Tool Name: TestOptimal

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool

Company: TestOptimal LLC

Latest Version: 3.1


TestOptimal is a suite of model-based test automation tools. It is intended for functional, regression, progression and performance / load testing. It provides test case generation and test automation in one single package.

With TestOptimal, you start by creating the model with the simple Finite State Machine notation (aka state diagram) followed by writing snippets of xml scripts (mScript) for each transition in the model. TestOptimal automatically generates series of test sequences to cover all transitions in the model and executes these test sequences on the application under test (AUT).

One of the advantages is that same models developed for progression testing are re-used for regression testing and re-purposed for load testing.

Key Features:

  • MBT Modeling – Finite State Machine notation.
  • SuperState and SubModel – organize and partition larger model into smaller re-usable library components.
  • Graphs – model graph, sequence graph and coverage graph.
  • Model Import/Merge – UML XMI model and other XML based graph modeling formats (GraphXML and GraphML).
  • Test Case Generation – from random walk to minimal traversals to mCase (custom test case).
  • Scripting – java and mScript (xml based scripting).
  • Data Driven Testing (DDT) – scriptless DDT, read data from database or Excel.
  • JDBC/ODBC Support – access to relational databases to read, write, store and verify test result.
  • Integration – java IDE (Eclipse, NetBeans), JUnit, batch / cron, REST websvc and remote agent to integrate with other test automation tools.
  • Cross Browser – test web applications on IE, Firefox and many other browsers.
  • Extensibility – custom plug-in capability to test varied types of applications.
  • Debug – set breakpoints and ste1p through model execution, visual highlighting during debugging, automatically log test steps that lead to the failures.
  • Load Testing – virtual users, realistic simulation of production load.
  • Reporting – test coverage, failure and performance stats, statistical analysis, 5 levels of defect categorization.
  • IDE Web App – browser based application on major browsers including PDA and iPhone
  • Security – Ldap and file based HTTP authentication to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Requirement Traceability – tag requirements to states, transitions or mSript.
  • Test Data Generation – various ways to generate test data including pairwise and combinatorial algorithms.
  • Model Animation – visually displays transition traversals on the graph during model execution.
  • Test Multiple Types of Applications Simultaneously – synchronize testing of web application, windows application and backend process at the same time.

Supported Platform: Windows and Linux

Download 30-day trial: http://testoptimal.com/downloads




Tool Name: SymbioTeam

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool

Company: SymbioWare

Latest Version: On-demand


SymbioWare’s On-Demand eBusiness Assurance solutions test, monitor, and report on critical multi-step user interactions as a business defines them, and in the way that customers experience them.

SymbioWare SymbioTeam enables Cloud-based functional testing and user activity monitoring for the modern e-business applications. By simulating complex user interactions in real time, SymbioTeam provides the assurance that your customers can conduct business with you, and that each transaction is executed correctly according to your business rules.

Key Features:

SymbioTeam includes the following capabilities, all tightly integrated to speed up deployment and boost productivity:

  • Test planning and management
  • Requirements setting
  • Unit, functional and regression testing
  • Load and performance testing
  • Performance monitoring
  • Service level management Issue tracking

Our Focus Solutions integrate all the automated software testing and monitoring tools you need to continually maximize the reliability of your applications or Web sites throughout their entire lifecycle. Each Focus Solution is proven through real world customer deployments, and is based upon SymbioWare’s unrivaled experience in quality optimization.

  • Web Application Testing
  • E-Retailers
  • Force.com Developers
  • Selenium Integration
  • Customer Experience Monitoring

SymbioTeam Automated Testing Features:

  • Smart Test Editor provides the fastest and easiest way to create automated tests for Web and Windows applications in plain English through a point-and-click intuitive graphical user interface, with no programming skills required.
  • Advanced Web GUI Explorer discovers and captures graphical objects built with HTML, AJAX, and Flash. It uses Document Object Model (DOM) to discover GUI objects in the Web AUT.
  • Web Recorder records test scenarios and plays them back directly in the browser.
  • JavaScript Advanced Support extends a wide set of predefined functions and gives you the flexibility to handle a wide array of testing challenges, using a standard programming environment.
  • AJAX and Rich Web Application Support enables automation of the most complex Web applications and associated technologies.
  • Built-in Selenium Support allows preserving your investment into Selenium, while also enhancing and extending Selenium scripts with SymbioTeam native features.
  • Test Data Tables Wizard simplifies the creation of data-driven tests so you can leverage data sources to drive your automated tests.
  • Comprehensive Notification and Reporting provides data on test case execution, including the performance data for each step, screen shots where possible, error information, and a reference to the executed test instruction.
  • Distributed Agent Technology provides the most accurate user simulation. It offers the granularity needed for a single pass/fail measurement of a truly distributed transaction.
  • The OneTest Approach allows you to use the same automation tests, without modification, for functional and regression testing, load and performance testing, and application monitoring.

With SymbioTeam, you can extend and enhance your Selenium script with data-driven features, flow control, JavaScript, AJAX capturing, and SQL connectivity. These and other functions that otherwise require programming skills are easy with SymbioTeam.

