Tool Name: Klaros-Testmanagement

Category: Test Management Tool

Company: verit Informationssysteme GmbH

Latest Version: 3.4


Klaros-Testmanagement is an Ajax-based web application for managing the quality assurance process in software development projects. Klaros-Testmanagement provides interfaces to issue tracking systems like Atlassian JIRA, Edgewall Trac and Redmine as well as an integration with the continuous integration server Hudson/Jenkins.

Other key features are the automated logging of manual test execution, a configurable dashboard and interfaces for importing test results from a multitude of test automation tools like JUnit, QF-Test and others.

Key Features:

Free Community Edition:

  • Management of Test Related Artifacts: Klaros-Testmanagement allows the management of tests cases, test suites, test environments, systems under test, test runs and their results.
  • Version Control of Test Cases and Test Suites: Klaros-Testmanagement supports the version control of test cases and test suites. Different versions can be applied to individual systems under test and test environments with full traceability to their results.
  • Statistics: With Klaros-Testmanagement it is easy to gather reports and statistics about all testing results, since all the test-related data is stored in the database and may be retrieved later.
  • Guided manual test execution: Klaros-Testmanagement supports the tester in executing manual tests. Using a web-based client the tester is guided through the test execution, giving him the possibility to take notes during the test execution and automatically recording the test results with Klaros-Testmanagement.

Enterprise Edition:

  • Assignment and tracking of user activity:Klaros-Testmanagement Enterprise Edition allows the creation of tasks to execute test cases and test suites. These tasks can be assigned to individual users and tracked at any time.
  • Configurable Dashboard: Klaros-Testmanagement Enterprise Edition allows to individually configure the dashboard from various reports for each user.
  • Excel Export of Data Tables: Klaros-Testmanagement Enterprise Edition allows the direct export of data tables to Excel Format for further analysis.
  • User-Defined Custom Fields: Klaros-Testmanagement Enterprise Edition allows the definition and usage of custom fields for test cases, test suites, test environments and systems under test.
  • User-Defined PDF Reports: Klaros-Testmanagement Enterprise Edition supports the definition and generation of arbitrary PDF reports using a simple yet powerful programming interface.
  • Categorization: Klaros-Testmanagement Enterprise Edition allows the categorization of systems under test, test environments, test cases and test suites.

Supported Platform:

  • Microsoft Windows and Linux

Download trial version: http://www.klaros-testmanagement.com/download


verit Informationssysteme GmbH
Europaallee 10
67657 Kaiserslautern

Email: contact@verit.de

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