Tool Name: SymbioTeam

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool

Company: SymbioWare

Latest Version: On-demand


SymbioWare’s On-Demand eBusiness Assurance solutions test, monitor, and report on critical multi-step user interactions as a business defines them, and in the way that customers experience them.

SymbioWare SymbioTeam enables Cloud-based functional testing and user activity monitoring for the modern e-business applications. By simulating complex user interactions in real time, SymbioTeam provides the assurance that your customers can conduct business with you, and that each transaction is executed correctly according to your business rules.

Key Features:

SymbioTeam includes the following capabilities, all tightly integrated to speed up deployment and boost productivity:

  • Test planning and management
  • Requirements setting
  • Unit, functional and regression testing
  • Load and performance testing
  • Performance monitoring
  • Service level management Issue tracking

Our Focus Solutions integrate all the automated software testing and monitoring tools you need to continually maximize the reliability of your applications or Web sites throughout their entire lifecycle. Each Focus Solution is proven through real world customer deployments, and is based upon SymbioWare’s unrivaled experience in quality optimization.

  • Web Application Testing
  • E-Retailers
  • Developers
  • Selenium Integration
  • Customer Experience Monitoring

SymbioTeam Automated Testing Features:

  • Smart Test Editor provides the fastest and easiest way to create automated tests for Web and Windows applications in plain English through a point-and-click intuitive graphical user interface, with no programming skills required.
  • Advanced Web GUI Explorer discovers and captures graphical objects built with HTML, AJAX, and Flash. It uses Document Object Model (DOM) to discover GUI objects in the Web AUT.
  • Web Recorder records test scenarios and plays them back directly in the browser.
  • JavaScript Advanced Support extends a wide set of predefined functions and gives you the flexibility to handle a wide array of testing challenges, using a standard programming environment.
  • AJAX and Rich Web Application Support enables automation of the most complex Web applications and associated technologies.
  • Built-in Selenium Support allows preserving your investment into Selenium, while also enhancing and extending Selenium scripts with SymbioTeam native features.
  • Test Data Tables Wizard simplifies the creation of data-driven tests so you can leverage data sources to drive your automated tests.
  • Comprehensive Notification and Reporting provides data on test case execution, including the performance data for each step, screen shots where possible, error information, and a reference to the executed test instruction.
  • Distributed Agent Technology provides the most accurate user simulation. It offers the granularity needed for a single pass/fail measurement of a truly distributed transaction.
  • The OneTest Approach allows you to use the same automation tests, without modification, for functional and regression testing, load and performance testing, and application monitoring.

With SymbioTeam, you can extend and enhance your Selenium script with data-driven features, flow control, JavaScript, AJAX capturing, and SQL connectivity. These and other functions that otherwise require programming skills are easy with SymbioTeam.

  • Import Selenium HTML/Java scripts
  • Reuse your existing Selenium code, preserve skills
  • Full test cycle management for Selenium
  • Add reporting, analytics, and bug tracking to your Selenium tests

Supported Platform:

As Web (multi-browser, HTML, AJAX, Flash, Web services), Windows desktop, Mainframe. Since SymbioTeam is deployed in the cloud and is delivered to you on-demand, there are no any specific platform requirements. For local installation within your own environment, please contact SymbioWare

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