Tool Name: ReQtest

Category: Test Management Tool

Company: ReQtest

Latest Version: V7


ReQtest is a centralised and highly customisable testing platform for all of your software needs. Testing your software to your exact requirements has never been easier or simpler.

Key Features:

  • Set priorities for each requirement, e.g. to rank them Send requirements for review with built-in review functions.
  • Follow the status of requirements to see which have been implemented, are in development, ready for test, or accepted.
  • Supports agile and traditional methods.
  • Easily track links between requirements, test cases and bug reports.
  • Centralise your requirements; store in ReQtest along with test and design documents.
  • Attach design documents, mock ups or any other file to your requirements.Customers, suppliers, developers and testers can view any requirements in ReQtest.
  • Requirement management, test management and bug tracking can be used in ReQtest, either independently or integrated.
  • Provides an integrated link to testing, which our competitors do not.
  • Write and assign test cases to users.
  • Bug reports emailed to you when bugs are found.
  • Customised database queries according to your reporting needs.
  • Extensive statistical functions for decision makers.
  • Easy to use. Learning how to use ReQtest takes a few minutes.
  • Smart functions such as previews, easy chart creation, and bug reports with screenshots.
  • Dynamic and easily configurable to your exact needs.
  • Easy to use and friendly User Interface.
  • No installations required; No downloads necessary.
  • All you need is internet connection and your browser.

Supported Platform:

  • ReQtest is web based so all platforms are supported.

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