  • Import Selenium HTML/Java scripts
  • Reuse your existing Selenium code, preserve skills
  • Full test cycle management for Selenium
  • Add reporting, analytics, and bug tracking to your Selenium tests

Supported Platform:

As Web (multi-browser, HTML, AJAX, Flash, Web services), Windows desktop, Mainframe. Since SymbioTeam is deployed in the cloud and is delivered to you on-demand, there are no any specific platform requirements. For local installation within your own environment, please contact SymbioWare

Download trial version from:http://freetrial.symbioware.com/freetrial/app/login.aspx?registertrial=1


Tool Name: Qualitia

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool

Company: ZenSOFT Services Pvt. Ltd.

Latest Version: 31


Qualitia offers everything that a testing team needs to run successful test automation. Qualitia is a completely scriptless test automation solution. It works on top of existing test automation tools like HP QTP, IBM RFT and Selenium and takes care of building test automation by simplifying the test automation development.

Testing teams can now spend more time in writing quality test cases rather than worrying on how to automate them.

Build and Run Test Automation: With Qualitia QA team can now successfully automate large set of test cases up to four times faster than ever before. A library of more than 500 keywords ensures testing teams don’t even shed a one drop of sweat while building test automation. Schedule multiple test executions and also, be able to validate the test cases before actually executing them.

Managing Test Cases: Qualitia takes all the pain out from managing thousands and thousands of test cases. Even a slightest change in one of the tasks is automatically updated in all or selected impacting test cases within an automation suite.

Reporting and Analysis: Simplified yet comprehensive reports to measure the effectiveness of every execution cycle. Qualitia captures results against each step in the testing cycle for testing teams to quickly find where the bug lies. Even get to customize reports as per your need.

Key Features:

  • Script-free Test Automation Development Environment.
  • Helps SME’s or Manual test experts to automate themselves.
  • Collaborative test automation development environment.
  • Task / Component based development for high productivity and re-usability.
  • Optimized usage of underlying test tool infrastructure, reduction in by around 50% in test tool licenses cost.
  • Quick and easy to maintain object changes, application workflow changes and data changes lead to highly maintainable test assets.
  • Qualitia’s test validation / compilation validates tests before execution without execution, saving time and analysis overheads.
  • Detailed execution step wise reporting.
  • Reporting and analysis against multiple executions Detailed customized reporting.

Supported Platform:

As Qualitia is Test tool accelerator for existing tools like QTP, RFT and Selenium, has support to all technologies and platform supported by respective test tool in consideration.

Download trial version from: www.qualitiasoft.com


Email: info@qualitiasoft.com

Parasoft Concerto

Tool Name: Parasoft Concerto

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool

Company: Parasoft Corporation

Latest Version: 4.5


Parasoft Concerto is a complete software development management platform that ensures quality software can be produced consistently and efficiently–in any language.

By integrating policy-driven project management with Parasoft Test’s quality lifecycle management as well as Parasoft Virtualize’s dev/test environment management, Parasoft Concerto ensures predictable project outcomes while driving unprecedented levels of productivity and application quality.

Key Features:

Parasoft Concerto is an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution. Its five components are:

  • Policy Center (sets expectations)
  • Process Center (governs workflow)
  • Project Center (manages tasks)
  • Test Center (manages quality)
  • Report Center (monitors compliance)

The complete ALM solution gives developers and QA team members a plan for what needs to be developed, as well as the ability to monitor and track how the software is being implemented.

Parasoft Concerto integrates with third-party tools such as

  • HP Quality Center
  • IBM Rational RequisitePro
  • Concurrent Versions System
  • Subversion,
  • and other development infrastructure components.

Concerto can be used with:

  • Agile software development
  • Extreme Programming
  • Hybrid methodologies
  • Scrum

It includes pre-configured templates for:

  • American National Standards Institute 62304 for Medical Device Software development
  • DO-178B
  • IEC 61508 & Safety Integrity Level
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration General Principles of Software Validation
  • ISO 26262 & ASIL
  • Joint Strike Fighter Program
  • Safety-critical Software Development
  • Motor Industry Research Association
  • Safety Integrity Level

Supported Platform:

  • Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7
  • Solaris (SPARC)

Download trial version from:http://www.parasoft.com/jsp/products/concerto/alm.jsp?itemId=473


Parasoft Corporation Headquarters
101 E. Huntington Drive
Monrovia, CA 91016

Email: support@parasoft.com


Tool Name: MTAS

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool

Version: V14

Company: MSys Technologies


MTAS Test automation is intended for Functional, Regression Testing of a wide range of Applications. MTAS is Robust enough to handle Complex Test Cases. Using MTAS features, you can increase your business productivity and easily deal with complex testing situations.

The powerful testing software enables very high repeated usability of tests in testing projects, thereby increasing the Return on Investment (ROI).

