Tool Name: TestingBot

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool

Company: TestingBot

Latest Version: 1.0


TestingBot provides website owners easy cross browser testing. We make sure your website looks and behaves the same on all browsers. With the help of Selenium scripts, you tell us what we should test on your website. We continuously monitor your website for bugs and mistakes. When a test fails, we alert you. This way your website stays bug-free and you don’t end up losing visitors and revenue.

Key Features:

TestingBot supports Selenium, which means you can run your Selenium scripts on our grid. We also support webdriver, which is the newer version of Selenium. With our testlab feature, we can test your website with your Selenium script on a daily basis at specific times and intervals. When something on your website fails, we’ll alert you.

Supported Platform:

Windows – Mac – Linux. We support Selenium and Webdriver, we have built custom plugins to use our grid with PHP (PHPUnit), Ruby (RSpec and Test::Unit), Python (PyUnit) and Java (JUnit).

Download trial version from: www.testingbot.com


Vlinderhof 18
9180 Moerbeke

Email: info@testingbot.com

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