • Any technology: Test automation for multiple environments, devices and software applications
  • Market leading GUI object recognition
  • Out-of-the-box robust test automation
  • Script-free testing for non-programmers
  • Professional API for C# and VB.NET
  • Seamless integration into existing environments
  • Click & go test reports
  • Quick ROI

Supported Platform:

  • DESKTOP: .NET, WinForms, WPF, Win32, VB6, Java, Qt, Delphi, PowerBuilder, SAPgui, MFC, ActiveX, and many more …
  • WEB:HTML/HTML5, JavaScript, Ajax, Silverlight, Flash, Flex, Air, ASP.NET, GWT, YUI library, Sencha ExtJS, and many more …
  • MOBILE:Native iOS / Android apps, Xamarin.iOS / Xamarin.Android, PhoneGap, Mobile web testing for iOS / Android, Windows Apps

Download URL: http://www.ranorex.com/free-trial.html

Demo Video: http://www.ranorex.com/why-ranorex.html


Strassgangerstrasse 289,
8053 Graz, Austria

Email: jomer@ranorex.com


Tool Name: Automated Test and Re-Test

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool, Load and Performance Tool, Test Management Tool

Company: Innovative Defense Technologies

Latest Version: 5.6.11


Automated Test and ReTest (ATRT) incorporates automated testing tools and methods to dramatically improve software quality. ATRT bolsters software development efforts with solutions that expand test coverage, improve data analysis and ensure information security. ATRT products have a proven reputation for increasing software testing and analysis productivity by an average of 75% when compared to current processes.

“The ATRT product suite dramatically accelerates test execution and reporting time while also enabling expanded test coverage and test complexity.”

Key Features:

  • Non-intrusive to the System Under Test (SUT)
  • Cross-platform and Cross-OS Compatible
  • GUI Technology Neutral
  • Scriptless Automated Testing
  • SKeyword/Data/Model driven

Supported Platform:

  • Cross-platform and Cross-OS Compatible

Download URL: http://idtus.com/contact/

Demo Video URL: http://idtus.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/What-is-ATRT.mp4


Innovative Defense Technologies
4401 Wilson Blvd, Suite 810
Arlington, VA 22203

Email: edustin@idtus.com


Tool Name: WATIR

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool

Company: Watir

Latest Version: 1.3.7


Watir, pronounced water, is an open-source (BSD) family of Ruby libraries for automating web browsers. It allows you to write tests that are easy to read and maintain. It is simple and flexible.

Watir drives browsers the same way people do. It clicks links, fills in forms, presses buttons. Watir also checks results, such as whether expected text appears on the page.

Watir is a family of Ruby libraries but it supports your app no matter what technology it is developed in. They support Internet Explorer on Windows, Firefox and Chrome on Windows, Mac and Linux and Safari on Mac.

Like other programming languages, Ruby gives you the power to connect to databases, read data files and spreadsheets, export XML, and structure your code as reusable libraries. Unlike other programming languages, Ruby is concise and often a joy to read.

Key Features:

Why Watir?

  • It’s a free Open Source tool. There are no costs to use the tool.
  • There’s a very active and growing community behind it.
  • It uses Ruby, a full-featured modern scripting language, rather than a proprietary vendorscript.
  • It supports your web app no matter what it is developed in.
  • It supports multiple browsers on different platforms.
  • It is powerful and easy to use, yet beautifully lightweight.

Supported Platform: WINDOWS, MAC and LINUX

Download from: http://watir.com/installation/


Tool Name: TestMaker

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool

Company: PushToTest

Latest Version: 6


PushToTest is the open source application performance management and test automation solutions provider. PushToTest is paving the open source test (OST) solutions migration into the mainstream by making high-quality, low-cost technology accessible to medium and large size global organizations and by providing world class professional services.

PushToTest provides a software testing orchestration platform along with cloud testing capabilities and outsourced testing solutions, as well as support, training, and consulting services to customers worldwide and through top-tier partnerships. PushToTest TestMaker is the easiest way to move your team from manual functional testing of your web applications to automated functional, load and performance tests, and production monitoring.

Key Features:

TestMaker™ 6 is the latest version of PushToTest’s next generation Ajax and Flex Web application testing framework. TestMaker 6 features the new TestMaker Object Designer for record/playback of Rich Internet Applications (RIA, using Ajax, Flex, Flash,) an advanced Test Runtime Kernel for fast and stable test operation and support of new test types (Sahi, HTTP Archive HAR, and Flex Automation API tests,) and an advanced Results Analysis Engine to produce thousands of root cause analysis charts.

