Typemock Releases Isolator++ Version 3.5 As C/C++ Unit Testing Increases by 325%

Tel-Aviv, December 28, 2016 – Typemock (www.typemock.com), the leading provider and pioneer of automated unit testing solutions, has announced the release of Isolator++ Version 3.5. This comes as Typemock has experienced a 325% increase in the use of it’s Isolator++ unit tesing tool for C and C++ code.

Contrary to it’s reputation as a legacy language, C and C++ are tremendously popular, used by approximately 6.3 million developers worldwide. Combined, they are used by 20% of developers – as many as Java. C/C++ is most popular in industries like finance and banking because of its speed and efficient performance. The need for Unit Testing C/C++ is generally considered more urgent than other languages because the complexity means there are less built-in safeguards.

Isolator++ uses patented isolation technology in order to change the behavior of methods under test. It also enables asserting method calls and parameters on dependencies when it is not possible to test for return values and/or state change. In addition, Isolator++ has the ability to handle C and C++ development paradigm features and common practices. For example, many functions in C/C++ don’t just return values, but also use parameters that are passed by reference to return values. Isolator++ can mock the functions and simulate returning values by reference, as if the code actually ran and returned them. It can also verify that the correct values where passed and/or returned

“As the gap between the number of C/C++ developers and .NET unit testing narrows, we continue to improve our industry leading tool,” said Eli Lopian, CEO and founder of Typemock. “Companies in highly-regulated industries, such as finance, banking, and insurance, use software that was written in C/C++ specifically due to its performance and speed. The future of C/C++ is strong and now software written in C or C++ can be built agilicly. Typemock’s inovative and patented technology continuous to lead the way towards helping developers work faster and more efficiently.”


About Typemock

Typemock was conceived in 2005 to help programmers become agile through easy unit testing. Since the launch of the first version of Typemock Isolator for .NET in 2006, thousands of companies around the world have adopted Typemock’s automated unit testing tools to ensure software agility and quality as well as to prevent code decay and regression bugs. Typemock users are programmers from a wide range of sectors – including defense, medical, and financial – that demand exceptionally high standards of quality with minimum bugs.

Typemock is a privately funded company.

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