Key Features:

MTAS enables user to increase the scope of Testing by replacing the hard coded values in a Test case with Parameters through Data Driven Testing by manually adding Paramaters or importing from an external data source in formats such as XML, XSL or CSV files.
Easy integration with Other Test Case Management Softwares and AL

Supported Platform:

  • DESKTOP: Windows
  • MOBILE: Android

Download trial version from: http://www.msys-tech.com/Request-for-Free-Trial-MTAS.php


MSys Technologies, LLC
11539 Park Woods Circle, Suite 702 ,
Alpharetta, Georgia, 30005- 2413

Email: info@msystechnologies.com


Tool Name: JAutomate

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool

Company: Innovative Tool Solutions

Latest Version: 3


This is one the first GUI test automation tools of its kind and JAutomate may actually visually see where to click and what to verify on screen, just like a human tester. This makes it possible to record and playback any application that has a user interface on any operating system. The JAutomate editor has recording and playback capabilities that makes it really easy to create test scripts without programming skills.

Key Features:

  • Runs on any Java supported system.e
  • May automate any application with a graphical user interface.
  • Finds images on screen using highly fault tolerant image recognition.
  • Locates text on the screen.
  • Reads test from the screen using Object Character Recognition.
  • Call other tests with parameters to form test suites.
  • Run the scripts from JAutomate Studio, the command line, Java or FitNesse.
  • Pass comma separated files to the script for data-driven testing.

Supported Platform:

  • Any that supports Java.

Download: http://www.jautomate.com/download.html


Tool Name: Hexawise

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool

Company: Hexawise


Hexawise is an easy-to-use software test design tool.

  • Hexawise allows testers to create powerful tests faster in the planning and design phase.
  • Hexawise also enables testers to find more defects in less time in the test execution phase.
  • This is because Hexawise uses pairwise and more sophisticated combinatorial test optimization methods to pack as much coverage as possible into as few tests as possible.

Key Features:

Widely regarded as the most comprehensive and easy-to-use pairwise testing and combinatorial testing tool, Hexawise is used by more than 100 Fortune 500 firms but is free to use for students, non-profit orgs, and teams of 1-5 testers at companies.
Hexawise is a Software as a Service tool available that can be accessed through all modern browsers.

Supported Platform:

Hexawise is a Software as a Service tool available that can be accessed through all modern browsers.

Download trial version from: http://hexawise.com


Hexawise Inc.
Suite 589
100 Europa Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Fabasoft app.test

Tool Name: Fabasoft app.test

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool

Company: Fabasoft Distribution GmbH

Latest Version: 2012 Spring Release


Automated GUI testing for your Web and Java applications. Fabasoft app.test primo is the free tool to realize fully automated User Acceptance Testing across many platforms and with many browsers. Web application tests can be recorded and executed in all supported browsers and platforms. Fabasoft app.test can be integrated seamlessly into your Continuous Integration environment and is supported on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS-X.

Key Features:

Fabasoft app.test is a free GUI testing tool for automated User-Acceptance Testing. These user interface tests are based on patterns. The complexity of HTML and Java applications is not reflected in the tests anymore.

After the UI changes all you have to do is adapt your patterns and re-run your tests. Therefore no XPath or CSS expressions are stored in the test, just meaningful and understandable statements.

Patterns for websites can be designed by using our point-and-click editor. By using our point-and-click recorder, tests can be recorded in all supported web browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari) and then immediately replayed in all other browsers without modification.

The application supports Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS-X. Various Ant-Tasks provide seamless integration into Continuous Integration systems like Jenkins. While executing tests, various reports are generated and provided as HTML or PDF. Every error is documented with a screenshot and various dumps and even script errors are immediately reported.

Supported Platform: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS-X

Download trial version: http://www.apptest.com/apptest/downloads


Fabasoft Austria GmbH
Honauerstr. 4
4020 Linz

E-mail: support@fabasoft.com


Tool Name: eggPlant

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool

Company: TestPlant Europe Ltd

Latest Version: 11


eggPlant is a black-box GUI test automation tool.It has a unique approach in that it does not reside on the system, and uses image matching technology as opposed to looking to the object-level of the application being tested. This allows for system-wide automation of a system-under-test as opposed to an application-specific solution. It also means that the technology used to build the application to be tested does not matter, nor does the system that the application runs on.Now with a fully integrated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine driven by ABBYY, the leader in commercial OCR eggPlant can test any text, any image on any screen.

Approach: eggPlant is a two-computer system, consisting of a controller machine, where scripts are authored and executed, and a system-under-test which runs a VNC server. Eggplant connects to this VNC server via its built-in viewer via TCP/IP. The system-under-test can be any system that has a VNC server for it. Originally, Mac-only, the controller environment/IDE is now available on Linux and Windows.

Key Features:

  • Guided Record Mode
  • Instead of a regular record mode, capturing images generates script code and avoids extraneous mouse and keyboard movements being recorded
  • Code Completion
  • Debugging
  • Easy integration with quality management software
  • Eggplant can be used to augment systems such as HP Quality Center
  • Execution-only mode
  • eggPlant tests can be run unattended via command line.

Supported Platform:

  • DESKTOP: Windows, Linux and Mac
  • MOBILE: Android, iOS, RIM, Phone 7 and Symbian

Download trial version: www.testplant.com/eggPlant


6 Snow Hill
London EC1A 2AY
United Kingdom

Email: support@testplant.com

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