TestMaker Object Designer records Selenium, Sahi, and Flex tests in IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera. With this release, PushToTest is the single open source platform for developers and testers needing functional testing, load and performance testing, and production monitoring of Web applications and Rich Internet Applications.

Supported Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac

Download trial version: http://www.pushtotest.com/products-comparison


Appvance Worldwide HQ
1250 Oakmead Pkwy
Suite 210
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

TestDrive – Robust Automated Testing for Everyone

Tool Name: TestDrive – Robust Automated Testing for Everyone

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool

Company: Original Software

Latest Version: V7


TestDrive is our Automated Software Quality (ASQ) solution that addresses these requirements to achieve rapid automation. It is designed to test browser and legacy applications, as well as GUIs, including Java™, Ajax, Flex® and Silverlight®.

The next generation technology incorporated into TestDrive brings practical business benefits that offer you options. For example, you might choose to conduct more comprehensive testing in the same time frame to reduce risk, or carry out the same amount of testing but finish quicker, or to use fewer costly resources, or any combination of these. The choice is yours.

The result is higher quality applications, delivered to market in a shorter period of time. In essence, the whole application development process becomes more productive.

Key Features:

  • Code-free testing technology means there is no scripting language to be learnt.
  • Test scenarios are created through point and click interface.
  • Unique self healing script technology allows users to run existing scripts over updated versions of the application. These scripts will update to incorporate changes according to preset criteria.
  • Out of the box support for AJAX, .NET, Oracle, Java, JSP’s Perl, Python, PHP etc. As well as all major development languages.


  • Remove your manual testing bottlenecks
  • Reduce your time to market
  • Increase test coverage
  • Minimise script maintenance
  • Achieve Agile automation

Supported Platform:

  • Windows and Linux
  • Out of the box support for AJAX, .NET, Oracle, Java, JSP’s Perl, Python, PHP etc. As well as all major development languages.

Download URL: http://www.origsoft.com/products/testdrive


Original Software
Executive Place III
1010 Executive Court
Suite 230
Westmont IL 60559

Email: solutions.na@origsoft.com

TestBench – Intelligent Database Management and Verification

Tool Name: TestBench – Intelligent Database Management and Verification

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool

Company: Original Software

Latest Version: V7


TestBench is our solution that uniquely addresses the validation of all database effects and the creation of cut down, representative test data to reduce test times and data footprints. Data confidentiality is addressed and the unique user-managed data roll-back capability reduces environment downtime, improving testing productivity and accuracy.

Traditionally, software test automation tools concentrate on testing only what the eye can see. We believe this strategy – looking for defects in only one area – to be an unacceptable compromise. We take a more holistic approach that embraces this visual layer but is equally rigorous in examining the underlying activity in the database. TestBench integrates with other testing solutions from Original Software in a way which is accessible to both users and testers to ensure you retain ‘total application quality’.

In short, TestBench is a class-leading, totally comprehensive, proven test data management and verification solution.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent Data Extraction
  • Data Scrambling
  • Checkpoints and Rollback
  • Result Comparison
  • Table/file comparison


  • Ensure test data privacy for compliance
  • Manage your test environment effectively
  • Verify and validate your application data
  • Protect your test data
  • Extraction reports for auditing

Supported Platform:

  • Windows and Linux
  • Total Application Quality for SQL Server, Oracle and System i

Download URL: http://www.origsoft.com/products/testbench/


Original Software
Executive Place III
1010 Executive Court
Suite 230
Westmont IL 60559

Email: solutions.na@origsoft.com


Tool Name: TestingBot

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool

Company: TestingBot

Latest Version: 1.0


TestingBot provides website owners easy cross browser testing. We make sure your website looks and behaves the same on all browsers. With the help of Selenium scripts, you tell us what we should test on your website. We continuously monitor your website for bugs and mistakes. When a test fails, we alert you. This way your website stays bug-free and you don’t end up losing visitors and revenue.

Key Features:

TestingBot supports Selenium, which means you can run your Selenium scripts on our grid. We also support webdriver, which is the newer version of Selenium. With our testlab feature, we can test your website with your Selenium script on a daily basis at specific times and intervals. When something on your website fails, we’ll alert you.

Supported Platform:

Windows – Mac – Linux. We support Selenium and Webdriver, we have built custom plugins to use our grid with PHP (PHPUnit), Ruby (RSpec and Test::Unit), Python (PyUnit) and Java (JUnit).

Download trial version from: www.testingbot.com


Vlinderhof 18
9180 Moerbeke

Email: info@testingbot.com

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