Tool Name: NeoLoad

Category: Load & Performance Testing Tool

Company: Neotys

Latest Version: 5.5


Fast. Realistic. Powerful. NeoLoad is a load and performance testing tool that realistically simulates user activity and monitors infrastructure behavior so you can eliminate bottlenecks in all your web and mobile applications.

Key Features:

Test Scenario Design
– Scriptless Design and Visual Programming
– Powerful Extractors
– Advanced Correlation
– Check User Paths
– User Path Update
– Prefilled Transaction List for Recording
– Record Mobile Applications
– Shared Elements
– Web Secure Ready
– Push Mode
– Streaming Video & Audio Support

Runtime Test Execution
– Live Debug
– High Load Support
– Live Monitoring
– Network Virtualization
– Device/Browser Simulator
– Smart Population
– Add/Remove Virtual Users at Runtime

Cloud Platform
– Neotys Cloud Platform
– Preconfigured Load Generators
– Hybrid Cloud Load Generation
– Flexible On-demand Licensing
– Results by Cloud Zone

Infrastructure Monitoring
– Broad Infrastructure Monitoring Support
– Preconfigured Monitoring
– Agentless
– Threshold Alerts
– Externalized Monitoring Engine
– Import

Results Analysis
– Smart Analyzer
– Service Level Agreements
– Business Transaction
– Graph Boards
– Quick Compare
– Result Filter
– Results by Population
– Detailed Reports

– Share Test Results
– Share Test Designs
– Share a Pool of Virtual Users

Integrations & APIs
– NeoSense
– Continuous Integration Servers
– Browser and Mobile Functional Testing Tools – End User Experience
– Application Performance Management Tools
– Data Format Extensions
– Design API
– Runtime API
– Neotys Labs
– Browser and Mobile Functional Testing Tools – Automated Script Reuse



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