Tool Name: TestOptimal

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool

Company: TestOptimal LLC

Latest Version: 3.1


TestOptimal is a suite of model-based test automation tools. It is intended for functional, regression, progression and performance / load testing. It provides test case generation and test automation in one single package.

With TestOptimal, you start by creating the model with the simple Finite State Machine notation (aka state diagram) followed by writing snippets of xml scripts (mScript) for each transition in the model. TestOptimal automatically generates series of test sequences to cover all transitions in the model and executes these test sequences on the application under test (AUT).

One of the advantages is that same models developed for progression testing are re-used for regression testing and re-purposed for load testing.

Key Features:

  • MBT Modeling – Finite State Machine notation.
  • SuperState and SubModel – organize and partition larger model into smaller re-usable library components.
  • Graphs – model graph, sequence graph and coverage graph.
  • Model Import/Merge – UML XMI model and other XML based graph modeling formats (GraphXML and GraphML).
  • Test Case Generation – from random walk to minimal traversals to mCase (custom test case).
  • Scripting – java and mScript (xml based scripting).
  • Data Driven Testing (DDT) – scriptless DDT, read data from database or Excel.
  • JDBC/ODBC Support – access to relational databases to read, write, store and verify test result.
  • Integration – java IDE (Eclipse, NetBeans), JUnit, batch / cron, REST websvc and remote agent to integrate with other test automation tools.
  • Cross Browser – test web applications on IE, Firefox and many other browsers.
  • Extensibility – custom plug-in capability to test varied types of applications.
  • Debug – set breakpoints and ste1p through model execution, visual highlighting during debugging, automatically log test steps that lead to the failures.
  • Load Testing – virtual users, realistic simulation of production load.
  • Reporting – test coverage, failure and performance stats, statistical analysis, 5 levels of defect categorization.
  • IDE Web App – browser based application on major browsers including PDA and iPhone
  • Security – Ldap and file based HTTP authentication to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Requirement Traceability – tag requirements to states, transitions or mSript.
  • Test Data Generation – various ways to generate test data including pairwise and combinatorial algorithms.
  • Model Animation – visually displays transition traversals on the graph during model execution.
  • Test Multiple Types of Applications Simultaneously – synchronize testing of web application, windows application and backend process at the same time.

Supported Platform: Windows and Linux

Download 30-day trial: http://testoptimal.com/downloads



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