Keynote Test Perspective

Tool Name: Keynote Test Perspective

Category: Load and Performance Tool

Company: Keynote Systems

Latest Version: 3.1


Keynote Test Perspective is a cost-effective, completely self-service Web site load testing tool. With Test Perspective you can run the most realistic load tests on-demand and receive immediate feedback on modifications you make to your Web site.

Key Features: Test Perspective utilizes the Keynote global test and measurement network that includes load-generating agents from multiple geographic locations and Internet backbones. Simply get a Test Perspective subscription, let us know how many virtual users and hours you want, test your Web application at the traffic levels you desire.

  • Self-Service Load Testing Portal: When you want to engage in load testing and re-testing, you don’t want to wait for a vendor or consultants to perform behind-the-scenes setup. Just script, schedule and go!
  • Simplified Process: Set up your first load testing trial in less than 15 minutes. Your account includes sample scripts which are ready to run right out of the box. No configuration files to edit, no calculations to perform, just follow the simple guided workflow and launch immediately or schedule to launch at a later time.
  • Unified Dashboard View: View all the live load testing indicators on a single screen. Easily configure the screen for large displays or laptops. Watch in real time as virtual users expose symptoms of system overload.
  • Team Friendly: Easily filter scripts or tests to see just “your” load testing information at a glance. Create “viewer” accounts for colleagues who should see but not edit or launch tests. Delegate responsibility but maintain account control with Administrator and Power User roles. All of this control is just a few mouse clicks away in the 100% self-service “My Account” tab.
  • The Keynote Difference: Dedicated systems on the Keynote Global Network deliver consistent and repeatable load conditions. Keynote never rents capacity on shared infrastructures and never relies upon end-user populations that can change from test to test.

Supported Platform:

  • Keynote Test Perspective is software-as-a-service (SaaS)




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