Tool Name: Qualitia

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool

Company: ZenSOFT Services Pvt. Ltd.

Latest Version: 31


Qualitia offers everything that a testing team needs to run successful test automation. Qualitia is a completely scriptless test automation solution. It works on top of existing test automation tools like HP QTP, IBM RFT and Selenium and takes care of building test automation by simplifying the test automation development.

Testing teams can now spend more time in writing quality test cases rather than worrying on how to automate them.

Build and Run Test Automation: With Qualitia QA team can now successfully automate large set of test cases up to four times faster than ever before. A library of more than 500 keywords ensures testing teams don’t even shed a one drop of sweat while building test automation. Schedule multiple test executions and also, be able to validate the test cases before actually executing them.

Managing Test Cases: Qualitia takes all the pain out from managing thousands and thousands of test cases. Even a slightest change in one of the tasks is automatically updated in all or selected impacting test cases within an automation suite.

Reporting and Analysis: Simplified yet comprehensive reports to measure the effectiveness of every execution cycle. Qualitia captures results against each step in the testing cycle for testing teams to quickly find where the bug lies. Even get to customize reports as per your need.

Key Features:

  • Script-free Test Automation Development Environment.
  • Helps SME’s or Manual test experts to automate themselves.
  • Collaborative test automation development environment.
  • Task / Component based development for high productivity and re-usability.
  • Optimized usage of underlying test tool infrastructure, reduction in by around 50% in test tool licenses cost.
  • Quick and easy to maintain object changes, application workflow changes and data changes lead to highly maintainable test assets.
  • Qualitia’s test validation / compilation validates tests before execution without execution, saving time and analysis overheads.
  • Detailed execution step wise reporting.
  • Reporting and analysis against multiple executions Detailed customized reporting.

Supported Platform:

As Qualitia is Test tool accelerator for existing tools like QTP, RFT and Selenium, has support to all technologies and platform supported by respective test tool in consideration.

Download trial version from: www.qualitiasoft.com


Email: info@qualitiasoft.com

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