Squash TM

Tool Name: Squash TM

Category: Functional  & Test Management Tool

Company: Henix

Latest Version: 1.9.0


Squash TM is an open source tool for test repositories management. Natively “multi” and “cross” projects, it can manage all testing stages, from requirements management to campaigns execution. Based on an ergonomic and intuitive interface, Squash is also “full web” making it an easy tool to deploy.

Squash TM is the result of a new development in Java (OSGi, Spring 3, Spring MVC, Hibernate, JasperReport, Jquery).
For bugs management, Squash TM interfaces natively with Mantis. Thanks to its connector compatible with OSLC, it can also interface with other bugtrackers as JIRA.

Key Features:

  • Requirement management
  • Test case management
  • Link requirements and test cases
  • Management of the implementation of campaigns
  • Generation of consolidated reports on test campaigns
  • The possibility of reporting issues in Mantis and/or Jira
  • Generation of dynamic dashboards for tests and implementing campaigns
  • Multi- and inter- project possibilities
  • A “full web” tool, which does not need to be set up on the client workstation
  • An intuitive and ergonomic design, RIA (Rich Internet Application) technology

Supported Platform:

  • Chrome/Mozilla/IE

Download trial version: http://www.squashtest.org/

Demo Video URL: https://demo.squashtest.org/squash/login


45-47, av. Pierre Brossolette
92120 Montrouge,

Email: mabouzid@qualixo.com

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