Tool Name: Testsigma

Category: Functional Test Automation Tool & Mobile Testing Tool

Company: Testsigma Inc.

Latest Version: v2.0


Testsigma is a SaaS, AI-Driven Test Automation software for Web and Mobile applications to achieve continuous testing with Shift-left approach.

Testsigma uses AI to build stable and reliable tests faster and speed-up the execution and maintenance of automated tests.

How is it different:

  • Testsigma requires near-zero initial setup time, cost and ramp up time.
  • Simplicity to write automated tests 5X faster using natural language.
  • Run tests on thousands of devices available on cloud.
  • Dynamic locator strategy to save maintenance time and efforts by 70%.
  • AI to suggest improvements in test plans to include relevant or affected test cases.
  • See ROI right from the beginning, instead of years.

Key Features:

  • AI-Driven Maintenance
  • Automated Regression Testing
  • Automated Data-Driven Testing
  • Automated Cross-Browser Testing
  • Automated Web Application Testing
  • Automated Mobile Apps(Android & iOS)Testing
  • Automated Web Services Testing
  • Reusable Step Groups
  • Test Data Management
  • Activity, history of your tests
  • Centralized Object/Element Repository
  • Global Test Data Management
  • Custom Functions
  • Parallel Test Execution
  • Cross Device Testing
  • Cross OS Testing
  • Schedulers
  • Screenshots of all your tests
  • Test Suites
  • Local Test Executions
  • Integration with CI tool
  • Test Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Test Development Trend
  • Support for Manual Testing
  • Version Control
  • Automatic Bug Reporting
  • Email and Slack Notifications

Supported Platform:

  • Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
  • Web Applications, Android and iOS Mobile Apps

Download: https://testsigma.com/



Testsigma Inc.,
2035 Sunset Lake Road,
Suite B-2, Newark,New Castle County,
Delaware – 19702


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