Tool Name: FUNTASY

Category: Test Management Tool

Company: QualiTest

Latest Version: 2.0


FUNTASY is a state of the art Test Automaiton Management tool with capabilities of running a non-GUI test automation. FUNTASY is based on the Keyword Driven Testing (KDT) approach and promotes cross-organization test design by bridging the gap between the test automation team and the subject matters experts.

With FUNTASY, you can improve product quality while reducing test script development, maintenance and execution time.

Key Features:

  • API based solution that can interface directly with the systems and modules under test
  • Packet based capabilities enable straightforward testing of embedded/network applications
  • Based on a costumed plug-in architecture, FUNTASY can integrate with virtually any technology. In addition to off the self plug-ins, FUSTASY projects implementation team will design any plug-in suitable for your unique system.
  • Test execution modes:
    • Synchronous – single operation step by step (for functional tests)
    • Synchronous – multiple operations simultaneously (for stress, load and parallel tests)
    • Synchronous and asynchronous steps can be integrated in the same test.
  • Easily create automation script sequences that reduce the time it takes to create new scripts.
  • Automated recording of non-GUI tests, which generate KDT based scripts
  • Data driven mode that utilizes external sources as test data
  • Step sensitivity definition, which determines the step importance, improves testing efficiency.
  • Remote execution facilitates testing on several machines simultaneously
  • A build in reporting & logging engine


Alongside with the FUNTASY’s inherent capability to test different systems that use a wide range of technologies and domains, we have off the shelf plug-ins. The plug-ins can be used for most common technologies such as:

  • SQL
  • Oracle
  • DB2 plug-ins
  • SNMP
  • HTTP load
  • Telnet
  • SSH
  • KDT for QTP
  • KDT for test complete
  • And more

Supported Platform:

  • Windows

Download trial version:


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